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MadeByShape Review and Interview

MadeByShape is a Manchester-based web design agency that offers a number of additional essential services. These include SEO, website hosting, and branding, to name a few. And, as no two projects are the same, services are tailored to each individual, for a truly bespoke and personalised experience. I caught up with Andy Golpys, [...]


Targethost Review and Interview

Targethost is a hosting solutions company with a lot to offer. Choose from a variety of different servers and a multitude of hosting and domain solutions. Web hosting prices are also exceptionally low and great value for your money. The CEO of Targethost, Elton Aquino, was kind enough to answer some questions that I had about the [...]

Reviews Review and Interview takes the high-costs and difficulties out of building your own website. Rated an impressive 4.6/5 by more than 83,000 customers, gives businesses the tools they need to build a responsive, professional, and visually-appealing website. I caught up with Stuart Williams,’s Marketing Director, to ask [...]


BitHost Review and Interview

BitHost is an inclusive Hungarian hosting provider, with NVMeSSD hosting prices beginning at 500 HUF per month. This equates to just £1.27 per month! As well as being ultra-affordable, customers can enjoy a user-friendly website builder, in addition to essential services like digital marketing, graphic design and content management, as [...]


Vistaprint Review and Interview

Vistaprint is a well-established company that provides a large variety of print, digital and design services. Businesses can enjoy solutions such as a logo maker, website design, email marketing tools, as well as the newly-launched social media design tool. The General Manager of Vistaprint UK and Ireland, Emily Shirley, answered my [...]


VideoScribe Review and Interview

VideoScribe is an easy-to-use video creator. The feature-rich tool enables users to easily craft captivating, memorable, and interesting videos that their audience will enjoy watching. I passed some interview questions on to VideoScribes CEO, Zoe Taylor, to discover more about the company. A Storytelling Tool The intention behind [...]


tagDiv Review and Interview

tagDiv is an innovative software company that specialises in WordPress solutions. Services include web design, web development, and website performance optimization, to name a few. The company boasts more than 120,000 customers to date and a 5-star customer feedback rating. I was keen to find out more about tagDiv and their specialised [...]


RebelMouse Review and Interview

For website owners looking for content management system (CMS) alternatives to WordPress, especially if they need help growing traffic, RebelMouse is a CMS and agency that is embedded with a strategic formula for growth. The core aim of RebelMouse is to empower users to significantly boost their online presence by facilitating the [...]


PSafe Review and Interview

PSafe delivers a multitude of dfndr security solutions designed to boost the security and performance of your Android phone. Better still, you can get each of the products at absolutely no cost! And, if you don’t like ads, there are also some premium options to choose from as well. I thought it was well worth finding out more about [...]

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