Best SEO Software 2024

Best SEO Software 2024


Finding the right SEO software for your business can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many options out there. To find the best one for you, you should look at value for money, flexibility, and the selection of tools and resources it contains to boost your SEO.

I’ve analysed some of the top SEO software available in 2022. Here is my list of the best SEO software out there right now.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is used by over 600,000 people. It has been featured on Entrepreneur, INC. and Mashable. Brands using the software include Trustpilot, Zapier, and The company has offices in London, Poland, Ukraine, and the US.

SE Ranking customers can enjoy features like access to customisable, lead generating widgets, and monitoring changes in their web pages. Another great feature is that not only does it provide a thorough website audit, but customers can also offer their site visitors a website audit for free. This is fantastic for SEO agencies looking to increase their leads and sales.

The Best Bits

Backlink Tracking – Track your backlinks and be alerted to any changes. You can also track the success of each backlink with metrics like page trust, the value of your links, and social shares. SE Ranking provides budget managing reports for your backlinks so you can determine how cost-effective each one is.

Marketing and SEO Plan – A detailed marketing and SEO plan with actionable steps to take. It is like a checklist, but much more detailed. It includes on-page and off-page SEO, social media management, keyword research and implementation, and the ability to add your own activities.

SE Ranking Academy – Fab for beginners. There is currently 6 hours of beginner-friendly SEO course content available, with an additional 3 hours coming soon. The SE Ranking Academy course teaches SEO strategies in the form of videos, text, tests, and workshops.

How Much Does it Cost?

SE Ranking enables customers to tailor their plans. Get discounts for longer subscription lengths, for example, a 6 month subscription will save you 10% compared to a one month subscription. Customers can choose the number of websites checked, keywords that are tracked, and how many search queries they want per month.

SE Ranking has three set plans available:

Essential – £20.70/month

A 6 month plan with daily rank checks and 250 keywords tracked. The plan includes a website audit for a generous 40,000 web pages, 6,000 backlinks for monitoring, 100 daily reports, and backlink checking for 20 domains per day.

Pro – £47.70/month

Users will benefit from rank tracking 1,000 keywords. They will be able to have 250,000 webpages audited, 30,000 monitored backlinks, 5,000 reports per day, and backlink checking for 100 domains per day.

Business – £100.80/month

For a 6 month subscription, customers can track 2500 keywords, audit 700,000 web pages, monitor 90,000 backlinks, create 10,000 reports per day, and check backlinks for 300 domains per day.

All plans come with inclusive features like:


  • Plans are affordable
  • Free trial
  • Multiple contact details
  • Powerful analysis and reporting
  • SE Ranking Academy
  • Highly-rated reviews


  • Some may find the user interface confusing
  • Ranking updates can be a little slow

2) SEMRush

SEMrush has an impressive track record when it comes to digital marketing. 10 million people across the globe have tried it. The software is trusted by big brands including Vodafone, Amazon, Tesla, and Forbes, to name a few. Plus, the company has won 21 awards for its SEO software, and it is used by 30% of Fortune 500 companies.

It is a fantastic all-rounder. It’s quite expensive and costs can mount up, but you do get a lot of powerful tools for your money. This, along with its great reputation, is why I think it deserves to be one of the top SEO software on my list.

The Best Bits

On Page SEO Tracker – Will identify areas of weakness in your on-page SEO. This tool analyses data from competitors’ keywords and provides you with reports and ideas to improve your on-page SEO. These include backlinks, keywords, content and user experience ideas, among others.

Backlink Analysis – Makes it easy to analyse your backlink profile. It provides information for you to track your backlinks and find new backlinking opportunities. More still, you can see how your backlinks impact your SEO and filter backlink reports to easily find what you’re looking for.

Keyword Overview – Discover the value of any keyword from the largest keyword database out there. Semrush provides SERP analyses for your chosen keywords. It gives you details of your competitors’ keywords too. Keep up to date with trends and discover new keyword opportunities with low competition.

How Much Does it Cost?

Semrush offers 3 different plans. And, if you need more features, you can call the Semrush team to arrange a tailored plan. Paying annually instead of monthly will save you 17%. You can also try the two least expensive plans for free.

Pro – $119.95/month

Customers can track up to 500 keywords, generate 3,000 reports per day, monitor 50 social profiles, work on 5 projects per month, and have 20,000 pages crawled per project.

Guru – $229.95/month

Tracks 1500 keywords, and allows users to access 5,000 reports per day, monitor 100 social profiles, work on 15 projects, and have 20,000 pages crawled per project.

Business – $449.95/month

The business plan tracks 5000 keywords, includes 10,000 daily reports, monitors 300 social profiles, includes 40 monthly projects, and subscribers can have 1,000,000 pages crawled per month.

Additionally, the Guru and business plans both enable access to Semrush’s feature-rich Content Marketing Platform.


  • Detailed SEO analysis
  • Detailed visitor information
  • All-in-one marketing software
  • Thorough keyword analysis
  • Free trial available
  • Well-trusted company
  • Plenty of ways to get in touch


  • Could be a little complicated and technical for a beginner
  • Costs can mount up. For example, each additional user costs $45/month and listing management features cost an extra $20/month
  • Free trial requires credit card details

3. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an ward-winning professional SEO software. Its forte is its location rank tracking. Big brands including Shopify, Coinbase, and Scotiabank, and Flavier have all used the service.

Nightwatch has a strong focus on location-based tracking and rankings. Impressively, with its accurate software, customers can track their search engine ranking down to the zip code. Nightwatch values the precision of its service and claims to be the most accurate available.

The Best Bits

Extensive rank tracker – Tracks search engine data across more than 107,000 locations across the globe; that’s 50,000 locations more than any other software. It gathers local data as well, to see how your keywords are working for you. More still, the software lets customers track the performance of different keyword segments.

Website audit – Analyse your website’s SEO and discover and fix broken links and missing meta data. Prioritise optimising different segments of your site, according to their importance. And, compare past, present, and future versions of your site to analyse improvements.

Search Engine Simulator – Free downloadable software that lets users simulate search engine queries. It can track queries from any location, and can be used for your own website and for checking competitor rankings. The tool is very highly rated on the Chrome Web Store.

How Much Does it Cost?

Like the previous two companies, Nightwatch has three set plans. Plus, the option of contacting the team if you’re after something different. You can also save 20% if you pay per year instead of per month.

Starter – $39/month

The starter plan will enable customers to track 250 keywords per day, 50 websites, 5 competitors, and audit 5,000 web pages.

Optimize – $99/month

Users can track 1,000 keywords per day, 200 websites, 5 competitors, and perform audits on 10,000 web pages. Additionally, customers can produce 15 white label reports per month.

Agency – $369/month

Track 5,000 words per day, 1,000 websites, 5 competitors, and audit 50,000 site pages. More still, customers have unlimited user seats and can produce unlimited white label reports.

All plans come with a 14 day free trial.


  • Very accurate tracking and reporting
  • More locations than any other software
  • Aimed at experts and specialists
  • Free trial
  • Highly-rated and reviewed
  • Free Search Engine Simulator


  • Limited contact options
  • White label reports are not included with the Starter plan

4. SEO PowerSuite

Launched in 2004, SEO PowerSuite now has more than 2 million users. It has an impressive list of clientele including Disney, IBM, Nestle, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. The company describe its software as “One-stop SEO software”, a software that can handle all of your SEO requirements.

The Best Bits

Rank Tracker – There are 23 keyword tools integrated into SEO Powersuit’s Rank Tracker. You can track limitless keywords and analyse rankings from precise locations. SEO PowerSuite is compatible with more than 400 search engines. Users can see changes in their rankings with keyword analysis, as well as competitor ranking information.

Website Auditor – A collection of auditing tools. Website Auditor crawls your website, much in the same way as search engines do. It analyses aspects like URL, Javascript, Flash, HTML, images, videos and more. The robust tools can generate sitemaps, identify issues with your website’s infrastructure, and give advice on ranking higher in search engines.

SEO Spyglass – A tool that has a huge database of trillions of backlinks. The tool crawls more than 7 billion web pages per day, so customers have access to a wealth of information. You can instantly discover your domain authority, and the quality of backlinks and referring domains. Analyse anchor texts and discover new places to link from.

How Much Does it Cost?

SEO PowerSuit has different three editions. When you buy an edition, you buy a license for one year. The SEO PowerSuit gives users access to a full range of SEO features. All editions include unlimited websites worked on, unlimited keywords, and professional SEO reports.

Starter – Free

The basic edition is completely free to download and use. It includes backlink audits for 1,100 links, and crawls 500 of your URLs for a site audit.

Professional – £249/year

The Professional edition provides unlimited backlinks and unlimited URLs for site audits. It has the added advantage of giving users access to a task scheduler and the ability to print their reports.

Enterprise – £429/year

Like the Professional edition, the Enterprise edition also provides unlimited backlinks and URLs for site audits. Users can additionally access a range of professional report features like white labelling, printing reports without watermarks, and exporting data in a variety of formats.


  • Lots of free tools
  • 24/7 support
  • Long-standing company trusted by big brands
  • Extensive help center with access to webinars, videos and manuals
  • Unlimited features with paid and free plans
  • Finds backlinks faster than other SEO software
  • Analyse backlinks in bulk
  • A 30 day course available for beginners


  • White label reports are only available with the most expensive edition
  • You have to purchase the most expensive edition at £429/year to remove watermarks from reports
  • Limited ways to get in touch; contact form and live chat only

5. Yoast

Founded in 2010, Yoast is a very popular software. It is installed on an impressive 13 million+ websites and offers a free and premium version. The WordPress plugin is the most popular SEO plugin on WordPress. The innovative SEO company has built a community around its brand and encourages community involvement in a number of projects.

Yoast is well-known for being a WordPress plugin, but it also provides solutions for Shopify sites and WooCommerce sites. Accessing the free version of Yoast is as simple as downloading it, or installing it through WordPress. However, the premium versions are all really good value for money and have a lot of exclusive features that make it worthwhile.

The Best Bits

Optimise your content – Yoast helps you to optimise your content for search engines. It automatically presents related keyphrases so that you can maintain a natural flow to your pages and blog posts. The software additionally helps with your writing, identifying areas of improvement with its readability score.

SEO Workout – A handy, time-saving feature that guides users through various SEO tasks. This helps them to maximise their SEO and identify new ranking opportunities. Yoast also comes with some powerful tools to assist with your link-building efforts.

Yoast SEO Academy – Comprehensive and thorough online training to boost your understanding of SEO. There are some beginner courses for free which cover basic training for SEO, Yoast, and WordPress. When you go Premium though, you receive access to more advanced and technical courses.

How Much Does it Cost?

Yoast has 3 plan options:

Yoast Free Plugin – Free (as the name suggests!)

The free plugin includes access to 6 courses and all the basics for starting to rank in search engines. More still, it automatically adds structured data to your website, and automatically deals with the technical aspects of your website’s SEO.

Premium – £99/year

Yoast’s Premium plan gives users complete access to its online SEO Academy. That means customers can take advantage of all the courses and information it has to offer. With regards to the SEO features of going Premium, the plan includes link analysis, keyword analysis and suggestions, and automatic redirects when someone lands on a broken page. Plus, Premium members will get round-the-clock support.

Yoast Plugin Subscription – £229/year

Get all of the benefits of the Premium plan, plus access to an additional four of Yoast’s plugins. These are Video SEO for WordPress, Yoast WooCommerce SEO, Local SEO for WordPress, and News SEO for WordPress.


  • User-friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Helps you optimise your written content
  • 24/7 support
  • A free version available
  • Known and trusted by millions
  • SEO and WordPress training


  • You run the risk of using awkward or forced wording trying to get a green light for your content quality
  • Free version only lets you use one keyphrase
  • Results can be a little off at times

6. Moz

Moz was founded back in 2004 and has a good range of free and paid-for SEO tools. Used by the likes of Trivago, Zillow, and Alaska, Moz boasts more than 500,000 customers. It focuses on scaling your SEO efforts to maximise your businesses potential.

The Best Bits

Simple product comparison – Moz has three main SEO products; Moz Local, Moz Pro, and Moz STAT. Under the Products tab at the top, you will find a product comparison page. This contains a simple table that ticks the features included in each product, making it easy to choose which one is most-suited to your business.

Link research – Find and analyse your links to boost the quality of your link profile. Gain valuable insights into your domain authority like your best-performing pages and content, and your spam score. Moz’s competitor link analysis will help users identify opportunities for quality links.

Moz Education – Moz has an abundance of learning resources. Customers can explore the Beginners Guide, a range of How-To Guides, and a number of on-demand webinars hosted by experts in the field. There is loads of free content available for all skills levels. However, if you want to get more in-depth, there is always the Moz Academy. This consists of certified courses covering topics like links, page optimisation, and research. There is a charge for most courses.

How Much Does it Cost?

Customers can choose from 3 different services:

Moz Local – from $14/month

Ideal for businesses with a physical location. Includes social posting, local reputation management, listings management, and local reporting tools.

Moz Pro – From $99/month

A good option for any business needing to boost their SEO and online presence. Includes keyword research tools, technical SEO audits, weekly rank tracking, and link research.

STAT – From $720/month

For businesses that need to analyse and track a larger number of keywords and have more in-depth analysis. It includes daily rank tracking, local and mobile SERP analysis, competitor analysis, and granular data segmentation.


  • Good range of free SEO tools
  • Lots of learning resources
  • Over 43 trillion indexed links
  • Free trial available
  • Different products and plans to suit different business needs
  • Automated custom reports
  • Free access to Moz community


  • Quite expensive compared to some other platforms
  • Additional users costs an extra $49/month
  • No phone number or live chat
  • Forum responses can be slow


When it comes to your website’s SEO, you need a dependable, and reputable software to help with your rankings. A good software will save you time and effort. Choosing the right SEO software for your business can lead to an excellent return on investment.

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