Tipica Review and Interview

Tipica Review and Interview


Tipica is here to “boost your online business”. Take advantage of the company’s online marketing expertise and grow your online presence and your profits. Tipica can handle your whole online business venture, from designing, developing and hosting your website, to your SEO, email marketing and Google Ads.

I set out to discover more about the company that seemingly has it all. And, Tipica’s co-founder, Mariano Cadeneau, was kind enough to give me some insights.

Tipica’s Beginning

Tipica came to life in 2016. It started out as a web hosting provider and eventually branched out with additional essential services. Mariano explained:

“We started in 2016 as a friendly and closer web hosting provider. We found that most providers treat customers as a number and we wanted to offer something different, knowing every customer and its businesses, advising everyone about the best hosting plan for them and solving every problem with dedication. One of our differentials is customer support and advisory through Whatsapp”.

Tipica Has Outstanding Customer Care

Tipica has an impressive track record in terms of its customer care and support. The team takes a unique personalised approach, ensuring they take the time to get to know their clients and go above and beyond for them. Mariano told me all about Tipica’s customer service:

“Our customer service is one of the most customized of the market. We don’t just solve the problem, but we also add value advising our clients on performance and security issues. We are very proactive in preventing attacks on sites as well.

Our greatest strength is our customized support and advisory, premium quality of service and support, fair prices. We know our clients, their businesses and we really care about them. We want them to progress, to grow and learn with us”.

You will find lots of outstanding reviews on Facebook commending Tipica. Clearly very happy with their experience with the company, clients describe Tipica as “highly-professional”, “attentive”, and “friendly”.

Tipica’s Web Hosting Services

Tipica offers feature-packed hosting solutions, perfect for businesses small and large. More still, they are all at very reasonable costs. Expect a fast, safe, yet simple affordable hosting experience.

Tipica uses cPanel to enable clients to manage their websites with ease. Furthermore, Tipica’s web hosting clients will benefit from daily back-ups and free SSL Let’s Encrypt.

Mariano told me which plans were the most popular:

“The most popular is the Basic plan, as it’s the starter plan for many people. However, Pro plan with the possibility of hosting two sites is useful for many clients as well”.

The Basic plan costs as little as $4.50/month, while Pro costs just $6.00/month. The Basic plan gives you 1GB storage and 10GB transfer, and the Pro plans gives you 3GB storage and 20GB transfer.

If you need more resources from your hosting, there are 3 additional plans. These cost $7.50/month, $9.00/month, and $18.00/month, respectively.

Online Marketing Solutions

Tipica has lots to offer in terms of online marketing solutions. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the team of marketing experts:

SEO – Boost your placement in search engines and help customers find you. Tipica will perform an SEO audit on your website which will identify areas of improvement. They will increase your online presence and boost your organic traffic.

Google Ads – Google Ads can be a tricky business if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing. Tipica will manage your campaigns and create meaningful and engaging ads, targeted to your specific audience.

Social Media Management – Tipica will effectively manage your social media accounts for successful email marketing campaigns. They will create and implement campaigns to build your social media presence.

Email Marketing – Email marketing can be a powerful tool. Tipica will work on your email marketing campaigns and increase conversions by crafting and sending engaging, persuasive emails that your audience actually want to open and read.

Plans In The Making

The Tipica team is busy working on adding to their ever-growing list of solutions. Mariano explained:

“We plan to offer custom cloud implementations for clients in Europe + managed VPS service”.

Managed VPS and custom cloud solutions will enable Tipica to cater to even more businesses. I think that both are a fantastic next step for the company.

Tipica Review Conclusion

After analysing Tipica, I can conclude that it is a comprehensive company that adapts well to clients’ requirements. I really like that the team works closely with their clients to deliver exactly what they need, whether it’s designing a effective website with user-experience in mind, powerful hosting for optimum website speeds, or online marketing that drives results. The friendly team take a proactive and organised approach and this is reflected in the testimonials from some of their very happy clients. 

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