RebelMouse Review and Interview

RebelMouse Review and Interview


For website owners looking for content management system (CMS) alternatives to WordPress, especially if they need help growing traffic, RebelMouse is a CMS and agency that is embedded with a strategic formula for growth. The core aim of RebelMouse is to empower users to significantly boost their online presence by facilitating the creation and distribution of content.

Andrea Breanna, the founder and CEO of RebelMouse, was kind enough to speak with me about her company.

The Establishment of RebelMouse

The RebelMouse team has a long and interesting history in the content marketing and distribution industry. Andrea shared her story of how RebelMouse came to be:

“Many years ago, as founding CTO of The Huffington Post, I was able to build a CMS that empowered the company’s writers and contributors, and helped HuffPost rise to the level of traditional news media sites by breaking away from conventional approaches to web technology. After HuffPost was sold to AOL, I was responsible for dozens of properties on a wide variety of CMS platforms, and I knew that there had to be a better way to manage and run them. I decided to leave AOL, along with some of the people I worked with who helped me build HuffPost, to make RebelMouse a total paradigm shift for the CMS world. [More information on RebelMouse investors located here.]

During the first years of RebelMouse, we branded and sold ourselves as a software platform with a variety of different free and paid products to help publishers and marketers distribute their content in the age of social media. The company was founded on the vision that media companies would need an always-modern solution to thrive in the new connected internet and that marketers would have to behave like new media companies and use the same platforms. We eventually moved toward one all-inclusive CMS offering with powerful tools built-in. In addition to our tech, the core of our success has been the strategic services we provide as a media agency, providing guidance to our clients and helping them get the most out of our platform.”.

Helping Businesses Grow and Thrive

RebelMouse have an impressive track-record when it comes to helping businesses maximise their online presence. In fact, Andrea considers the team’s exceptional expertise in doing this to be her company’s greatest strength. Here’s what she told me:

“Helping new media sites like Axios become a viral hit, helping brands like United Airlines — who now has the most popular airline blog — reinvent their digital presence, and helping existing media companies like PAPER Magazine continue to “Break the Internet,” all without any of them ever needing to worry about platform updates or technical debt, is an incredibly rewarding experience that keeps building upon itself. The lessons learned from one client typically translate into shared solutions for every other client on the platform”.

An Easy-to-Use Platform

RebelMouse isn’t just for the tech-savvy among us. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, whether you’re maximising your SEO and website performance, or launching a robust contest. Andrea told me how this is something her customers appreciate:

“One of the first things clients tell us when they onboard is how easy and intuitive the platform is to use. Everything on desktop works for mobile. Editors, writers, and product teams never want to use anything else after using our platform. We’ve believed from the beginning that content creators should be empowered to maximize SEO and lay out their content the way they want it without needing help from developers”.

High Customer Retention Rates

RebelMouse boasts a 98% customer retention rate. Andrea proudly puts this down to her team’s ability to stay up-to-date and modern, as well as their excellent customer support system. Andrea explained more:

“Our customer service is one of the main reasons we can brag about a 98% client retention rate. The great thing about our product being cloud-based is that we are able to keep the platform always modern, always stable, fast, and secure. The old CMS paradigm requires you to manage your own tech stack, but RebelMouse continuously updates from the cloud to keep your site up to date with the latest compatibility standards. When a client needs support, we respond quickly with a distributed team that spans all time zones. Most of the time, we are proactively making fixes before our site owners even notice that something wasn’t working”.

On RebelMouse’s site, you will find loads of customer success stories showing the substantial growth of businesses after RebelMouse’s involvement. These growth factors include significantly increased conversion rates, subscribers, and page views, as well as lower bounce rates. The success stories are further proof of the powerful and effective solutions that RebelMouse has available.

A Popular Choice

I asked Andrea what the most popular solution is amongst RebelMouse customers. Here’s what she told me:

“Our simple yet powerful Entry Editor experience is incredibly popular. It’s so simple that it allows inexperienced content creators to write and design content, insert rich media, and add links as easily as you would on a social media app. In fact, 40% of the content our users create is created on mobile devices. It’s also incredibly powerful, with amazing tools for distributing content everywhere, as well as tools for optimizing content for organic search and organic social traffic so that editors can win more traffic with every post.”.

Always Remaining Modern

Andrea explained to me that remaining modern is always a priority for RebelMouse. The team works to create features and solutions that continuously meet customer demand. Andrea told me more:

“Our plan is to keep bringing our clients features and compatibility with the latest technology before they even know they need them. The hardest and most exciting part of web technology is that it is impossible to predict what will be needed even a year from now. Even major publishers spending millions of dollars a year to keep their site modern, still find themselves constantly one step behind. By contrast, RebelMouse had Google’s AMP technology up and running before most of our clients had even heard of it. And when Facebook launched its Instant Articles format, RebelMouse users already had it integrated into their publishing experience”.

Lastly, I was given this inspiring quote from Andrea:

At HuffPost, as CTO, I ran product and design. Ken Lerer and Jonah Peretti knew that tech done right was a creative process that could fuel the growth of a company. They didn’t want a task monkey. They wanted a partner to take what was in their head and make it something more — bigger, better, and real. I personally pride myself on building things that move the needle. But that doesn’t come just by understanding someone’s proposed solution and wireframes. It comes from understanding their problems and opportunities.”

I really appreciate Andrea taking the time to answer my interview questions. Throughout my research for this review, I was impressed by the consistent results that such a wide variety of customers have seen with RebelMouse. Not just a few percentage points, but actually doubling traffic within the first year — sometimes within the first month! The added bonus is that these results usually don’t come at an increased cost of ownership since the “always-modern” platform helps customers avoid the typical hassles of maintenance and security breaches that are common among other CMS providers.

It’s evident that RebelMouse helps boost businesses in a unique, powerful, and strategic way. I wish Andrea and her team all the best for the future, and any company thinking seriously about their digital strategy would be well served to consider RebelMouse.

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