VideoScribe Review and Interview

VideoScribe Review and Interview


VideoScribe is an easy-to-use video creator. The feature-rich tool enables users to easily craft captivating, memorable, and interesting videos that their audience will enjoy watching.

I passed some interview questions on to VideoScribes CEO, Zoe Taylor, to discover more about the company.

A Storytelling Tool

The intention behind VideoScribe was to build a storytelling tool that people could use to share information and ideas. It is intended to help users to effortlessly and affordably create and share videos to communicate their messages in an engaging way. Zoe explained further:

“We knew there were so many ideas, stories and businesses out there that weren’t getting the attention they deserve because communicating those ideas in engaging, memorable and creative ways can be expensive and difficult. We set out to change that and VideoScribe was born. At its heart, it’s a storytelling tool to help anyone, anywhere, present and share their ideas quickly and easily – regardless of budget, design skills, geographical location or complexity of topic”.

Simplicity At Its Core

The biggest selling-point of VideoScribe is how easy it is to use. It is a drag-and-drop tool with more than 7,000 images in its library. You can even create an ever-popular whiteboard style video with relative ease. Zoe told me more about VideoScribe and its simplicity:

“Overall, VideoScribe’s ease of use is its biggest strength. Unlike the Adobe suite or other video editing tools, you don’t need any animation experience to create awesome videos.  It really is as simple as dragging and dropping our pre-animated images, adding a soundtrack and/or voice-over and hitting publish. Meaning anyone, anywhere can create show-stopping videos. Alongside that, VideoScribers really like the hand-drawn style of our animations. It makes videos feel more personal to the creator and keeps audiences engaged”.

2 Million Users Across The Globe

VideoScribe boasts 2 million users around the world, with 4,000 videos being created every day. Furthermore, there are some big brand names taking advantage of the video creation tool such as BBC, NYC and World Bank Group.

Zoe told me about the aspect the VideoScribe team are most proud of about the company:

“It’s really the community that has developed around VideoScribe. It makes us so proud to see subscribers’ animations featured on national news networks, in international competitions and in conversations on social media around the globe. We’ve seen several created to support audiences during the current pandemic for example, as well as topical videos educating audiences across the news and social media (such as during the recent Black Lives Matter protests). We have subscribers in over 180 countries and seeing the creative ways they use our tools is the best feeling”.

How Is VideoScribe’s Customer Care?

The VideoScribe team works hard to ensure they provide an excellent level of customer care. They provide explainer videos, some of which are targeted to specific industries, such as marketing and education. Zoe spoke more about VideoScribe’s customer care:

“Ensuring our community get maximum value from VideoScribe is one of our biggest priorities. Which is why we’re always on hand to answer questions and offer advice through our support portal and across social media. I’m proud to say this is reflected in the reviews we get (average 4.3/5 on Reviews.com) which often mention our fantastic support team by name because they’re hands-on with our ‘Scribers whenever needed”.

The reviews really are very flattering, with some describing VideoScribe as “amazing”, “cost-effective”, and “intuitive”.

VideoScribe Plans and Pricing

VideoScribe customers can enjoy a no-strings-attached 7 day free trial. Better still, you don’t even need to enter your credit or debit card details to take advantage of this, making it totally risk-free.

After your free trial, you can upgrade to a paid plan which suits you best. Once you move on to a paid plan, you unlock a ton of additional features like the ability to buy premium images, removing watermarks and adding your own logo.

Zoe told me which of the plans are most popular amongst customers:

“By far the most popular VideoScribe membership is our annual subscription. Most VideoScribers make videos frequently, for multiple projects throughout the year so it’s always ready to go when they need it – plus it offers our best value for money”.

The yearly plan costs only £10 per month for which, as the name suggests, users are billed annually. Alternatively, you can choose to pay monthly, which costs £25 per month. Or, you can pay a one off fee of £500, which will give you access to VideoScribe for a lifetime.

Some notable features of VideoScribe include access to:

  • Quick-start video templates
  • Library of 7,300 images
  • More than 190 royalty-free music tracks
  • A Wide range of hands, pens, erasers and more

Furthermore, VideoScribe users will enjoy features like importing and exporting files, the ability to work offline, and free product upgrades. Share your new videos across social media as part of your social media marketing strategy, or use them in your email marketing campaigns to encourage conversions. It’s also worth mentioning here that once you move onto a paid plan, videos are upgraded to HD quality.

Big Plans In The Making

The VideoScribe team has some big plans for 2021. Zoe explained what these were:

“Alongside our continuous development of VideoScribe, and its new sister resource Scribely, we’ve also launched Sparkol Academy to help individuals and organizations further develop their storytelling and video creation skills. Over the course of 2021, we’ll be adding lots of new training programmes and courses to the Academy. We’re also seeing great expansion in our Sparkol Studio – our full-service in-house animation agency, offering video production options to our clients”.

I’ve been very impressed with VideoScribe and what it has to offer its customers. It has a ton of useful resources and features that make it both easy-to-use and diverse. Additionally, I think that the video creation tool is priced very fairly, making it an excellent and affordable choice for people in a wide range of industries.

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