ServInt Interview & Review

ServInt Interview & Review


One of a kind, ServInt, established in 1995, provided one of the first managed dedicated server solutions to enter the market. We spoke to founder and CEO, Reed Caldwell, to learn more about how and where ServInt all began.

“Before we called them servers or clients, they were called computers. When I was little, my brother and I had a Commodore 64”, Reed took us back to some nostalgic moments. “While playing outside one day, I was talking with the neighborhood ‘whiz kid’ about a program I was trying to make work”.

Reed’s interests in computers and computing stemmed from a really memorable life event for him: “Not only was he able to help explain the issue I was having, but he also showed me that there was much more to computers – which really motivated me to learn all I could about them. Ever since then, computers have been a focus in my life”.

Reed identified a market that didn’t exist; predicting how the internet would evolve, ServInt was born in 1995

When interviewing Reed, it was very clear that he had no shame in thanking and praising others for the knowledge he’s accumulated: “I owe what I know to the great people who have surrounded me in my life, and the shared knowledge we’ve gained through working towards a common goal”, very refreshing to hear!

And so the story begins…

“In the early 1990s, there was no market to have a gap in”, Reed told us. ” Back then, however, the goal was to pioneer creating this market by converting the technologies into valuable tools for businesses”.

Reed was keen to predict what the future may hold, in order to get a foot in the door, building the foundations for today: “I did believe, at that time, that the Internet would become globally pervasive and commercialized”.

ServInt was initially setup by focusing on a content delivery network (CDN); Reed’s entry into the internet market was something he had considered for some time. “When I became interested in technology, it was already clear that there would be a couple paths to enter the Internet market: last mile physical connections or content creation and posting”.

Before it’s true legacy began, ServInt was a small-time expertise driven business: “As I was in a small town, with a relatively small addressable market, it made more sense to approach the content side because it was not geographically dependent. It also required far less commercial investment, and was an area in which I had more expertise”.

Turnkey managed hosting solutions

ServInt is heavily customer focused, offering managed hosting that do exactly what you want them to do, with tonnes of handy features included:

  • Proactive Server Monitoring ensures the entire ServInt network is monitored and managed by Reed’s veteran technicians
  • Unlimited domains and user accounts removes restrictions that other hosting providers place on their packages. ServInt allows you to host as many sites as you want
  • Outstanding reliability really does meet its maker; since 1995, ServInt’s cumulative uptime has been, and still is, 99.9%
  • 24/7/365 support is managed by real people. Reed accepts the use of automation in some circumstances, but not when it comes to customer service

Reed told us: “I think automation, as a tool, is necessary and brilliant. Personally, where I draw the line is automating a social or emotional connection”. We felt that Reed really touched on an interesting point here.

Over 20 years down the line, with a full-scale running business, we delved deeper into Reed’s thoughts regarding automation. “An AI can help you solve your problem, but a human can care about the outcome, and how it affects you and your business – and even your family. I don’t need an automated tool to know which things are important to you”.

ServInt provides managed scalable servers at almost half the cost of other hosting companies; there’s no hidden costs, downfalls, or catches – they’re just simply customer focused and honest.

“Rather than building a mechanical platform to achieve massive scale, we have always focused on the customer as a valuable entity, as well as the set of people who could be part of the customer enablement team”, Reed said.

Reed has always identified with his customers, which is another area that really sets ServInt apart from the competition. “From the get go, providing a high-touch, boutique relationship with our clients has been the number one priority. Anyone can get robotic, impersonal service anywhere, but feeling (and actually being) important to your vendor – at every level – is regrettably rare”.

Continued growth and the future of ServInt

Although we were personally impressed with Reed’s approach to ServInt, what really sets the company apart is Reed and his team’s ability to recognise the ever-growing and changing market.

We asked Reed about the professional services ServInt offers: “These are actually the services we’ve been providing to our hosting clients for more than two decades, but with the caveat that you had to use our infrastructure”. Reed confirmed, “Though that made sense at the time, with the increased capabilities of massive scale cloud solutions, business requirements are evolving”.

The decision to make some needed changes wasn’t hard when Reed considered his customers and his target market. “Because of which, we’ve chosen to unbundle our support and management services from our hardware solutions – making it easier for today’s businesses to leverage and benefit from our years of service experience”.

It’s easy to grow a business with ServInt; from managed hosting, to cloud design and management services. And it’s so simple to get in touch with a real person – via live chat, on the phone, or through their email services.

Reed hasn’t been afraid to expand his knowledge, expertise, or even shake things up. He recognises the core values that businesses, as customers, require from ServInt, and delivers them on a gold platter that’s hard to refuse.

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