WordPlus Review and Interview

WordPlus Review and Interview


WordPlus is a hosting company that specialises in WordPress hosting. As WordPress experts, the company provides customers with a powerful hosting experience, with a load of great features to maximise website speed and capability.

I spoke with Andrij Tkachenko, the founder of WordPlus, to discover more information about the company.

An Experienced Team of Experts

WordPlus was created with speed and affordability in mind. They utilise technologies such as Litespeed Webservers, Litespeed Cache, and Railgun Optimizer to ensure they provide the best possible service. Andrij explained the origins of WordPlus:

“We are WordPress developers with great experience and after using a large number of different hosting services, we decided to create this hosting which, according to the idea, should be as affordable and as fast as possible“.

Furthermore, with WordPlus, customers can enjoy a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Taking A Look At WordPlus’s Customer Service

WordPlus’s Knowledgbase

Customer service is a core part of WordPlus. Even though they are a small team, they work exceptionally hard to ensure that customers are well taken care of. When I asked Andrij how he rates his company’s customer care, I was very impressed with his honest and humble answer:

“We help our clients in every way we can and never leave them in trouble if their site suddenly breaks. But nevertheless, we are still a small team and cannot provide 24/7 support, so I rate the support myself 8 out of 10”.

You can get in touch with the WordPlus team via live chat, email, or ticket submission. There are also some handy articles located in its knowledgebase explaining topics like Railgun and CloudFlare so that customers can gain a thorough understanding of what they’re purchasing.

As a testament to WordPlus’s exceptional customer service, Andrij shared an impressive insight into its customer retention abilities:

“I’m really proud that all the clients who have tried WordPlus over the last 4 years have never leaved it or asked for refund :)”

I think that is a truly remarkable achievement for the WordPlus team!

Unbeatable Prices

Of course, for many businesses and website owners, the cost of a web hosting package is a huge deciding factor when making a purchase. But, at the same time, they want to ensure they get good value for their money. In this respect, WordPlus has you covered as Andrij tells me:

“WordPlus has a really good price-quality ratio. I don’t think you can find another host starting from the $1.66/mo with such a level of performance and dedicated IP included in that price”.

Andrij also explains how this plan is the company’s best-seller:

“Mini Plan is the most popular for sure, starting only from $1.66/mo, if paying annually, or $2/mo monthly”.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPlus’s Mini Plan really does offer excellent value for money. For this incredibly low price you will receive:

  • 1 Domain
  • 2GB SSD space
  • 50% max CPU load
  • 1GB physical memory
  • 2MB/s IO limit

And there’s more still. This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, FTP accounts, email accounts, and monthly visits. In addition, you will receive daily backups, a SSL certificate and DDoS protection.

At the other end of the scale, WordPlus’s Elite plan for $49.99 per month offers:

  • 30 domains
  • 50 subdomains
  • 100GB SSD space
  • 200% max CPU load
  • 3GB physical memory
  • 32MB/s IO limit

There are 3 additional plans in between these two, varying in price, features and capacity. So, there is something to suit all requirements, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large business.

Additional Features Of WordPlus

WordPlus has lots of positive features included in its plans. First and foremost, the team of experts take care of your website security at server and application level. As discussed earlier, they also offer free SSL certificates and daily backups.

The second notable advantage of opting for WordPlus is its team of WordPress experts ready and waiting to help you with your technical issues. They know WordPress inside out. Not only do they have extensive experience with developing the best WordPress themes and plugins, they also have expertise with troubleshooting and server maintenance. You can be certain that whatever your issue, WordPlus staff are able to sort it out.

If you choose WordPlus, you will also benefit from its free WordPress speed optimisation service which is achieved through detailed configuration. More still, your site will be specially and conveniently optimised for WooCommerce, making it easier than ever to keep on top of your sales.

To Conclude My WordPlus Review

It’s great to see a company that focuses solely on one area of hosting. The WordPlus team are clearly skilled in the area of WordPress and have done well to hone their skills into building a reliable, powerful and fast hosting company. Andrij has also shown that even a small team can provide excellent customer care.

Thank you so much Andrij for taking the time to Top 10 Website Hosting. I wish you and your company the best of luck moving forward. 

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