BitHost Review and Interview

BitHost Review and Interview


BitHost is an inclusive Hungarian hosting provider, with NVMeSSD hosting prices beginning at 500 HUF per month. This equates to just £1.27 per month!

As well as being ultra-affordable, customers can enjoy a user-friendly website builder, in addition to essential services like digital marketing, graphic design and content management, as well as its recently-launched reseller hosting service. Impressively, BitHost has recently become ESET partners too! 

Richard Balogh, BitHost’s founder, kindly agreed to be interviewed for this review.

Why Was BitHost Founded?

Established in 2016, building BitHost was a natural progression for Richard. He explained to how and why he decided to build his hosting company:

“We used to operate an online radio on a former family level. In addition to the tools and software in the studio, we also needed servers and, of course, a web host that could serve visitors of our site. We were able to serve the initial audience of a few hundred at the beginning, but later it was necessary to improve it due to the sudden increase in attendance. Unfortunately, this was not resolved at our service provider at the time, so we started visiting many other domestic and foreign service providers.

We had a lot of storage space, we tried a lot of hosting providers. There were places where we were for a longer time, there were places where we were for a short time, but unfortunately we never found a 100% solution. I gained a lot of experience during the “search” and since we couldn’t find a suitable provider, we thought we’d do it on our own then. This is how our hosting business was founded, which has been operating since 2016. There was a significant change in 2019 when we adopted the name BitHost and since then, it has been steadfastly bustling among Hungarian and international hosting companies”.

How Is BitHost’s Customer Service?

BitHost takes customer care exceptionally seriously and ensures rapid responses to customer queries and issues. In most cases, customers can expect a response within just 24 hours. Here’s what Richard had to say about BitHost’s customer service:

“I would divide our customer service into two parts. One is the permanent customer service, which can provide assistance in Hungarian and English during opening hours. However, we also have a 24 hour customer service that provides support to our customers exclusively in English. In all cases, we respond to inquiries within 24 hours, and there are very few inquiries to which we respond beyond 24 hours. In the evening and at night, there is a staff member on duty every day who, of course, also answers technical questions during this time. All of our clients have a dedicated Account Manager who knows the client. They are no stranger to the client, so we can help people in need more quickly and in a personalized way with their technical, general or billing matters”.

To further help its customers, BitHost has a good range of tutorial videos, along with detailed information in its knowledgebase.

A Team Of Experts

BitHost’s team members have a diverse range of skills and expertise. This enables them to provide a fully-comprehensive range of services to meet many different requirements. Richard explained in more detail:

“More than 60% of our clients are entrepreneurs. One of BitHost’s goals is to design its services so that customers can manage all of their services in one place, from web hosting to email servers, from Windows 10 licenses to Dynamics. This is our experience that it is better and easier to manage your services at one place, instead of more different places. After a while (depending on the size of the business, of course) it would be so opaque which service we manage at which provider that we would be practically confused. Not to mention that because different companies, each company has different customer support, their billing and payment solutions are different, and these can be quite confusing.

We have come up with a solution for this and are constantly working to provide all the most important services to our customers. In addition to hosting, there are teams working as marketers, there is a team responsible for translation, another team plans and designs, but there are also web developers and ethical hackers available. In addition, we strive to bring our customers together. For example, if a company tells us that it wants to make a custom-labeled t-shirt for its employees, we can organize the two companies (by the way, we have two such companies in our portfolio) and while we recommend a reliable company to one, we create a business for the other. Of course, it’s a reciprocal thing, so we’re like a big family. A great ‘BitHost-Family'”.

I’m really impressed with this family-oriented approach that BitHost has taken. It’s great to see a company that treats its customers so well. 

Treating Customers Like Family

The BitHost team has enjoyed great success through the growth of the business. They continue to build the business through dedication, motivation and caring for customers. Richard told me more:

“There are a number of milestones, small and large, in the operation of the business that I am proud of. They constantly motivate us to move higher and higher, to grow bigger and bigger. For us, customers are the most important thing, so when I look at it from a business perspective, I am most  proud of our customers, the “family” we have built. We are constantly communicating with clients, listening to their advice, opinions, and I am most proud to be open to such communication, and  working together to help each other to grow. Unfortunately, not many businesses can say this about themselves.

If I look at it from a partner side, we are most proud to have become Microsoft partners this year, which is a significant milestone for us, a huge responsibility and work. Thanks to our partnership, we will be able to sell Microsoft digital products such as the Microsoft 365 family (formerly Office 365), Dynamics, Windows 10 licenses, Microsoft Teams and so on from this year. These services are much cheaper for our customers to purchase from us than directly from Microsoft, not to mention the fact that our customers can only rent Microsoft services from us for 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks, all without commitment or long-term commitment (in contrast, at Microsoft is only possible to purchase a service with a 1-year commitment)”.

BitHost’s Most Popular Hosting Choice

Although BitHost has a lot to offer customers, both in terms of hosting solutions and other services, the most popular option for customers is, unsurprisingly, the excellent-value NVMeSSD hosting. Richard said:

“In addition to those listed services on our website, we provide a significant number of further services to our customers, who gain access to the price list of the given service through advice (if I may include it in this way).

Our goal is to make the service or services provided to the customer fully relevant to their business, so we provide plans that are practically personalized to our customers.

Our most popular service is the NVMeSSD hosting family, which has been designed and optimized to meet the needs of our business customers. These servers typically host webshops, corporate websites, and more visited websites, but of course the web hosts of smaller websites reside on our NVMeSSD server. While NVMeSSD is the most popular among our business clients, our USASSD server is the most popular among individuals. Our USASSD server is a low-cost, affordable server optimized for low-traffic websites. Despite being optimized for individuals, we have made significant improvements to allow new and existing web hosts to move to a server with a 64-core Intel Xeon CPU and 256 GB of RAM specifications”.

As mentioned at the beginning, prices for BitHost’s NVMeSSD hosting plans begin at 500 HUF per month for the Mini plan. This is currently around £1.27, making it an exceptionally affordable hosting solution. Included in this is:

  • 1024MB storage
  • 4GB bandwidth
  • 1 email account
  • 1 database
  • 2 subdomains

Customers can also benefit from a 7-day free trial, as well as a free SSL certificate.

If you’re looking for more, at the other end of the spectrum is BitHost’s most expensive Premium plan which costs 5000 HUF per month. With this plan, you get unlimited everything including storage, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and subdomains. Costing around just £12.71 per month, this unlimited web hosting option is excellent value for money.

A Special Offer From BitHost

Richard has very kindly given me a special discount code for our readers to take advantage of:

“Currently, the English version of our website is under construction but you can reach us through the website www.bithost.hu, and later at bithostworld.com. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at one of our contacts. We now offer a one-time 30% discount to the first 100 customers who use the TOP10-WHCOUK coupon code. Try our services, for which we offer a 30-day money back guarantee (does not apply to all services)!”

Thank you very much to Richard for speaking with me about BitHost. It’s been great learning about your company and what you can offer customers. 

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