Load Impact: Interview and Review

Load Impact: Interview and Review


Load Impact was founded in 2009 by Mr. Ragnar Lonn in Sweden. Load Impact provides on-demand performance and load testing software.  Their easy-to-use tools allow early stage load testing for developers worldwide, without having to download anything! This week, we had the privilege to chat with the CTO of Load Impact: Mr. Robin Gustafsson.  Robin has been with the company for almost 10 years and has been a tech enthusiast since he was a young boy. Robin’s story is both impressive and inspirational. He has a Masters Degree in Information and Communication Technology,  in addition to this accolade, Robin gathered some “real world” tech experience very early on in his life. He told us “I started my own web design company when I was 16 with the support of my parents and have worked in tech ever since.” Wow, we hope that inspires other teenagers to follow their dreams early on!

A Sophisticated Alternative

Load Impact was born out of a drive to provide more sophisticated performance solutions that help websites and apps run faster and more efficiently.  Robin told us: “We felt that we could come up with a better solution than the perpetual licenses, self-managed infrastructure, consultants and clunky and expensive tools/products of the day (2008)”.  The founders decided to create a SaaS company that would aim to “lower costs, manage the infrastructure for our customers using on-demand cloud infrastructure and build a product that was easy to use and that didn’t require expensive consultants”.  Load Impact quickly allows global performance and load testing at the simple click of a button. Should you like to give it a go, then you can paste in your website URL and find out how it well your website stacks up.

Automation, Automation, Automation

“We pride ourselves on having a product that customers think is powerful yet easy to use”.

Automation is a word we heard A LOT when discussing Load Impact and their SaaS.  That is not surprising when you see the massive list of Features that they have created to deliver inciteful data.  Automation is used by Load Impact to both keep costs down in business processes, as well as to provide an easy-to-use, on-demand service for developers, software services, and e-commerce industries.

Automation is utilized internally, to streamline business processes and deliver a better service.  In addition, Automation is a key focus when building and updating their powerful software. “We want to help our customers deliver value faster to their customers without skipping the performance testing. This requires us to take special care to make our product automation-friendly”, Robin advised, “On a personal level I try to automate away anything that I find repetitive or a chore in my day to day routines”.

Built for Developers

“We have a developer-centric thinking when building our product”

As well as creating automated services, Load Impact spends a lot of time on their UX so that it is really intuitive for their customers to navigate and get the results they need fast. “We believe that developers will be more and more involved in performance testing, as it’s increasingly being done earlier in the dev cycle, so the product needs to cater to that audience”.  Load Impact provides “fast Engineering-backed support”, so that, should their customers require assistance, they can be confident in the fact that there are experts available on hand to assist.

Load Impact: Product Features & Benefits

Simple, powerful, yet realistic load testing…

  • Realistic Simulated Users – Using Virtual Users (VUs), up to 100,000 users in a minute, can emulate a variety of mobile devices and browsers.
  • Simultaneous multi-geo load generation – Generate load from various worldwide locations.  10 locations as standard, more available on request.
  • Automatic and advanced scripting -Analyze a web page and generate a script automatically – no programming required.
  • Easy-to-use scenario recorders – Using proxy recorder or Chrome Extension to record an HTTP session. Simulated users perform the same actions during the test.
  • Server monitoring – Monitor and locate performance issues in minutes, not days
  • Test scheduling and automation – You can schedule and automate your load testing at any time of the day or night, whether you are around or not.
  • Multiple data stores – Simulate real users by uploading CSV files containing the data you wish to use – such as login credentials, product IDs, URLs, etc. – and associate it with the desired script.
  • Performance trending – easily validate the performance impact of code and infrastructure changes over time.
  • Notifications – Get a notification when your important tests have been completed.
  • The Load Impact CLI – Create, update, save, delete and validate user scenarios right from the command line.

Additional Features

  • Real-time testing and results.
  • Large-scale load tests up to 1.2 million concurrent users.
  • Accessible on-demand. No licensing or software to install.
  • Supports any HTTP-based application or service (e.g. Flash, AJAX, SOAP/XML apps, etc.).
  • Possibility to add extra IPs.
    Mr. Robin Gustafsson (CTO Load Impact)

    We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Robin from Load Impact, and learning more about their powerful SaaS tool.  The product that they provide is very impressive and we look forward to what the future holds for the company. Thanks Robin!


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