WebHostUK Review

WebHostUK Review


WebHostUK Limited is a London, UK based hosting provider founded in 2007 by Sam Kulkarni. WeHostUK offers cost-effective, reliable and secure web hosting from their UK datacentre to a worldwide customer base. WebHostUK currently has over 150K customers. In addition to their UK division, WebHostUK has a “WebHostUS” division (founded in 2011) that provides hosting to those looking to host on US soil.

Normally you get what you pay for when it comes to web hosting. If the service is cheap you invariably have to miss out on some part of the service. For example, normally the support is not up to par with cheap hosting, however, this is not true for WebHostUK – they offer cheap and reliable website hosting for all levels of business why still providing superior customer service.

WebHostUK provides on-demand web Linux and Windows hosting to all sizes of business, from a small self-employed individual to a large enterprise or eCommerce solution. WebHostUK offers a comprehensive suite of hosting services to suit every need. WebHostUK boasts that they are “one of the fastest growing UK companies” and they are not looking to sell their company at any point in the near future. It is a common concern for customers: whether or not their host might get bought over or merged. Therefore this statement should offer peace of mind for current and prospective customers.

London Based Hosting Providers

Offering 100% UK servers and support

WebHostUK stores their servers in Bluesquare data group, which is a secure datacentre in the UK. All of their servers are continually monitored by their professional team to ensure a “stable hosting presence upon which to build their businesses or websites”. WebHostUK is extremely aware of the importance of a website to any business and puts their performance before profits. The server performance at WebHostUK and load balancing is an area that they focus on to ensure a constant and reliable performance across all of their servers.

WebHostUK Customer Support

WebHostUK delivers “Expert, lightning fast 24/7 live chat and ticket support”

Working directly from their UK Registered office, WebHostUK is a reliable service provider who only employs highly qualified staff that are ready to care for their customers in a friendly,  lightning fast manner. They proudly state that they “offer the best and fast support in the Web Hosting industry.”

WebHostUK provides 24/7 lightning fast support to ensure their customers trust us that their online presence/business is in safe hands.

WebHostUK Limited provides the following services:

  • Domain registration
  • Domain transfer services
  • Shared Linux web hosting with cPanel control panel – ideal for e-mail web hosting, blog hosting, CMS hosting and personal web hosting.
  • Shared windows web hosting with Plesk control panel – ideal for ASP, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MSACCESS oriented web hosting.
  • Reseller Linux web hosting with WHM / cPanel control panel – ideal for reselling Linux web hosting in the UK
  • Reseller windows web hosting with Plesk control panel – ideal for reselling windows web hosting on UK windows servers.
  • Semi-dedicated web hosting on Linux servers – the ideal solution for websites needing more resources than shared servers.
  • Semi-dedicated web hosting on windows servers – an ideal solution for websites needing more windows hosting resources.
  • Dedicated Linux web hosting – ideal for high load or personal business web hosting requirements.
  • Dedicated windows web hosting – ideal for high load Windows websites.
  • SSL Certification RapidSSL SSL certificates and GeoTrust SSL certificates

WebHostUK Mission

Sam knows all about the hosting industry, having worked in technical support for many years. He is seasoned in the hosting industry and knows his niche inside and out. Sam saw an opening in the market, over a decade ago, to provide what he calls “the UK’s best cheap web hosting”. A hosting provider that offers the best customer support and lightning-fast SSD (solid state drive) hosting solutions that start at just £1 per month.

Lightning Fast Servers

WebHostUK has invested in the latest premium hardware, including SSDs (solid state drives) to ensure lightning fast server speed. The way that SSDs work is by storing the data on a microchip. Rather than using physical moving parts like an old school HHD (hard disk drive). SSDs have no moving parts and therefore run about twenty times faster than the older HHDs.

WebHostUK Packages and Benefits

WebHostUK offers 5 distinct hosting solutions in customizable packages.

These solutions are:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Servers
  • Dedicated Servers

WordPress Hosting with WebHostUK

WebHostUK offers managed WordPress hosting with an extensive feature set. WebHostUK proudly offers the “Best WordPress Hosting in UK” that uses their lightning-fast SSD Cloud servers. With their plug and play WordPress packages you can get up and running in less than a minute. They also offer a 30 Day money back guarantee on all of their packages. Below is the key WordPress Hosting package they offer for regular WordPress users:

  • WordPress Web Hosting – SSD powered Disk Space: 5GB Disk Space, Unlimited Hosting Bandwidth at 100Mbps, 5 Domains with Unlimited email accounts, FREE SSL, FREE Migration, FREE Backups, Pre-installed, ready to go live WoredPress website, WordPress hosting accelerated by powerful LiteSpeed webserver, HTTP/2, PHP-FPM and OpCache Caching, Hacking, Malware and Virus protected WordPress, with malware scanning, Super convenient WordPress Staging – install, test and update wordpress websites, FREE Unlimited WordPress themes, templates and plugins, Control Panel System: cPanel, Suitable for < 30,000 visits per month and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Shared Hosting with WebHostUK

The shared hosting solutions with WebHostUK come in both Windows and Linux hosting packages. Shared hosting is the most cost-effective hosting and great for new projects. WebHostUK provide a user friendly control panel, state of the art hardware, free SEO tools & Google Adwords credit and 24/7 award winning customer support with all of their shared hosting packages.

  • Standard LINUX – A great place to start your new web project from just £1 per month. You get some great features such as Intel SSD, a whopping – 1 GB Web Space, Unlimited, Hosting Bandwidth, FREE Website Builder, One Click WebApp Install, Atrracta SEO Tools, Google Adwords Credit, Host 1 Website, 10 Sub-domains, 5 Parked Domains, 2 MySQL DB and use up to 5 Email Accounts
  • Standard WINDOWS – Is their basic Windows hosting plan. Coming in at just £1.50 per month and boasting some amazing features such as: Intel SSD, 1 GB Web Space, Unlimited Hosting Bandwidth, FREE Website Builder, One Click WebApp Install, Google Adwords Credit, 1 Websites,10 Sub-domains, 2 Database and up to 5 Email Accounts

The shared hosting packages with WebHostUK  go up to 10GB of SSD disk space and 10 websites at an affordable price.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

For those looking for more power and control, WEbhostUK has you covered. They offer world class Cloud VPS and dedicated servers in both Windows and Linux, with free managed services.

WebHostUK also offers all of their services to Resellers who want to provide their unrivalled hosting service to their own customer base.

All in All

WebHostUK has some of the best features at rock bottom prices that we have seen. The £1 for a massive 1GB of Cloud SSD hosting is unheard of (for such low prices). SSDs are normally more expensive due to the original outlay for the hosting company. However, with WebHostUK you get the most up to date technology for a low price.

Additionally, WebHostUK offers the best support to ensure that their customer’s websites have maximum performance and stability.

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