Hostinger Interview & Review

Hostinger Interview & Review


Looking for cheap reliable web hosting?  Look no further than Hostinger, the trusted host for over 29 million customers in 178 countries.  Their hosting services start from just £1.45 per month with a 30-day FREE Trial.   This includes a free domain and money back guarantee! This week we had the opportunity to speak with Daugirdas Jankus (a.k.a DJ), Head of Marketing, over at Hostinger who told us:

“Our founders wanted to give access to the internet to everybody – no matter the race, ethnicity, religion or wealth”

Hostinger started back in 2004, by  Arnas Stuopelis (CEO) in Lithuania, with the vision that anyone in the world should be able to build a website.  And so, 000webhost was born – a completely free hosting service, hosted by Hostinger.  Now Hostinger boasts a team of over 250 employees.

Hostinger: A Brief History

Lithuania (the birthplace of Hostinger), was oppressed by the Soviet Union for many years.  DJ told us that “The freedom of speech and free movement was limited, so we really understood how people felt when their access to the internet was limited as well”.  At the time Hostinger was founded the internet was already being widely commercialized and becoming a very valuable tool for commerce.  They wanted this phenomenon to be duplicated the world over.  In 2004 the founders decided to invest their life savings into Hostinger and also begin learning all about the technology involved.

Innovate, Learn, Develop

“Everything started with our founders’ wish of providing access and the power of the internet for everybody around a globe.” Hostinger

Hostinger was one of the first companies, back in 2004 to provide FREE hosting and is still the largest to this day.  They also now provide Premium Hosting services that are in great demand

Now a large team of specialists, the company is passionate about providing the best web hosting solutions to the whole world.  “We are doing our best to innovate, learn and develop as a company and individuals every day”.

The team over at Hostinger regularly attends the biggest and best technology conferences around the world, such as the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference, as both as speakers and visitors.  Thus, proving their drive for continual professional development and improvement.  DJ told us, “Throughout the years we changed a lot, made a lot of mistakes, but everything helped us to evolve into very fast growing and incredibly successful company”.

A Key Focus on Corporate Culture

“Corporate culture is needed to achieve your company’s goals” Hostinger

When we asked DJ about what set Hostinger apart from competitors he informed us that they are “insanely customer-centric” and proudly stated, “We have the best culture out there”.  The CEO Arnas has a bold personal objective to “Inspire and encourage Team to achieve exceptional personal, professional & business growth!”.

Both internally as a company and externally toward their customers Hostinger is keen to see everyone thrive.  We really admire their ethos and devotion to providing the best possible service at the lowest cost!  DJ passionately told us “We love our customers and we are ready to do literally anything to help them succeed online”.

Over a Million Queries per Minute

Hostinger and its sister company 000Webhost are accustomed to seriously massive amounts of traffic.  Balys Kriksciunas is the Head of Engineering, and gives talks to large audiences about the “obstacles encountered on such a scale”. We learned that 000Webhost (and Hostinger) achieves seamless scaling by simply adding new servers, with the help of their heterogeneous hardware, where any user can be hosted on any server.  When we asked DJ if automation was something Hostinger was passionate about he confidently informed us “We believe this is the future”.

The creation of the whole process is ongoing and was not without its flaws in the beginning.   Initially, each time a new user was added or removed there could be some serious downtime (sometimes up to 20 minutes).  That is when Hostinger called on the expertise of René Cannaò the author of ProxySQL, who used his magic and rewrote some of the logic so that now reloads happen in a less than a second.

Unbeaten Prices

When we asked how Hostinger managed to keep their prices so low while providing powerful state of the art hosting we got some fascinating answers.  Firstly they outlined how they have 4 cornerstones that allow them to keep everything running as smoothly and efficiently as can be.

These cornerstones are:

  1. The Customer Is Always #1
  2. Efficiency And Practicality Rock Our World
  3. We Never Stop Learning
  4. We Support You, The Innovators

We were interested to find out that Hostinger has some unique approaches when it comes to customer care.  Hostinger makes sure that EVERYONE in the company spends at least one day in their Customer Success Team, learning more about the customer needs. In addition to this they use a method taken from Montessori Education to assure that peer reviews are done in a relaxed and successful way, where everyone feels included.

Hostinger Hosting: The basics and benefits

  • SINGLE WEB HOSTING– Host 1 Website with 10 GB Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, 1 MySQL Database, 1 FTP User, 1 Email Account, Easy Website builder, Powerful Control Panel, User-Friendly Access Manager
  • PREMIUM WEB HOSTING – Nearly Unlimited Web Hosting Plan.  Unlimited – Number of Websites, SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, FTP Users, Email Accounts.  1 Free Domain names, 2X WordPress Optimized Speed
  • BUSINESS WEB HOSTING – Unlimited web hosting plan for multiple websites.  Unlimited – Number of Websites, SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, FTP Users, Email Accounts.  Also includes Daily Backups, Deluxe Live Support, 2X Processing Power & Memory, Free SSL Certificate to secure customer data & increase SEO rankings.

We thoroughly enjoyed talking with DJ and learning about Hostinger and 000webhost.  DJ told us that they have some ambitious plans for growth over the next two years.  Currently, they are experiencing a threefold increase and they are aiming to increase this to seven or eight times the growth in the coming years.  We wish them all the best for their extremely successful hosting business and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Hostinger.

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