DreamHost Interview

Dreamhost review

DreamHost is a seasoned website host founded way back in April 1996 in the USA. DreamHost is owned by New Dream Network, LLC. They have been around since the very early days of the internet and now host over 1.5 million websites. The founders Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil met while […]

HostUpon Interview

Hostupon review

HostUpon is highly experienced, privately owned and managed, web hosting company based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  The company was born out of a lifelong passion for technology and a need for more local Canadian hosting. HostUpon has grown into a global hosting provider and now hosts over 30,000 websites worldwide. This week we had the great […]

OnlyOffice: Interview & Review

OnlyOffice is a multi-award winning platform for project management and collaboration, with 5 million users worldwide.  The vision of OnlyOffice is “to bring the most innovative web office apps to everyone”.  The software is a complete document management solution designed to help businesses grow by providing a single system to manage and organize workflow and […]

StackPath Interview

stackpath interview

Stackpath LLC is a SaaS company based in Dallas, Texas, United States.  Stackpath was founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby Chairman & CEO.  Lance was the CEO of SoftLayer Technologies, which was acquired by IBM in 2013 and is now the foundation of IBM’s Cloud Computing division. Stackpath is a holistic security platform designed to […]

NV Access: Interview and Review

NV access review

NV Access began back in 2006 when two friends decided to create some life-changing open source software. NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) began as a pet project for Michael Curran.  Michael Curran and James Teh have been friends since they were young boys and are the founders of NV Access, which is a non-profit organization based […]

Zyma Technologies: Interview & Review

Zyma technologies

Zyma Technologies is a multi-award winning hosting company based in Middlesbrough, UK.  The company was founded back in 2010 in the bedroom of a Computer Science student.  Despite its humble beginnings Zyma has huge visions for the future and has steadily grown year on year.  They now have thousands of customers all around the world […]

Hostinger Interview & Review

hostinger review

Looking for cheap reliable web hosting?  Look no further than Hostinger, the trusted host for over 29 million customers in 178 countries.  Their hosting services start from just £1.45 per month with a 30-day FREE Trial.   This includes a free domain and money back guarantee! This week we had the opportunity to speak with Daugirdas […]

Load Impact: Interview and Review

Load impact review

Load Impact was founded in 2009 by Mr. Ragnar Lonn in Sweden. Load Impact provides on-demand performance and load testing software.  Their easy-to-use tools allow early stage load testing for developers worldwide, without having to download anything! This week, we had the privilege to chat with the CTO of Load Impact: Mr. Robin Gustafsson.  Robin […]

Contabo Interview and Review

Contabo reviews

Contabo is an Award Winning Internet Service Provider based in Munich, Germany.  Contabo was founded in 2003, by self-confessed tech-enthusiasts, Michael Herpich and Michael Bölke.   In the spring of 2003, there were many skeptics who said that there was no space for another web hosting company.  At this time, Contabo went by the name “Giga-Hosting”.  By […]

Varial Hosting Interview & Review

Varial Hosting

Back in 2003 Ryan Smith, founder of Varial Hosting started a discussion forum, for local bands and musicians.  This began a fortuitous journey that would ultimately uncover his passion for technology and servers. The music forum became widely popular and quickly grew to millions of viewers per month. Due to the fact the forum didn’t […]

WordPress 101 Interview & Review

wordpress 101

Two years, in 2006, before creating WordPress 101 (WP101), founder Shawn Hesketh discovered his love for what’s now one of the worlds most popular CMS platforms, WordPress. “At that time, I’d been designing websites for more than a decade. But things were starting to change”, Shawn said. “By the mid-2000s, my clients wanted the ability […]

ServInt Interview & Review

One of a kind, ServInt, established in 1995, provided one of the first managed dedicated server solutions to enter the market. We spoke to founder and CEO, Reed Caldwell, to learn more about how and where ServInt all began. “Before we called them servers or clients, they were called computers. When I was little, my […]