PSafe Review and Interview

PSafe Review and Interview


PSafe delivers a multitude of dfndr security solutions designed to boost the security and performance of your Android phone. Better still, you can get each of the products at absolutely no cost! And, if you don’t like ads, there are also some premium options to choose from as well.

I thought it was well worth finding out more about the brand that keeps Android users safe online. I reached out to the founder of PSafe, Marco DeMello, to ask him a few questions.

Entering The Market

PSafe started out in Brazil after a significant surge of people began using Android phones. Marco explained more about the company’s inception and the development of PSafe apps:

“PSafe was born after the explosive growth in Android smartphone use in Brazil. That growth created a need to help protect Brazilian users when they go online with their phones. The Brazil app market is largely a free app market. So I reached out to two business partners, Benjamin Myers and Ram Rao, to help design a full-feature free app, supported by advertising. We delivered a great free product to users and they have continually supported us by viewing ads in the app.

We expanded to the USA as our second primary market — there was a great opportunity to grow as Android smartphone quality improved, and more people began using them in the USA. This also gave us the opportunity to provide “premium” features for a paid subscription, since the USA is a market more used to paying for apps”.

A Vigilant Company

As developers of security apps, the PSafe team are naturally very vigilant to cyber threats. It’s essential that they remain up-to-date with all the latest cyber threats out there. Their level of vigilance enables them to act quickly so keep users safe on the internet. Marco explained:

“I think we are both exceptionally vigilant and alert in the speed of our response to new threats. Hackers are very busy and very inventive — so it’s a full time job to keep up with them and out manoeuvrer them. I think we do that job exceptionally well”.

Some Impressive Download Stats

There are some impressive statistics and facts surrounding PSafe. It currently offers a number of downloadable apps:

  • dfndr security
  • dfndr vpn
  • dfndr battery
  • dfndr performance

All four of these have a Google Play user review rating of 4.5 or higher, which I think is very impressive. Marco told me more:

“PSafe has become the largest private cybersecurity company in Latin America, known for developing and distributing free mobile protection, performance, and privacy solutions for Android, iOS smartphone users. There are more than 300 million downloads of PSafe’s dfndr apps around the world. PSafe manages the largest database of global digital threats and attacks in Latin America, and our system is capable of detecting threats in less than a second”.

dfndr Security has 3 choices; Free, Pro, and Ultra. Aside from being ad-free, both the Pro and Premium plans have some excellent additional features such as anti-theft protection, secure connection, and safe-app installer.

Marco gave me more detail as to what essential resources users can expect from dfndr Security:

“Currently, the company has more than 200MM of its main app, dfndr Security, which is a complete mobile solution against scams, fake websites, identity theft, Wi-Fi theft and digital viruses, protecting users in real time”.

Caring For Customers

The PSafe team has a strong focus on listening to customer needs and adapting their products to suit them. Marco told me about how exactly the team cares for customers:

“I’ll let the users speak for us: our main app, dfndr Security, has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. And I think that’s because we focus on offering protection to consumers that helps them. It helps them avoid leaks of their personal or professional data — phishing attacks, and WhatsApp cloning, for just two examples. Perhaps most importantly though, we are always listening and interacting with customers to discover their needs and improve our product.”

Continuous Innovation From PSafe

PSafe is an innovative company that continuously works hard to provide comprehensive and relevant solutions. Marco told me about some recent developments, as well as some future plans:

“We continuously innovate through the dfndr product line, which offers a complete suite of data security and privacy. In 2020, PSafe expanded its business strategy by entering the B2B Brazilian market with the launch of dfndr enterprise, a complete security solution against enterprise breaches. Knowing they have been on the rise, PSafe dfndr enterprise works against digital threats that use artificial intelligence to combat vulnerabilities — even before they become a danger. We will expand the protection of dfndr enterprise, to further protect companies and their employees”.

Thank you to Marco for answering my questions. I think that PSafe does a great job at remaining knowledgeable within the industry so that they can keep users safe and secure online. It’s also fantastic that the apps are free, making them easily accessible to those who need them. 

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