Email Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?

Email Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?


One of those questions being “What’s the difference between email hosting and web hosting?“. The short answer is that web hosting refers to website files being stored on a server. Email hosting refers to the storage of email data.

Differences between Email Hosting and Web Hosting

When you type in a website address into a browser, you are using a domain name to access the website data stored on a server.

If you send an email to someone, the email content is stored on a server, and fetched when an email is sent.

A lot of the time you’ll probably notice that some web hosts include email hosting within their web hosting packages.

Take BlueHost for example. They provide their customers with 5 email accounts with 100MB storage per account. Their web hosting includes free hosting for your email accounts without having to purchase a separate email hosting plan.

To break it down even more, let’s sum up web hosting, email hosting and domain hosting into simple definitions for you to remember:

Web Hosting

A service that is provided by companies that offer web servers. These servers contain your website’s data and allow your website to be visible on the internet. All of your website content is hosted (stored) on a server.

Email Hosting

A service that stores your email content on a server. The server can be the same as your web hosting, or managed by an entirely different company. You don’t have to have the same host for your website and email accounts.

Domain Hosting

Your domain name represents the visible name given to your website, e.g. Domains are purchased and registered through domain registrars, but require domain hosting to ‘work’. Your domain hosting and web hosting can be under one provider, or different ones (the same as email hosting).

Best Free Web Hosting with Email

Whilst free doesn’t necessarily mean good, there are some free web hosting providers that include email accounts, and they are actually decent.

However, it’s worth noting that a lot of free hosting providers don’t live up to expectations. When you’re paying absolutely nothing for a service, you’re not always going to get decent support (or any), reasonable storage space, or enough bandwidth.

However, I’ve come across a few providers that really hit the mark. I’ve briefly listed some of them below if you’re looking for free web hosting with free email hosting:

1. Hostinger

Okay, so Hostinger isn’t completely free, but it does cost just 80p per month for web hosting and email hosting. Their web hosting includes 1 free email account with 10GB storage for FREE for 6 months.

If you do decide you want to use Hostinger for your email hosting (separate to your web hosting), their plans are very reasonable:

  Enterprise Email Business Email
Email Storage 30GB 10GB
Mail Filters Unlimited 2
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited
Antivirus Check Included Included
Multi-device Support Yes Yes
Price £2.49/mo £0.99/mo


2. x10Hosting

x10Hosting is a completely free web hosting and email hosting service. Included in their free web hosting plan, you’ll get 3 free email accounts that you can create via cPanel.


Best Cheap Web Hosting with Email

1. SiteGround (Best for Unlimited Email Accounts)

SiteGround’s StartUp plan is a very reasonable £2.95 per month. I can tell you from my own experience that their servers are super fast, reliable, and down right powerful.

The StartUp plan includes all of SiteGround’s essential features which means you’ll get UNLIMITED email accounts with 2000MB storage space as well as:

  • 400 email sends per hour
  • 40 recipients per email
  • 50MB attachment size
  • 20 emails received per minute
  • 11 hours undelivered mail retry time


2. iPage (Best for Cheap Hosting)

iPage web hosting will cost you just £1.50 per month. Alongside their unlimited disk space, free domain name and free SSL certificate, you’ll get UNLIMITED email accounts.

There’s a 500MB storage cap on each email account, which is a lot less than what SiteGround is offering, but still very generous.


3. BlueHost

From just £2.18 per month, BlueHost offers shared web hosting for 1 website with 50GB SSD storage. They also boast unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate and 5 email accounts.

Comparing Bluehost to SiteGround, you won’t get unlimited email accounts. However, each email account will be entitled to 100MB storage space which can be setup via cPanel. The cPanel webmail allows you to setup your mail account via POP or IMAP and is super simple to follow.


Best Email Hosting

1. is a popular web hosting company. They also offer additional web services like email hosting, website building, and more.

Their email hosting offers a very generous 50GB of storage space across unlimited email accounts and email aliases. You’ll also get spam and virus protection as well as unlimited bandwidth.

  Starter Professional Business
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Single Multiple Multiple
Storage 50GB SSD 200GB SSD 500GB SSD
Extras None Backup & restore Backup & restore
Price £0.98/mo £2.69/mo £9.28/mo

All of this comes in at just £0.98 per month with a 15-day money-back guarantee.


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