Visual Composer Review and Interview

Visual Composer Review and Interview


Visual Composer combines ease with high-powered functionality as a feature-packed website builder. With both free and premium plans available, there’s something to suit everyone in need of a beautifully-designed, responsive, and professional WordPress website.

Visual Composer’s creator, Michael, spoke with me about his company and the features of his product.

Simplicity At Its Core

As a freelancer, Michael initially created a basic, simplified version of Visual Composer for his clients. Having gained much success over time, he decided that it would be beneficial to build on that product and create something even better. Michael explained about the beginning of Visual Composer:

“Like many of us, I started as a freelancer and while working with my clients on custom projects, I had noticed that they all like one particular feature the most in my development framework. I built a really simple drag and drop interface to build and customize content blocks tailored to their project. And clients loved it!

They were so happy that they can do small changes without help from the development team. This was the moment when I decided to decouple that tiny feature and build a product around it.

A couple of sleepless weeks later, the first WordPress drag and drop builder was born”.

Michael went into further detail about what makes Visual Composer so special:

“Flexibility and ease of use. As a user, you can just drag and drop content from Visual Composer Hub and it is perfectly-styled for you by our designers. But the best part is that you can customize the look even better for your brand. Visual Composer comes with powerful design options built-in. As we say, unleash your creativity”.

Renowned For Their Excellent Customer Support

Visual Composer has a dedicated help center where you’ll find help with lots of issues you may face when creating your WordPress site. These include step-by-step instructions on how to download the website builder, how to use templates, and how to create pop-ups. The expert team is also on-hand to help if you need further assistance.

Michael told me more about Visual Composer’s customer support:

“We are known for our exceptional customer support. Our support team consists only of superheroes who are not afraid to take extra steps to help and resolve problems our clients face.

Not everyone is a WordPress power-user. And what is simple for one person is hard for another. Our team knows that and understands that no problem is too small ๐Ÿ™‚ As a result, clients appreciate that level of service and write so many good reviews. It is always about people. So the best part of Visual Composer is the team behind it”.

Plans Available

Visual Composer has four plans to choose from; Free, Single Website, 3 Websites, and Developers. Prices for the plans are $0/year, $49/year, $99/year, and $349/year, respectively.

Michael told which plans are the most popular amongst customers:

“In short, Single site license and Developers license.

We keep our plans structure simple and thereโ€™s a reason for that. If you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, then a Single website license will work perfectly for you. And if you are a freelancer or an agency that builds websites for the clients, then a Developers license is a no-brainer for you.

Both plans provide enormous value for our clients. And itโ€™s very satisfying and inspiring to see what is possible to create without spending months developing and learning how to build”.

Visual Composers Features

There are a ton of features that make Visual Composer the go-to website builder for many individuals and businesses. Aside from being an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, Visual Composer features:

Hub for elements – Users can access a huge cloud-based library to discover, use, and edit content elements.

Theme templates – Choose from more than 200 professionally-designed templates, both free and premium. These cover a wide range of industries including marketing, blogging, real estate, and fashion.

Pop-up builder – Build pop-ups that grab your audience’s attention and optimize your conversion rate. Visual Composer enables users full control over their pop-ups including when and where they are displayed.

Compatibility and integrations – Visual Composer has been designed to integrate seamlessly with a number of popular plugins like Ninja Forms, MailChimp, Yoast, WooCommerce, and of course, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Michael’s Plans For Visual Composer

I asked Michael what his plans are for Visual Composer and he gave me a great answer:

“We shape our plans by carefully listening to our users.

We proactively collect feedback and adapt to it. When we release an update (almost every two weeks) and you see a feature that you wanted so badly – it is not a coincidence.

We listen and deliver. So our plan is to continue doing so and to surprise you along the way”.

Thank you to Michael for sharing these insights into your company. I’ve been really impressed with Visual Composer. I think the plans are excellent value for money, especially considering all the excellent resources and features included. It’s also been interesting to see how Visual Composer works and how simple it is to use.ย 

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