HostTracker Review and Interview

HostTracker Review and Interview


HostTracker delivers the much-needed service of monitoring and tracking website availability and performance (similar to what we use to track hosting companies). The website monitoring company even offers a 30-day free trial, enabling users hassle-free, fast, and thorough results.

A Problem-Solving Solution

HostTracker’s founder, Artem Prysyazhnuk, created his company to solve problems he personally experienced while working on websites. He explained:

“In the early 2000th, I was doing some business with websites, but there were problems with reliable hosting and sites would often go down. So, I just designed a simple script to keep an eye on my sites. Then upgraded it a bit. Then shared with some people who claimed similar problems. And so it happened”.

Reliable and Flexible

Artem ensures his software is flexible. His team very often adapt the software to meet specific needs of clients. Artem considers flexibility and continuous development to be the company’s greatest assets. He told me more:

“Flexibility and permanent development. HostTracker was born to solve the real problems. So customers write to us and we try to adapt our software to satisfy their needs. In fact, most of our present features have been developed as a response to a real life task”.

Additionally, Alex’s team has a strong focus on reliability. This shows in HostTracker’s many long-term, happy clients. Artem explained how he is proud of this aspect of his company:

“Focus and reliability. 90% of our customers stay with us for 5 years or more. It means that we respond fast enough to the new technology requirements. For example – support of new protocols or new popular messengers to deliver our notifications. At the same time, we still solve the same problem and our major activities do not shift us elsewhere”.

Fast Resolutions to Customer Issues

Even though HostTracker does not feature round-the-clock support, it does have an excellent customer support system in place. Not only do the team offer multiple methods of communication, but they also have lots of information on their site to help customers with various issues and queries.

Artem gave me a good summary as to how he views HostTracker’s customer care:

“It’s a bit complicated to evaluate. However, sometimes we receive feedback from our customers that our service has the best support among similar tools. We can not afford a 24×7 call center, but we do really care about our customers and we have internal policies which make us look at the situations from the customer’s point of view. That’s why most issues are resolved just a few hours after they are reported”.

I think the fact that HostTracker has had customers stay with them for five years is testament to the great customer care they provide. Furthermore, there are some big names taking advantage of HostTracker’s services including Colgate, Panasonic, and Microsoft!

Host-Tracker’s Plans and Pricing

There are several different HostTracker plans to choose from. Start off with your handy 30-day free trial and then move on to Personal, Webmaster, Business, or Enterprise. All of them are flexible – you can add extra services to expand the plan, if needed, for an extra fee.

Conveniently, you can choose to pay either monthly, semi-annually or annually. And, selecting the annual payment option will even get you a discount of up to 37%, depending on your chosen plan. The cheapest option costs $5 per month when paying annually. This works out 20% cheaper than if you opt for the monthly billing. Artem explained how the basic package is the most popular amongst HostTracker customers:

“Basic distributed http monitoring. Most people just want to know when their sites experience problems”.

Popular Webmaster plan includes:

  • 10 URLs monitored
  • Checks every 5 minutes
  • 10 contacts
  • Unlimited alerts
  • DNS blacklist check

This is not a complete list of features and inclusions but it gives you a good idea as to what handy resources to expect from the package.

Looking To The Future

HostTracker is constantly thinking of customers and their convenience. It has some plans in the making to further simplify things:

“We always have a lot of features in our minds, some of them could be in a draft or testing stage for a long time. But the main thing for now is not to overload our customers with hundreds of features and settings. So we are developing a new interface and an approach where a customer can easily find a solution for his/her problem from the box, among the whole variety”.

Making usability even easier for customers will be a big plus point and I’m sure it will be invaluable to users.

In Conclusion To My Interview With Artem

HostTracker is a real problem-solving company. Not only does it provide an essential website monitoring solution, but it also works with its customers to gather feedback and develop its software to further meet their needs.

HostTracker takes a very proactive approach to customer-demand and support. This shows in the 50,000 teams already using the service. 

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