365Hosts Review and Interview

365Hosts Review and Interview


365Hosts employs a team with a vast amount of technical know-how and has the added advantage of owning all its own hardware. More still, the business-savvy founder has ensured the company has remained completely debt-free since its inception.

Today, I’m going to be taking a closer look at 365Hosts to find out what sets it apart from competitors. Chris Withington, the company’s founder, was kind enough to assist me.

The Start Of 365Hosts

Chris started his career designing websites. He was very successful in this venture and garnered lots of positive feedback from his clients. However, a friend’s success story in the hosting industry persuaded Chris to alter his career path. He told me:

“We started out as a web design company looking after small local businesses. With the popularity of our web designs – 100 websites in year one and nothing but 5 star reviews – our first 100 clients set the tone for things to follow.

My friend actually sold his hosting company for millions. We were talking and I suddenly realised the money I was giving to GoDaddy for hosting and not even charging my customers a support fee was not the way to progress. That day, we became a web host. We don’t actively advertise web design but are still really busy with that currently. We are looking to phase it out completely over the next 24 months”.

A 5 Star Hosting Company

365Hosts has an overwhelmingly impressive track record for gaining 5 star reviews. On TrustPilot alone, it has an overall rating of 4.9/5. Beyond that, the homepage states that it has a rating of 4.9 based on more than 2000 reviews.

Chris claims the company’s success is largely down to its customer support. He explained:

“Our 5 star feedback is the main reason customers choose 365Hosts. Our support is world class. We have the reviews to back it up across every review platform”.

Looking through reviews of 365Hosts, this certainly seems to be the case. Customers claim they’ve had a “great experience” with the company and that they are “amazing”, “professional”, “value for money”, and “reliable”. There are also plenty of reviews that refer directly to the team’s technical abilities. There’s not much more you can ask for if you’re searching for the best hosting provider.

365Hosts Own Their Own Servers

Chris has the impressive achievements of both owning all the company’s hardware and having never taken a loan out for the company. This means that it is completely debt-free, which I think is fantastic.

Chris told me about the aspects that he thinks puts 365Hosts above its competition:

“Customer obsession and technical knowledge. And, the fact that we own all our own hardware is also something I think gives us leverage in a crowded sector.

We own all our own hardware, not rented or leased. Everything we have is ours and paid for. We have never taken a company loan or overdraft and have grown the business through its own momentum. I think that’s really important”.

Dedicated Servers From 365Hosts

Although 365Hosts cater to all, larger businesses and enterprises are its core customers. Because of this, the managed dedicated servers are the most popular choice for its customers. Chris explained:

“Dedicated servers. We specialise predominantly in critical application hosting and large enterprise demands, all as a managed service. There are tons of 99p hosts out there offering everything for nothing but they all fall short on proper support”.

365Hosts promises the best and latest server technology along with “guaranteed performance and availability”. Prices begin at £54.95 per month for a dedicated server which will get you 16GB RAM and 2 x 480 GB SSD.

Additionally, customers will benefit from Litespeed technology, Softaculous, and cPanel, to name just a few features.

cPanel Web Hosting

For smaller businesses, 365Hosts cPanel web hosting is a perfect choice. Prices for these shared hosting plans are very affordable, beginning at £3.49 per month for the basic plan. This enables up to 25,000 visitors per month, along with 10GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Another great thing about 365Hosts’ web hosting is that they also have the added advantage of technologies such as Litespeed and Softaculous, just like the dedicated servers. There is also 24/7 support and advanced security settings.

Cloud Server Hosting

365Hosts’ affordable cloud servers are conveniently scalable and flexible. Additionally, you can tailor and configure your cloud server to suit your personal requirements.

365Hosts’ datacentre is based in central London and is highly-secure and powerful. Cloud server hosting customers will benefit from top tier hardware, IP geolocation, 10G network, and full root access.

Ambitious Global Goals

Chris told me about current developments as well as his ultimate goals for 365Hosts, which are very ambitious:

“We are currently developing our own server chassis with water cooling which will be tested next year. Our ultimate goal is to own datacenters globally to offer servers at great prices with excellent support”.

Lastly, thank you to Chris for answering all my interview questions. I think 365Hosts is a brilliant company that excels in both the technical abilities of its team and its customer support. 

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