Best CRM for WordPress

What Exactly is CRM Software? CRM software enables users to track their customers’ data, and analyse and manage it all in one place. This is especially useful if you’ve got lots of customers. It is often an essential component of a thriving and growing business. On a basic level, CRMs collect customer data at different […]

Backup a WordPress Site For Free

Backing up your WordPress website regularly is a must. Doing so could save you a lot of hassle should your site run into technical issues, get hacked, or you if you accidentally delete or overwrite important files. Having regular backups will let you easily restore your site to a recent version if the need arises. […]

How to Make a Gaming Website with WordPress

If you’d like to create a gaming website with WordPress, but are not too sure where to start, stick with me and I’ll explain how to do it with just six steps. Gaming is a favourite pass-time for people of all ages, and an estimated 3 billion people across the world play video games. Whether […]

How to Create a One Page Website with WordPress

No company is complete these days without its own website. But money is often tight for new businesses, so it’s common for them to have a go at setting up their website on their own. There are plenty of off-the-shelf templates out there, and it’s a relatively simple thing to throw a few pages together, […]

15 Step Website Check List

website checklist

What’s the best way to make sure your website meets all of your user’s requirements? A website checklist! Whether you’re redesigning your existing website or creating a new website from scratch, there are certain elements of website design that are crucial for the perfect website. It’s easy to feel lost in this situation, and sometimes […]

19 Ways to Speed Up WordPress in 2024

  With WordPress being one of the most popular Content Management Systems for website owners, it comes as no surprise that we want to know how to speed up WordPress. As well as optimising your website for speed, you’re also benefiting your users, who are frankly impatient! Between 2000 – 2015, a study revealed that […]

An Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS Concept

  Okay so you want to find out more about content management systems? That probably means that you are going to be managing website content in the near future or that you are weighing up how hard it is going to be. Maybe you are thinking of going into website content management as a career, […]

7 Best WordPress Themes For Coupon Sites

More and more WordPress site owners (that includes us!) are looking for way to create coupon sites. Once you have set up a WP coupon site, managing it should be relatively straightforward, but you will need at least some technical knowledge to get it up and running and ensure it continues to operate efficiently. You have […]

Essential WordPress Maintenance Tasks

wordpress maintenance

Did you know that there are important maintenance tasks you should be doing on your WordPress website? There are many steps you can take to get the best performance from your WordPress site and avoid frustrating site visitors. The more you add to your site, the bigger the chances of its slowing down become. By […]

Remove the WordPress Sidebar

Remove sidebar in wordpress

Are you interested in removing the sidebar from WordPress? If so, read on. Your sidebar is part of your WordPress theme and designed for things like widgets. It can feature on the left or right of or below your content, and whilst some find it helpful and useful, others find themselves seeking ways to remove […]

Best WordPress Charts & Graphs Plugins

Are you looking for reliable and effective plugins that will allow you to create charts and graphs in WordPress online? If so, read on. Charts and graphs make it easier for people to make sense of information and statistics, and if you are running a blog and have complex information to convey, you may well […]

The Best WordPress Plugins for YouTube Publishers

Best WordPress Plugins for YouTube Publishers

Are you looking for WordPress plugins for YouTube publishers? If so, read on. YouTubers don’t always need websites or blogs, but investing in another online space can be a great move if you do wish to increase your levels of exposure online and boost your following even further. If you are looking for new ways […]