Best WordPress Charts & Graphs Plugins

Best WordPress Charts & Graphs Plugins


Are you looking for reliable and effective plugins that will allow you to create charts and graphs in WordPress online? If so, read on. Charts and graphs make it easier for people to make sense of information and statistics, and if you are running a blog and have complex information to convey, you may well need to produce charts and graphs to communicate with your audience more effectively.

Charts and graphs are not always easy to produce, and many bloggers find themselves enlisting the services of people with vast experience in working with data and representing it visually. If this is not a practical step for you, help is at hand in the form of various WordPress plugins designed to help you create eye-catching charts and graphs that enable you to showcase the figures and trends you need to display. Let’s take a look at some of the best charts and graphs plugins for WordPress right now to boost the experience not only for yourself but your visitors too.

WordPress Charts and Graphs

WordPress Charts and Graphs is a free plugin that enables you to create a wide variety of charts and graphs. It can also help you embed them into posts and pages quickly. The plugin supports all browsers, and offers responsive design for the Android and iOS platforms, making it perfect for most mobile devices. You can get access to a range of features for free, whilst some other features will need to be paid for, including HTML5 support and dedicated developer support as well as 9 different types of chart.

Google Chart WordPress Plugin

This premium plugin provides pretty much every graphic supported by web browsers including 3D charts, hAxis and vAxius titles and support for columns, areas, bubbles, lines and more. The plugin is available through the CodeCanyon platform. The data is driven by a built-in form or Google Spreadsheet, so resources are kept away from the website server. Multiple chart instances can be put on a single part and responsive design is on offer, ensuring great performance on mobile devices. A live preview feature allows you to check work before it is made public.

WordPress Charts

WordPress Charts is a free product that comes with a host of useful features. This product offers HTML5 suppory for free and is constantly being updated with new features that keep it secure and enhance the user experience further. Also coming with a built-in widget which supports all graphic modules and gives you access to six chart types that have exciting animations and are customisable. The plug-in uses responsive design and will work on all the main browsers as well as certain older versions of Internet Explorer.

Charts Ninja

Charts Ninja is a free plugin that can be accessed after you sign up for a free account. It creates an array of functional graphs and charts, and all tools are remarkably easy to use. The plugin offers flexible, responsive graphics so most smartphones are tablets are supported as well as desktops and laptops. If you’re searching for something that’s wonderfully easy to use and will allows you to showcase your charts and graphs in style, this may well be the ideal solution for your requirements.

RJ Quickcharts

RJ Quickcharts is also free to obtain and allows you to create complex but insightful bar charts, pie charts and line charts in a matter of moments. All graphics are created via HTML5, which means they are wonderfully responsive and pleasingly lightweight. The plugin offers modern-looking visuals and is regularly compared to Excel due to the way it works. There are many customisations to choose from. Working with Axis titles perfectly, there’s a simple button that will allow you to embed graphics into your posts and pages quickly as well as custom post types.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

The Data Tables Generator is also free and comes with various customisation options for caption, header and footer areas, as well as a tool that will allow you to export files into PDF or CSV formats in a matter of moments. There’s a button for quickly printing graphics available, and most Excel formulas are supported. HTML code helps the plugin to create a modern and responsive experience. The developers have kept SEO in mind when creating the plugin so you can hopefully expect enviable rankings.

AmCHarts: Charts and Maps

AmCHarts is a library that enables you to produce powerful charts and maps and other kinds of graphics. The Charts and Maps plugin is free and makes importing and graphics in a WP post or page delightfully simple.


wpDataTables is designed to help you produce elegant charts from your data and is a premium plugin that many bloggers have decided to pay for thanks to the quality that it offers. More than 4,000 sites apparently use the plugin. The plugin offers a wide range of chart types and enables you to use a host of data sources. Custom queries are available and you can manipulate large datasets. What’s more is that it’s possible to edit data at the front end.

You can use data in formats like Excel files, CSV, JSON, Google Spreadsheet and MySQL. Chart types on offer include columns, bars, histograms, stepped areas, lines and pies. You can customise the plugin through WP actions and filters. If the plugin misses something that you require, you can simply add it yourself. The flexibility, custiomisation options and vast range of chart types on offer mean users across the world are happy to pay for wpDataTables.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something amongst the products above that fits your exact requirements and expectations if you have been seeking out the best WordPress charts and graphs plugins on the internet. With such a wide variety of paid-for and free solutions available, you shouldn’t find it too hard to identify the right plugin for you. Why not get started today and start experimenting with a plugin or two?

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