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Best CRM for WordPress

What Exactly is CRM Software? CRM software enables users to track their customers’ data, and analyse and manage it all in one place. This is especially useful if you’ve got lots of customers. It is often an essential component of a thriving and growing business. On a basic level, CRMs collect customer data at different points [...]


Backup a WordPress Site For Free

Backing up your WordPress website regularly is a must. Doing so could save you a lot of hassle should your site run into technical issues, get hacked, or you if you accidentally delete or overwrite important files. Having regular backups will let you easily restore your site to a recent version if the need arises. Fortunately it [...]


Remove the WordPress Sidebar

Are you interested in removing the sidebar from WordPress? If so, read on. Your sidebar is part of your WordPress theme and designed for things like widgets. It can feature on the left or right of or below your content, and whilst some find it helpful and useful, others find themselves seeking ways to remove it. The vast majority of WP [...]

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