Jelastic Review

Jelastic Review


Jelastic was founded in 2011 by Ruslan Synytskyy (CEO) in Palo Alto, California, USA. Jelastic is an award-winning new kind of cloud hosting, offering PAAS (Platform as a Service) for web app developers. Jelastic aims to make development easy and accessible to all by offering cloud-based configuration tools for developers, as well as project management tools for IT departments.

Saving developers both time and money by providing everything they need to get to coding quickly and easily. The laborious old school method of finding a hosting provider, configuring servers and installing databases has now been replaced with a new easy one-click setup.

With Jelastic you can choose and configure your application servers with one-click. This includes sophisticated load balancing that automatically scales up or down when you need it. You can also automatically deploy your application across all your nodes with one easy upload.

Jelastic Over Time

Jelastic was initially a PaaS specifically targeted at Java hosting. In fact, in 2012 Jelastic was awarded the “Java Duke Choice Award”. The platform has advanced significantly. They have since added support of PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET and support of Docker containers.

They have had some substantial funding and have grown into a very supportive set of tools for all-round development. Over the past 5 years, Jelastic has recruited some serious programming experts like Mark Zbikowski, a former Microsoft architect and contributor to MS-DOS and  Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP no less.

Saving Developers Time and Money

It can take developers a long time to set up a new server and prepare the appropriate environment when starting a new project. This can eat into the client’s budget and stop you achieving deadline as fast.

Furthermore, all of that billable time setting up an environment is hard to explain to clients, because there is nothing to see and there is no progress with the coding until the whole environment is set up. Jelastic offers a fantastic solution to this problem.

They streamline the whole process and make everything so much easier at every stage of the project development. This allows coders to make significant progress that much faster. Additionally, Jelastic allows easy management across all stages of the app development, ensuring time is maximized when setting up multiple instances of the app.

You can easily switch between multiple instances of an application and manage the lifecycle more easily. For example, you can switch between a dev app, test app and live app with the click of a button, making testing and project management a whole lot easier.

Make Scalable Apps with Jelastic

Streamlining the lifecycle of development doesn’t end when the project goes live. There is always a worry that too much traffic could crash the server. Additionally, the time it takes to stage the load testing is no longer required with Jelastic. Because now you can rely on Jelastic to perform the load balancing for you so that there is no longer the issue of overloading the server.

Jelastic scales up automatically throughout the full lifecycle of your project. This means you no longer have to explain to clients about the change in load times and performance when there is a lot of traffic hitting the application. Now you can have peace of mind that Jelastic will scale up and load balance automatically, allowing programmers to focus on what they are good at – Coding!

When a client is carrying out marketing activities, they can do so with ease, knowing that the website and apps can take whatever you throw at it.

Launch Days will no longer be a stress thanks to Jelastic

A project launch should be an exciting time for any company and also for the devs who have spent many hours of blood, sweat and tears to create the app. However, this is often a very stressful time for many developers. When the project launches and people start to interact with the application there can be emergency code fixes required.

With Jelastic this is no longer an issue. Their load balancing and project lifecycle streamlining ensures that the app can be fully tested prior to pushing to the live site. The dev, live and testing applications can be easily managed through Jelastic, ensuring launch day is that much more exciting and successful.

Sounds Great.. But what are the costs involved?

Jelastic has a flexible pay as you use pricing model. Resources are charged on monthly, daily or hourly base: RAM and CPU (cloudlet resource unit), Disk space, External traffic, Public IP and SSL. Developers can track and optimized the billing within the dev panel. You can estimate the price via granular resource units in your dev panel.

Jelastic is a great solution for larger organizations like The International Football Association Board, GMV and G5 Game, however it is utilized by a broad range of business’.

Extensive Documentation with Jelastic

Jelastic has some really great guides to help developers easily navigate their dashboard. They will walk you through creating an environment, verticle and horizontal scaling configurations, setting quotas and pricing and much more. Their state of the art UI is really easy to navigate, however, it pays to take a few minutes to orient yourself with the functionality to make things much faster.

Jelastic Packages and Benefits

Jelastic offers packages for 3 separate target markets:

  • Developers
  • Hosts
  • Enterprises

Jelastic for Developers

More than 370,000 developers around the world already use Jelastic Cloud. This saves developers time and money with cutting-edge tools, user-oriented pricing and drastically reducing the requirement for routine tasks. Developers can sign up and get a free sample or download the white paper to find out more.

Jelastic for Hosts

Jelastic offers a turnkey PAAS partnership for hosting providers to add to their product offerings. They provide prepackaged auto-clustered templates for applications that require a high level of service. These templates can be targetted at a specific segment of the market with clusters already set up. Allowing easy replication, scalability and minimum management requirements.

Hosts will receive a dedicated account manager and can access special product training. To set up Jelastic for Hosts they request you contact them to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

Jelastic for Enterprises

For enterprises, Jelastic offers Multi-cloud Platform as a service which boasts “Easy Infrastructure Management. Low Latency. Compliance to Local Regulations”. This allows enterprises to Simplify Infrastructure Management across Locations. Enterprises can then support their developers by freeing them up from doing rote tasks and get them on the to proper app development.

All in All

Jelastic is an exciting platform that supports easy app development. Reducing the time required for mundane tasks and freeing up developers time. The load balancing and scalability, as well as lifecycle management tools, are extremely useful as they save so much development time. Thus allowing projects to keep up momentum.

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