TSOHost Review

TSOHost Review


Founded in 2003 by the Paragon Internet Group, TSOHost now host over 1/2 million websites. TSOHost have stuck to their roots and continue to provide hosting by largely the same team as who founded the company.

With decades of experience, TSOHost certainly know what they’re doing. Their steady growth may not rival the likes of SiteGround but they deserve a place in the web hosting market.

Like all of our hosting reviews, we signed up to TSOHost in 2018 and have been monitoring our website ever since. Our aim is to provide an unbiased and truthful look at TSOHost, including their uptime, performance, services, prices, features and more.

Pricing Plans

TSOHost’s pricing plans for shared cloud web hosting start from £2.92 per month. They offer other web hosting including WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting and Microsoft Exchange. Let’s take a look at their shared pricing plans:

Startup (£2.92 per month): this is a good option for those with small websites or blogs who haven’t yet got much traffic. You’ll be able to host 3 websites on this plan as well as:

  • Free domain included
  • 15GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 25 mailboxes
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL
  • Basic migration

Business (£6.59 per month): if your business is ready for an online presence, the business plan should suit your needs. You’ll get 8 hosted websites as well as:

  • Free domain included
  • 50GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100 mailboxes
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL
  • 3x migrations

eCommerce (£18.02 per month): once your business is off the ground, the eCommerce plan can offer you more for your money. If you’re selling products online, you might want to consider these features:

  • 20 hosted sites
  • Free domain name
  • 100GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Let’s encrypt SSL
  • 3x basic migrations
  • 2x eCommerce migrations

It’s worth noting at this point that the prices quoted above are excluding VAT and are based on a 24-month plan. All plans include 24/7 customer service including live chat, 1-click installs, free backups, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 99.9% uptime.

Pros of TSOHost

Features: All web hosting companies offer a variety of features as part of their packages. What TSOHost does well is offering great features for free, even in their more affordable pricing tiers. Though it might not seem like much, a free SSL licence could save you £70+ per year. Not only that, you get free backups (we all make mistakes), migrations and a money-back guarantee. There’s no hidden fees or extras, they do what they say on the tin.

No up-selling: I cannot stand it when companies try and up sell extras. Although some people might not mind it, I certainly find it frustrating. TSOHost are transparent in their pricing. There’s no hidden extras when you get to the checkout; what you see is what you get (and what you pay for). The features that they display on their pricing plans are actually included for free!

Open and honest: TSOHost have got quite a good reputation for their honesty. Like many web hosts, things do go wrong for TSOHost but what matters is they respond and rectify their issues. If you take a glance at their social media channels like Twitter, you’ll see they respond to people and publicly display their reviews. This is really refreshing to see and I commend them on this.

Cons of TSOHost

Page loading speed: During our monitoring of our test website we were a little let down by the hosts response time. When loading our website, it took around 2-3 seconds. Though that may not seem bad, if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, traffic starts decreasing by around 75%. If your aim is to attract people to your website, they will likely be deterred by poor and slow loading speeds.

Server locations: TSOHost offer U.K. based servers. Whilst this is great for U.K. customers, if your market is elsewhere or you want to attract people from the U.S. to your site, their experience might not be that great. When your web server is located further away than the country you’re trying to access it from, speeds suffer greatly.

Strict ToS: TSOHost have some quite strict terms of service, especially when it comes to payments. If you have a domain name through TSOHost, be aware of your payment method. When it comes to renewal, if your payment method has expired or doesn’t have enough funds, you’ll only have 1 day to rectify the issue before your domain expires. Similarly, web hosting customers will only get a few days to renew and 1 reminder sent out.

Customer Support

As mentioned in the pros of using TSOHost, they’re very open and honest. When it comes to support, they’re happy to answer questions and help their customers via their website, on the phone, or even via social media.

They appear to be very responsive, even when people are complaining. It’s great to see a company accepting both positive and negative reviews, however they do seem to be very mixed.

As it’s my nature to do so, I took to TSOHost’s live chat service to see how they faired against my questions. I wanted to see how long it would take to connect to their support agents, how long they took to respond, and the quality of their answers. I accessed the live chat service on my mobile to see if the experience was any good. Let’s take a look and see what happened!

From opening the chat window, filling in my details, and being introduced, it took less than 1 minute. The agent was very responsive and answered my questions without copying and pasting from elsewhere. You could tell he knew what he was talking about and cared about his customers.

From start to finish the chat took 4 minutes, and all my questions were answered efficiently. The experience on mobile was flawless; I couldn’t fault it. The reason I tested this on mobile was because a lot of issues can happen when you’re not at a desktop pc or laptop.

Ease of Use

The signup process was pretty painless. I didn’t really experience any issues and it was quick to get through. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t get bombarded by upselling, allowing you to actually complete your order. Once I placed my order, my account was ready and activated within a few minutes. However, I have heard reports that this can take up to a day.

Once you’ve selected your hosting package, you simply need to login or create a new account to continue. Creating an account was easy and didn’t require too much information.

The only required fields to continue with your purchase are first and last name, email, phone and billing address. TSOHost make I clear whether you want to sign up to marketing emails or not.

Once you reach the checkout, you will just need to confirm you’re happy to proceed with your order. There’s no upselling and nothing invasive about the process at all. In fact, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes.

The final step is to enter your payment details. You can pay my debit or credit card, or via PayPal. Again, no extra products are trying to be sold to you and I didn’t encounter any issues myself.

TSOHost Performance: Uptime & Response Time

Performance seems to be a hot subject for TSOHost. After a lot of research it would seem that they have improved things slightly, but not enough. The web host offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is the bare minimum we’d expect. If they can’t offer this, they will refund one weeks worth of your payment plan.

However, as you can see from their Terms & Conditions, if you have an overdue or unpaid invoice on your account, they won’t honour it. This does leave me with some concerns. If a customer is experiencing issues or so much downtime that they have suspended payment whilst an investigation gets underway, they’re not entitled.

I’ve had a look at what some customers have been saying about their own TSOHost experiences relating to performance. These comments were made in 2016 so we must take that into consideration.

Things don’t seem to get too much better in 2019 sadly. With an average uptime of 99.25%, this is not an acceptable performance within the web hosting industry. When you have other web hosts who offer consistent and high performing servers, like SiteGround, who are also affordable, there’s simply no excuses.

Response times hit over 4.5 seconds which again is very bad. If I was looking to host a website on a reliable server, the results so far don’t seem to be in favour of TSOHost.


TSOHost provide affordable web hosting with excellent customer service. They use their own control panel which is easy to navigate and simple to work with. Their order process is slick and they don’t bombard you with trying to upsell products and services.

However, their performance really lets them down. If you don’t mind a host who can’t keep to their uptime guarantees, then by all means go ahead and choose TSOHost. But if you care whether your website is online, you may want to reconsider your options.

When the competition in web hosting is so hot, you have to be able to keep up. Unfortunately TSOHost’s affordable pricing and free features are no match when their server performance is so terrible.

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