tagDiv Review and Interview

tagDiv Review and Interview


tagDiv is an innovative software company that specialises in WordPress solutions. Services include web design, web development, and website performance optimization, to name a few. The company boasts more than 120,000 customers to date and a 5-star customer feedback rating.

I was keen to find out more about tagDiv and their specialised services. So, I reached out to the tagDiv team to ask them some interview questions.

The Beginning of tagDiv

Founded in 2010, tagDiv has rapidly grown into a highly-successful company. In the 10 years since its inception, tagDiv has managed to establish itself as an authority in the WordPress industry. Marius Padureanu, tagDiv’s co-founder, explained about tagDiv’s establishment in further detail:

“tagDiv company was built back in 2010 by me and my friend, Radu. We decided one day that we have valuable ideas that can contribute to the WordPress software industry. The combination of a skilful programmer and creative web designer has been the recipe for success. In a couple of years, tagDiv became the best-selling author in the blog, news, and magazine WordPress industry”.

tagDiv’s Most Promising-Looking Services

The tagDiv team has a massive portfolio of WordPress skills which they utilise to provide professional and comprehensive services to customers worldwide. Their best-selling product is their Newspaper theme, which was initially developed by just 2 people. This theme has become widely popular and is currently being used by over 100,000 customers. Marius went into detail about tagDiv’s services:

“We’re proud to have created one of the most appreciated news WordPress themes around the world. The Newspaper theme is being used by over 104,000 customers worldwide, and Newsmag is up and running on over 16,000 websites. Furthermore, people also choose tagDiv software company and trust our professional web design and website development services with their websites. We help people to extend their website’s functionality and tailor them perfectly for their businesses. More and more people have brilliant ideas, but don’t have the necessary time and/or skills to implement them. So, they come to us. We’ve redesigned, rebranded, and added unique features for customers like, Welthee, Stevivor, VPN Basen, Lebaldin, Travel & Spa Magazine, The Coronado Times, and many more”.

Marius continued to explain how the development and maintenance of their overwhelmingly-popular Newspaper WordPress theme is the one thing he is most proud of about his company:

“Newspaper theme. We’ve been developing it since 2010, and back then, we were only two people working to maintain it. Nowadays, we are a team of 20 people that maintains it. We have our development, design, marketing, and support departments to keep improving the Newspaper theme. We’re proud to have the most popular news WordPress theme and a professional product that responds to any users’ needs. It’s been a great ride until now, and we are keeping it this way”.

The Newspaper theme costs only $59 and includes 6 months of support from the tagDiv team. There is also an option to extend the support to 12 months, which costs $17.63. Moreover, all the future update are free for lifetime.

Let’s take a look at some more of tagDiv’s services:

Web Development Services

tagDiv proudly offers web development services that are customised to your specifications. Working with the likes of CSS, JavaScript and PHP, the tagDiv team are ready and waiting to “tackle your challenges”. They cover aspects such as:

  • Optimising databases
  • JavaScript development
  • Adding custom fonts
  • Altering layouts
  • Building custom plugins

Page Speed Optimisation Services

Your page speed is an important consideration when building a website. Statistics show that slow website load times can lose you a significant amount of traffic. tagDiv can optimise your site’s speed using a variety of different methods including installing and configuring a cache plugin, optimising images, Gzip compression, and minification of JavaScript and CSS files.

tagDiv promises to make your page speed “blazing fast” for just $200.

Basic WordPress, Theme and Plugin Setup

If you’re new to WordPress, then this service could prove invaluable. There are lots of factors to consider when creating your WordPress site and tagDiv takes the pressure off by ensuring everything is set up correctly right from the start. For only $48, tagDiv will take care of all the basics, even down to setting up basic Google Analytics tracking on your site and installing recommended plugins.

Web Design

tagDiv works hard to create striking, professional, and memorable web pages for its customers. Being WordPress experts, the tagDiv team knows what makes a great-looking, highly functional, and easy-to-navigate website. They will carry out tasks such as:

  • Converting documents
  • Enhancing your site’s design and layout
  • Creating and setting up your homepage
  • Building customised templates

Additionally, tagDiv will work on the SEO side of things, ensuring your website is search-engine friendly.

How Is tagDiv’s Customer Care?

tagDiv value their customers’ opinions and take all feedback on board. Their customer support department works hard to ensure they are always professional, responsive and helpful. Marius Padureanu told me more about tagDiv’s customer care:

“Highly qualified with great technical skills and abilities, our Customer Support Department is responsive and helpful. Our support team is empowered to work hard and stay close to every customer on ThemeForest, email, and our forums. We have a working schedule from Monday to Friday, and our headquarter is located in Romania, without any remote collaborators. We prefer to do everything in-house, professionally. That’s how we started this business, with the utmost care to our customers. We value feedback, and we always consider our clients’ opinions and suggestions when we take our products to the development/design stages”.

Marius went on to tell me what he considers to be tagDiv’s greatest strengths:

“I think tagDiv’s greatest strengths are professionalism and constant improvement. We have a highly-trained team with various skills and complementary abilities. We make a good team, work great together and enjoy spending time together”.

A Bright Future For tagDiv

I enquired as to what we can expect from tagDiv in the future and Marius explained:

“We wouldn’t like to disclose any aspect of our plans right now. What I can tell you is that we see the future as a bright one and full of pleasant surprises for our customers. We’ll continue to bring value to the WordPress industry and website owners so they can have the most appealing and professional platforms for their businesses”.

To Conclude My tagDiv Review

tagDiv is an excellent WordPress design and development company with professionalism at its core. It’s plain to see that the team are highly-skilled at what they do and take their roles and dedication to customers very seriously.

If you hire tagDiv, you can expect a personalised service that is built around your specifications. Furthermore, I consider their prices to be very fair, especially considering the comprehensiveness of various services. Just one example that stands out to me is the setup of your WordPress site for only $48. I think this is great value for money, especially if you’re a WordPress newbie. 

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