Support Host Review and Interview

Support Host Review and Interview


Support Host is a great choice of hosting provider. It offers premium hosting, 24/7 support, and free website transfers. On top of that, customers will benefit from the best hosting speeds, as well as super secure servers.

If all that sounds good, keep reading because I’ve been lucky enough to grab an interview with the company’s founder, Ivan Messina.

Why Did Ivan Build Support Host?

For Ivan, creating Support Host was a natural progression from creating websites. He explained this in more detail:

“I decided to start this after encountering the same problems again and again. I used to create websites for my clients and always had the same issues. Support was slow and usually not really resolving problems. Servers were overloaded and the websites were slow. For this reason, I decided to manage my own server and offer my hosting to my clients, up to the point where I had to stop creating websites and only focus on hosting them”.

An Impressive Level Of Customer Service

As the name suggests, support is high on Support Host’s list of priorities. The team has a strong focus on resolving tickets quickly and efficiently. Here’s what Ivan told me about Support Host’s customer care:

“We answer almost every ticket in the first 2 hours, and it’s our main priority to ensure that every single customer gets the best from our service. Thanks to our ticket system, we can ensure that no ticket is left unanswered. We also have some automations that start alerting us on regular intervals if there are unanswered tickets.

After every answer, the client can ask to escalate the ticket to an admin if he believes the answer he got was not up to our standards. In this case, an admin will review the ticket and take the necessary measures against the support operator (which happens less than once a month to be clear).

We also ask for feedback to constantly improve”.

More still, Support Host has some really fantastic 5 star reviews displayed on its homepage, some from customers that have been with the company for years. Additionally, there are lots of tutorials available to guide customers through various tasks and topics.

Speed, Security , Support And Performance

Ivan considers “speed, security and support” to be the company’s greatest strengths. He told me:

“We have been focusing on 3 things: speed, security and support. Everything we do is done to improve one of these 3 elements”.

Equally, Ivan is immensely proud of the server performance Support Host can offer customers. He explained:

“Definitely performance. Of course you can’t compare the performances of a shared hosting that costs 29€/year with a dedicated service that costs 20 times as much, but comparing services with similar features (taking into account the most known providers), we seem to be winning most of the times”.

In regards to security, Support Host does a lot to ensure customers are secure. For example, it uses Clam AntiVirus, along with CSX on its servers to identify viruses and malicious code. The company also offers customers password-protected folders and Hotlink Protection.

A Variety Of Best-Sellers

Support Host has lots of hosting options like WordPress hosting, Megento hosting and Cloud server hosting, to name just a few. However, Support Host does have a few best-sellers that outrank all the rest in terms of popularity. Ivan told me:

“We have every kind of customer… For blogs and showcase websites most of our clients are using our shared hosting. Clients who have e-commerce or a site with a lot of visits are going for our semi-dedicated or dedicated hosting”.

Let’s take a detailed look at these…

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for people in need of cheap web hosting. Support Host ensures its shared hosting customers are well-protected by using customer chroot isolation technology. This effectively isolates each account from all others on the server.

Customers can be billed annually, biennially, or triennially. If you choose to be billed annually, prices begin at just 29 Euros per year. This will bag you 2GB SSD space, 20GB monthly bandwidth, 5 email accounts, 5 sub domains, and 1GB RAM. Additionally, you will enjoy a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, along with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is perfect for sites that get high amounts of traffic. What’s great about this hosting option is that the costs are still relatively low compared to dedicated hosting. So, it’s a good all-rounder for small and medium-sized businesses.

Like Support Host’s shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting also benefits from chroot isolation technology, keeping customers nice and secure at all times.

Support Host’s semi-dedicated hosting customers also get an additional payment term option; monthly billing. This is really handy for people wanting to spread the cost and avoid paying large lump sums in one go.

Prices per month start from as little as 8 Euros. This will get you 8GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is aimed at large websites and businesses, as well as those needing specific customisation. Customers will receive a dedicated IP address and servers can either be managed or unmanaged, depending on the customer’s level of experience with managing servers.

There are loads of different configuration options for Support Host’s dedicated servers. To give you an idea of what to expect, the price for an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 server begins at 59 Euros per month. This particular server plan will give you 2 x 2TB SATA, 6GB/s Enterprise HDD, 64 GB RAM, and 1GB/s unlimited bandwidth.

Support Host’s dedicated servers are also fully scalable and upgradeable, making them excellent for growing businesses.

More Datacentres On The Horizon

Finally, Ivan told me about Support Host’s plans for opening some new datacentres:

“We are about to add 2 more datacenters in the USA and ASIA to give the possibility to our users to pick the datacenter that is located the closest to their users”.

Support Host is a great choice of hosting provider for individuals and businesses alike, both small and large. It’s got a strong focus on customer support, as well as providing high-performing servers regardless of whether you’ve opted for shared hosting, semi-dedicated, or dedicated. I also think that customers will really appreciate the lengths that Support Host go to to keep them safe online.

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