Website.com Review and Interview

Website.com Review and Interview


Website.com takes the high-costs and difficulties out of building your own website. Rated an impressive 4.6/5 by more than 83,000 customers, Website.com gives businesses the tools they need to build a responsive, professional, and visually-appealing website.

I caught up with Stuart Williams, Website.com’s Marketing Director, to ask him some questions about the feature-packed website builder.

The Creation of Website.com

The Website.com site builder was created in 2012 with the aim of making it easier for businesses and individuals alike to build their own websites with ease and affordability. Stuart explained further about Website.com’s establishment:

“We launched the Website.com site builder in 2012 after being in the web hosting industry for many years. At the time, making a website required quite a lot of time and expertise, so we wanted to offer a solution to allow anyone to make a website with ease.

Over the years, we’ve added extensive capabilities to our platform, including a fully-featured ecommerce site builder, and multilingual site manager. With an increasingly globalized economy, we’ve seen a growing need for multilingual and ecommerce capabilities at any scale. With this in mind, we continually strive to offer a code-free and affordable solution, knocking down any barriers to website ownership!”

How is Website.com’s Level of Customer Service?

Website.com puts a huge emphasis on high quality customer service. The company has some glowing reviews displayed on its “Reviews” page, praising both the customer support and the product itself.

Stuart went into detail about Website.com’s level of customer service:

“Customer service is a huge priority for us, which we offer through several communication channels, including live-chat, phone, and ticket support. Different customers prefer different modes of communication, so we ensure that our customers are able to reach us in the most convenient way for them!

One of the main advantages of our support team is that our entire team is based in-house in Vancouver, Canada. By having our whole Website.com team (including customer support, development, operations, design and marketing) all working together, it allows everyone to stay on the same page. We also undergo continual training to effectively help our customers! Our support team is also able to pass feedback from customers directly to our developers and team members, which is such an asset for brainstorming new ideas and for continually improving our product.

In addition to our support team, we also provide resources to further support our customers, including video tutorials through our YouTube Channel, and a searchable knowledge base. For our busier clients, especially business owners, we also offer web design services. We’re here to help with anything from minor design touch-ups to complete web design and branding. The great thing about our web design is that everything is crafted on the site builder, giving our clients full control of their site to make future updates at no added cost”.

Features You Can Expect From Website.com

Website.com has a load of essential and useful features that make it stand out from the crowd. Not only do customers benefit from the simple drag-and-drop functionality of the platform, but they will also enjoy an extensive range of features such as:

  • Hundreds of professionally-designed templates to choose from
  • Social media integration including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Integration of third party elements like Google Analytics, Skype, Ebay Store, appointment booking and Facebook Messenger Chat
  • A host of eCommerce features such as PayPal integration, coupons, and abandoned cart recovery

Stuart told me what he considers to be Website.com’s greatest strengths:

“We would say our main strengths are our advanced ecommerce and multilingual capabilities, along with the ease of use of our site builder. We’d noticed a huge need for high-end online store functionality, but many of the tools on the market are much too difficult to use. Our builder offers advanced online store functionality while maintaining an ease of use. Examples of ecommerce features include member checkout, abandoned cart recovery, coupon codes, Google eCommerce Analytics, as well as multiple online and offline payment options.

We really aim to make it possible for anyone to create an online store, which is why we include ecommerce capabilities with all of our plans, even starting with the free tier. We’re also one of the only ecommerce site builders on the market that do not take any commission on sales made by our users. We know there can be many barriers to getting started with an online store, so we want to make sure our clients can get started with a sustainable setup that allows them to truly succeed. We’ve seen a huge growth of ecommerce users within the past year alone, and the positive feedback from our clients has been so encouraging to see!

We’d recently introduced multilingual features, which has been very well received by our users! By allowing our customers to easily add multiple languages to their website, they’ve been able to be more intentional in reaching specific communities. Especially with the popularity of ecommerce stores, we’ve seen our users create ecommerce stores with multiple languages in order to reach a global market, and we couldn’t be happier”.

Helping Customers Reach a Broader Audience

Website.com’s multilingual capabilities enable users to reach customers across the globe. Stuart and the rest of the Website.com team are extremely proud of this feature. Here’s what he told me about it:

“We are so proud to have a significant member base in international markets, especially within multilingual countries! We credit this success to our extensive multilingual features, which as we mentioned before, allow anyone to create a multi-language website with ease.

We were inspired to prioritize multilingual capabilities when we noticed a gap in the market for easy-to-use methods to create a multilingual site. When we saw this challenge, we incorporated intuitive tools for users to add and organize multiple language pages, a multilingual site menu, a language switcher, and other multilingual essentials. We’ve even stocked our template library with templates with multilingual tools built right into the design, making it even easier for our clients to reach a broader audience right away. We’re delighted to see these multilingual features resonate with our user-base”.

Website.com’s Plans and Pricing

Website.com makes website-building affordable for all, with both free and paid-for plans available. The free plan offers customers 500MB of storage, a free eCommerce bundle and a free access to its Restaurant Manager.

Beyond that, there are 3 further plans. I asked Stuart what Website.com’s best-sellers were:

“Our Elite and Business Standard plans are our 2 most popular plans at the moment. Our Elite plans are very popular with our users looking to make a professional website, as they include a free custom domain name, domain email accounts, and SSL for secure encryption and a secure icon in browsers.

For our advanced ecommerce users, the Business Standard plan has been very popular, especially due to the expanded branding customizations and increased quota for staff accounts, monthly orders, and coupon codes. Our customers also love the additional online store features, like abandoned cart recovery and Member Checkout”.

Website.com’s Elite plan normally costs only $13 per month. This plan offers 10GB of storage, advanced website performance, 3 staff accounts, and SSL security. Customers will also benefit from inclusive SEO, marketing and eCommerce tools, as well as multilingual features.

The Business plan costs just a little more at $19 per month. This will get customers 15GB of storage space, inventory tracking, and coupon code feature, as well as everything you get with the Elite plan.

Better still, all premium plan customers can enjoy a special introductory rate for the first year. Elite Plans are on promo for $5/month for the first year, and the Business Basic plan is on promo for $10/month for the first year. Both plans come with premium support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Continually Working On Improvements

Website.com is committed to continuous improvement. It is currently focusing strongly on adding to its ever-growing list of eCommerce features. Stuart explained further:

“We’ve just launched more business and ecommerce-focused plans, with more online store functionality. We’re continually working on more ecommerce features, to help our users see even more success with their online stores. We’ll be coming out with some new features very soon – stay tuned!

Lastly, Stuart had this to say:

“We just wanted to give a shout-out to our designers, who are continually putting out amazing designs. We’re proud to have over 500 templates in our library, loaded with copyright-free images and video backgrounds.

Other than that, we just want to say thanks so much for reaching out, we really appreciate it!”

Rounding Off My Review of Website.com

Website.com is an affordable, reliable, and feature-rich website builder. I think it’s tremendous value for money, especially when you consider the amount of useful tools and resources that users have access to. There is something for everyone available and something to suit every budget.

It’s been great learning about Website.com and a huge thanks to Stuart for answering my interview questions!

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