15 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

15 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success [INFOGRAPHIC]


As social network penetration is ever increasing, it’s essential that marketing teams are planning and implementing their social media strategies. As of 2018, there are over 2.6 billion social network users worldwide; in 2010 there were just over 900 million.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool when done correctly, can produce overwhelming results (we’ve had impressive results ourselves). Ensuring that you have enough time and dedication to apply to your strategy is essential. All it takes is a little planning and guidance to get you on the road to success.

At Top 10 Website Hosting we’ve put together 15 steps to social media marketing success so that you can rock your strategy and become the powerhouse you deserve.

Social Media Infographic

1 | PLAN your social media strategy. Different social networks offer different audiences and demographics, so choose yours wisely!

2 | CREATE quality and shareworthy content that’s relevant. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t work.

3 | VISUALISE how your posts appear to your users. Nearly half of Facebook users have said they are more likely to interact with brands if their posts contain images.

4 | ACT and respond to your users and customers. @XboxSupport have previously been known as the most responsive brand on Twitter. If someone mentions you or your brand, you should be active enough to respond.

5 | RESEARCH your competitors. A quick Google search for your keywords can determine some of your biggest competitors. Be social savvy and use a social media competitive analysis tool such as Sprout Social to track content, growth, and engagement.

6 | ANALYSE your results to see how well your social media marketing strategy is performing. 46% of B2B marketers are unaware if their strategy actually generated revenue. Keep on top of your results by implementing a tool like Google Analytics.

7 | DIFFERENTIATE your content across each social media platform. Remember, once you’ve researched each social platforms demographic against your target audience, you’ll need to tailor your content accordingly.

8 | SCHEDULE social media posts on a regular basis. You’ll need to post actively on social media for your marketing strategy to take off and continue to keep your users engaged.

9 | ASSIGN a staff member, or members, to respond to your social media users. Whether comments are positive or negative, it’s essential for your brand to respond effectively.

10 | SHARE content with your audience that may be of interest to them. Outside links are welcomed as long as they are relevant to your users.

11 | BALANCE your posts between promotional and non-promotional content. If you only share promotional content, your visitors may become uninterested. Similarly, if you only share non-promotional content, you may not get the results you were after.

12 | HASHTAG your campaigns. Regardless of the social media platform, you’re using, hashtags come in very handy to spread the word about your brand. It also makes tracking engagement much easier for you.

13 | LIVE stream your brand by sharing what your brand or campaign is up to. Q&A sessions go down a storm, allowing you to interact with your users as and when they comment.

14 | DELIVER what you say you will. If you’ve organised a competition or arranged a live stream, make sure your promises are kept. Disappointing your users will negatively impact your social media following.

15 | GROW your audience by increasing your followers, keeping your customers happy, and producing content that your users love. The more people visiting your social media platforms, the more eyes, and the more results.

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