QuadraNet Review

QuadraNet Review


QuardaNet is a hosting company that maintains a strong emphasis on business growth and “evolution”. With servers dotted across the US, it successfully caters to businesses both small and large, by working with infrastructure that adapts to your business needs. This means that when you grow, their infrastructure grows with you.

Clifton Martin, QuadraNet’s Director of Infrastructure Sales, spoke with us to shed some light on the company and what it has to offer.

Entering The Market

QuadraNet Homepage

2001 saw the launch of many notable websites and technologies. It was the year that technology exploded as businesses made their way from brick and mortar stores to the World Wide Web. Naturally, these online stores required stable servers to keep up with their demands. Hence, QuadraNet was created.

Clifton told us “QuadraNet was established early in 2001. This was the year iTunes is released, Windows XP, Microsoft Xbox, first Apple store is open; it was the year that everything you could do with previous networks was ported to the Web and every business was seeking a reliable source of Internet with good customer support.”

And that’s not all. QuadraNet has continued to grow from strength-to-strength, adapting to new technologies and keeping up with customer demands. Clifton continued; “Since 2001 QuadraNet has been helping enterprise to SMB customers worldwide deploy a complete suite of enterprise grade IaaS solutions. With 9 data centers in 8 cities worldwide, QuadraNet helps thousands of companies to meet their unique needs in managing their IT server environment. Our culture is built around always delivering superior customer service to ensure customers always receive the best experience available – we provide a unique “personal” touch in today’s commoditized technology world.”

The founder and CEO of QuadraNet, Ilan Mishan, told us “I wanted to be a resource to others and to deliver secure infrastructure solutions to modern businesses.”

This was an ambitious move from Ilan, and one that has paid off!

A Client-Centred Approach

About QuadraNet

QuadraNet takes a client-centred approach to their business, putting their clients at the top of their list of priorities. This makes for an easy experience when dealing with them, whether you’ve got a general question or are facing a crisis!

QuadraNet describes its customers as “partners” and lays a solid foundation on which a mutually beneficial arrangement can be built. Clifton explained “To be able to support a client, a business, and watch them grow makes us smile”.

The hosting company offers clients 24/7 support, 365 days of the year, with engineers ready and willing to help as and when they are needed.

Impressive Uptime

QuadraNet has an exceptionally impressive network uptime of 99.999%, describing it as “less than 5 minutes of downtime per month”. The company even promises to compensate its customers by crediting their accounts if they encounter any connectivity problems.

QuadraNet’s Services

QuadraNet offers a wide choice of hosting plans across their 9 of state-of-the-art datacenters; 8 in the US and 1 in Amsterdam. They utilise modern technologies to bring clients a powerful and robust server experience.

Let’s take a peek at their available services…

Dedicated Servers

New Intel E-2 Servers

Looking at their inclusions, it’s no surprise that dedicated servers are QuadraNet’s best seller. We asked Clifton his view on this best-selling service. Take a look at what she said:

“Dedicated Servers / Bare Metal definitely keeps us busy as we offer compatible pricing, high performance, enterprise hardware, and excellent service. Our offerings are available across all 9 locations and include DDoS Protection. Our clients span across various industries including Health care (Supporting companies that require HIPA compliance), Digital Media/Entertainment, Gaming, Global Finance & Legal Services, Online Education Providers, Government agencies, Retail and Technology. We help our clients to meet their needs within their budget, with flexible service offerings across multiple facilities”.

QuadraNet offers 3 different dedicated server options, all with four different plans to suit your storage, memory, and CPU Speed requirements. Additionally, all servers come with 10TB transfer as standard.

QuadraNet is sporting the new Intel E-2 single processor servers, providing a faster performance than ever before. They currently have up to 64GM RAM capacity, but are soon due for a BIOS update which will increase that further to a massive 128GB of RAM!

Prices for QuadraNet’s single processor servers begin at $99 per month and include:

  • 3Gbps
  • 1TB SATA or 256GB SSD
  • 8GB DDR4 ECC memory
  • 3.40GHz x 4 Cores

Dual Processor Servers and Dual Xeon E52620v4 servers are also available. These have the capability of delivering higher speeds and have larger storage capacities. The most powerful plan from QuadraNet costs $649 per month and facilitates:

  • 4x 1TB SSD storage
  • 128GB DDR4 ECC memory
  • 2.10GHz x 16 Cores + HT

Every single dedicated server plan comes with round-the-clock engineering support, automated OS installs, and remote power control. Additionally, clients can benefit from a Private VLAN and 3GB of VEST DDoS protection.

Cloud Servers

QuadraNet’s InfraCloud Solution

Cloud hosting is the perfect scalable option because it is so easy to adapt it to your business as your needs increase (It’s actually a much faster alternative to traditional shared hosting). 

Choose from:

  • InfraCloud – Get billed hourly and only pay for what you use. Prices begin at $0.0008 per hour.
  • Private Cloud – Build a plan tailored to your needs with QuadraNet’s Private Cloud solution.

Each option comes with a set of management tools located in an intuitive control panel.

Colocation Servers

QuadraNet also has a range of options for clients opting to collocate their own servers. Choose from Full CAB, Partial CAB and Single CAB and tailor your package to suit you.

The team behind QuadraNet is proud of the services they offer and spoke specifically about their Colocation and IaaS services. Clifton told us; “There are many options for Colocation and IaaS providers today, but not everybody is equal. Quadranet recognizes that every customer has unique needs and rarely does a “one size fits all”. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers so that we can provide a unique solution to meet their specific needs. We provide cost effective solutions, fast delivery times, and superior customer support that sets a new standard in what a customer should expect in partnering with their IaaS provider”.

The Future of QuadraNet

QuadraNet is keen to further enhance their cloud services and has a robust plan in place to do so. To this end, Clifton explained how the team will move forward: “QN Cloud is a newly-formed Cloud Business Unit at QuadraNet that will create and deliver a new set of next-generation, enterprise class, hybrid cloud products and services. We anticipate rapid growth and expansion in the coming years as businesses continue to see the security and value in moving their data center operations to the cloud. We are excited about this unique opportunity and have put the tools and high caliber personnel in place to successfully capitalize on it. We will be a significant player in this amazing market in the future”.

This exciting expansion move will no doubt result in further success for QuadraNet, as well as its clients.

Speaking with Clifton from QuadraNet was incredibly informative. It’s clear to us that the team possesses a wealth of industry-knowledge which it will use to help other businesses grow. We’re looking forward to the future and seeing more about QuadraNet’s previously announced QN Cloud!

Thank you to Clifton for taking the time to speak with us!

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