Vistaprint Review and Interview

Vistaprint Review and Interview


Vistaprint is a well-established company that provides a large variety of print, digital and design services. Businesses can enjoy solutions such as a logo maker, website design, email marketing tools, as well as the newly-launched social media design tool.

The General Manager of Vistaprint UK and Ireland, Emily Shirley, answered my questions about the company so that I could bring you this review.

A Leader In The Industry

Robert Keane, Vistaprint’s CEO and founder, created the company after observing the difficulties that businesses had when sourcing marketing materials. Vistaprint successfully established an online presence way back in 1998, so have been online for an impressive 22 years!

Emily shared the story of Vistaprint’s beginnings:

“Our CEO, Robert Keane attended INSEAD business school in France and upon studying, very quickly saw the difficulty that small businesses and retailers faced when sourcing marketing materials. Robert started the business from his apartment in Paris and after existing as a direct mail catalogue, producing business cards, brochures and newsletters, the company established an online presence in 1998.

In 1999, we officially became Vistaprint and invented two new key software technologies that established the company as a leader in the industry; browser-based desktop publishing and workflow automation. Following this, we were able to leverage large numbers of small orders into high-quality, low-cost, and high-volume production steams, supporting small businesses with affordable marketing materials all over the world. These innovations allowed Vistaprint’s growth to catapult and supported its worldwide expansion. It also allowed small businesses to access customised marketing, brand and promotional materials that were previously only available to larger companies buying in much higher volumes”.

Vistaprint’s Greatest Strengths

Vistaprint has a lot of positive aspects going for it. It is a well-known, go-to company for many businesses in need of a variety of materials and services. The Vistaprint team essentially provides an all-round, comprehensive range of services.

Emily explained what she considers to be Vistaprint’s greatest strengths:

“Firstly, our diverse range of products and services, which makes us an all-encompassing marketing partner for small businesses. From printing services to on-hand design teams to help you create a professional new logo. Whatever small business owners need to take their company to the next level, we’ve got them covered. This offering is further bolstered by our recent acquisition of 99designs, a global creative platform, with whom we share the values, vision, and passion to help small businesses succeed. Our design offering for small businesses is further strengthened by this partnership, as we are working to scale fast to make great design accessible to every small business owner.

Our foundations were built upon supporting small businesses, and we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Working with 16M small businesses worldwide gives us great insight and positions us uniquely to respond to their challenges and needs effectively. We continually evolve our product and solution offering to ensure we are meeting small business owners’ needs and empowering them to create and project a professional and cohesive brand image across all their marketing.

We pivoted our product and service offering in 2020 to help small business owners run their companies effectively during the pandemic and reopen safely. This included becoming a leading provider of facemasks, social distancing products, and face shields. In addition to this, we provided support to local communities through charity partnerships and face mask donations, to help small businesses get back up and running. We are also a proud patron of The Prince’s Trust, with whom our enterprise programme offers free training and mentoring support to young people who want to explore entrepreneurship and start their own business. Many who have attended Vistaprint support programmes have gone on to start their own business. 6% of the proceeds from our integrated filter face mask is being donated to The Prince’s Trust Young Person Relief Fund, to support young people across the UK at a time when they need it most”.

The All-New Social Media Design Service

Vistaprint have recently added a brand new service to its ever-growing list of solutions; Social Media Design. Increase the success rate of your social media campaigns by selecting from a wide range of customisable social media post templates and sharing them across your social media channels.

I was keen to find out more about this service so I asked Emily what customers can expect when they choose it:

“Customers can expect a stress-free and seamless experience when creating high-quality and affordable design assets with Vistaprint’s Social Design Studio. The platform allows small businesses to stand out across social media with great looking posts, while avoiding the big price tag. Businesses can choose from customisable templates created for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn and the current templates can be used for posts that cover a wide range of themes, such as support for healthcare workers, social distancing, gift certificates, delivery or curbside pickup, and online classes. In addition to this, the Studio also offers Zoom backgrounds for video calls and meetings from home.”

Vistaprint’s Vast Range Of Solutions

Vistaprint creates materials for traditional marketing, such as business cards, booklets and brochures, as well as providing digital marketing solutions such as a logo maker, email marketing tools and website design. With the help of Vistaprint, you can establish both an offline and online presence within your industry.

Emily told me which products were most popular amongst Vistaprint customers:

“As a marketing partner for small businesses, Vistaprint has a broad product offering that covers print, digital, and design. Some of our popular products include signage, branded clothing, promotional products, face masks, flyers, postcards, business cards, websites, digital marketing, and design services.

As a result of the pandemic, Vistaprint launched face masks on its site in April and custom face masks in early July. In this time when community-wide action is so important, we used our deep experience in production and customisation to encourage more people to wear face masks. We want small businesses that drive our economy to get back to work safely. Our range of face masks has been extremely popular. We produce both adults’ and kids’ sizes, across three sizes with a 3-dimensional chin structure, adjustable ear straps, and nose wire to make sure they fit properly to the face. Currently, our best-selling mask in the UK is the Gold Splatter design!”

Vistaprint masks are good value for money with kids’ ones costing £13 each, and adults priced from £17 each.

Customer Care From Vistprint

Vistaprint has a dedicated help section where they answer many frequently asked questions. Furthermore, this section is where you will find a range of detailed tutorial video to help you make the most of Vistaprint’s services. The company also actively requests feedback from site visitors, so they can continue to improve user experience.

Emily told me more about Vistaprint’s customer care:

“At Vistaprint, we’re dedicated to ensuring all of our customers are satisfied and we’ll always do our very best to make any issues right. We approach this by making it really clear how to reach out to report any issues and ensuring that the best-suited customer care agents are on-hand to help with queries as soon as possible.

Furthermore, we offer a number of solutions for customers who need to contact us about an issue, including a call line, live chat, and email, and also offer a live design support team, who are on hand to provide support with logo design, printed product design, and any other creative queries. We also offer a video conferencing service called DesignLive, where one of our design professionals is on hand to consult customers and offer design revisions for creative work, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

An Exciting Future For Vistaprint

Vistaprint is committed to continuous development, regularly adding to its list of essential resources, products and services. Emily told me what customers can expect from the company in the future:

“We are really excited about our future following the acquisition of 99designs back in October. 99designs will complement the design services Vistaprint currently offers, helping to build a full suite of design services that are right for a broad range of customers. Their expertise in the Design It For You area will greatly increase the speed with which Vistaprint can become world-class at graphic design services. Becoming part of Vistaprint will also create additional opportunities for the creator community beyond the current 99designs capabilities. This includes offering access to Vistaprint customers, tools and automation capabilities to speed up the ability to create and earn, and the ability to go from digital to physical products seamlessly.

Alongside this, Vistaprint is making major investments in data & analytics, customer experience improvements, technology, talent and brand”.

In Conclusion

Vistaprint is well-known throughout the world for providing businesses with a wide range of essential services. I’ve been impressed to see the new services available. Additionally, I have been impressed with how Vistaprint has adapted over time to cater to online businesses, as well as offline businesses. There really is something for every business from Vistaprint, from office supplies, to printed product designs and social media design to help you with your social media strategies.

Thank you very much to Emily for answering all of my questions. 

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