7 Best WordPress Themes For Coupon Sites

7 Best WordPress Themes For Coupon Sites


More and more WordPress site owners (that includes us!) are looking for way to create coupon sites. Once you have set up a WP coupon site, managing it should be relatively straightforward, but you will need at least some technical knowledge to get it up and running and ensure it continues to operate efficiently. You have two choices when it comes to starting the process, which are using a plugin or opting for a theme..

Many people choose to opt for themes rather than plugins as they give you all the functionality you need to get started without having to look for plugins. However, if you already have a site and don’t wish to change its theme, you may well wish to choose the plugin method. If you have experience in working with new plugins and themes, everything should be relatively straightforward.

However, if you lack the knowledge you need, you can ask for help from the developer of the plugin or theme, or read online guides to get the tips that you’re looking for.

When you choose theme of plug in, you will have a separate module for creating coupon or promo codes. You can use these codes on any page or post, or you can instead use Shortcodes or manual placement to put them on your homepage.

Let’s take a look at some of the best themes for creating a coupon site right now. You won’t need to use any third-party plugins with these options…

1. CouponHut

CouponHut is a premium product that benefits from regular updates to offer you new features and improve integration. It has recently benefitted from the addition of WooCommerce support and has an excellent user interface that looks great and performs fantastically. It also has a drag and drop builder, which makes the process of setting everything up simple. The theme works with coupon and discount systems, and it includes ten custom widgets. These include a header-specific search bar.

2. CouponXL

CouponXL offers a whole host of features and offers integration with PayPal, Skrill, MailChimp and many more. It even enables you to run a community, so users can submit their own offers and promo codes therefore earning extra money and allowing you to also acquire funds. The product supports a child theme and is SEO-friendly, so you can expect valuable search engine-based benefits.

3. Clipper

Clipper requires very little setting up on your part and supports various monetization tools. The download has quality documentation and support attached and also offer advanced link cloaking alongside tracking tools that allow you to obtain extra income from affiliates. It also has a coupon-specific layout.

4. Coupon Theme

Coupon Theme has six different homepage versions and there are specific functionalities built into it. You can take advantage of more than 100 admin options which will help you configure your site towards your needs, with over 20 payment gateways being supported. The source code is open source and the developer never hesitates to provide users with the support that they require.

Perhaps you would prefer to use a plugin to create your coupon site? If so, there are many quality options available to you. You will need to ensure any plugin you opt for is compatible with your WordPress version as well as your theme. Take a look a handful of the best plugins for coupon sites right now.

5. Coupon Creator

This plugin allows you to create a coupon quickly and put it into any post or page. The product is free and allows you to change the way a coupon looks. Functionalities to support recurring income, affiliate channels and more are on offer. There’s also a dedicated visual editor.

6. Social Coupon for WordPress

This plugin is specific to WooCommerce and enables you to add coupon and promo codes to product pages. It can also help with social sharing though is a premium plugin so review it carefully before you hand over your cash.

7. Coupon Code Elite

This paid-for plugin comes with a range of valuable features such as income protection, customizable design, coupon reporting and many more. High-quality management tools are on offer that allow you to create and manage codes quickly. Though it doesn’t have a vast array of features, for many webmasters, it will do the job just fine.

There are many good reasons for using coupons for marketing purposes. Coupons can help you boost customer engagement levels massively, increase site visits and help you generate high sums of cash. More and more site owners are deciding to create coupon sites, and there are many high-quality products on the market that can help you get the efficiency and look you require when creating a coupon site in WordPress.

Why not investigate some of the tools discussed above today?

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