Steadfast Review

Steadfast Review


Founded by Karl Zimmerman in 1998, Steadfast offers an array of cloud consultation, engineering, and managed hosting services dedicated to helping their customers gain the competitive advantages they need to be successful. Businesses of all different sizes and verticals rely on the support and solutions that Steadfast provides including start-ups, traders, managed service providers, enterprises, as well as those in the healthcare industry.

We spoke with Tim Monner, VP of Marketing and Business Development, to learn more about their history, their services, and their vision.

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A Long Steadfast History

Steadfast has a long and impressive history in the hosting industry. Passionate about internet technologies, Founder, Karl Zimmerman, created Steadfast as a hobby in his bedroom at just 14 years of age. He went on to transform the company into a multi-million-dollar hosting business before completing college.

Today, after more than 20 years of success, Steadfast is leading the charge on new and exciting cloud services technologies, and takes a hands-on approach to supporting customers while helping them to achieve their goals. For Steadfast, helping customers is personal.

While Steadfast has grown into a successful business with data centers in Chicago and New Jersey, we have never forgotten our roots”, said Tim Monner, VP of Marketing and Business Development. “Karl had committed himself and Steadfast to supporting technology start-ups organisations and incubators with the goal of helping others to succeed in bringing their ideas to life, as others had done for him.”.

Reliable Steadfast Service

The team behind Steadfast is committed to building relationships with businesses of all sizes, helping them to achieve their individual goals. They provide reliable services that businesses depend on every single day.

Karl began working with companies to help them with their data hosting and security needs, but quickly learned there was a frustrating gap with many hosting companies – the lack of immediate and reliable service“, explained Tim. “This information fuelled Karl’s determination to evolve his hobby into “Steadfast”, a comprehensive IT services company that does not waver on prompt service, and reliable and superior infrastructure for thousands of clients and partner“.

Steadfast’s thousands of clients are testimonial to Karl’s success in providing reliable services.

Steadfast’s Virtual Data Center Platform – The Next-Gen Cloud

VMware-Based Platforms

Building upon that desire to help customers of all sizes, Steadfast recently launched Steadfast Simplicity Cloud Services that are built on a VMware-based virtual data Centre platform that offers the advantages of enterprise-level private and hybrid cloud services to businesses of all sizes, even small start-ups.

The benefits of using Steadfast Simplicity Cloud Services are far-reaching. Customers can expect a secure, scalable service that safeguards availability to eliminate downtime.

Steadfast’s customisable hosting delivers what can’t be achieved with on-premise servers; on-demand scaling. It scales up resources as and when they’re needed, making it a highly convenient option for all businesses.

“Our Steadfast Simplicity Cloud services are built to enable customers of all sizes to gain the same IT infrastructure benefits as enterprise clients—helping the smallest customers compete with their largest competitors”, said Tim. “By grouping (or pooling) our IT infrastructure resources (assets, equipment, personnel, effort, etc.) for multiple clients, our cloud services allow small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) take advantage of enterprise-level benefits that may be cost restrictive otherwise”.

Steadfast understands how difficult it can be to compete with big businesses and enterprises. They believe that small businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way to help level the playing field. That is why Steadfast’s solutions are perfect for those small businesses with big dreams.

Steadfast Protection for your Data

IT Infrastructure Backup

It’s essential that businesses back-up their important data to protect it against cybercriminals, ransomware, power outages, and human error. For maximum safety in the event of an emergency, a copy of your data should be stored in an off-site server in a SSAE18 and SOC2 certified facility. Without such protection, businesses can lose vital information surrounding their data, applications, and servers, potentially costing them a lot of money to rectify.

Steadfast Simplicity Cloud Services offer backup and disaster recovery (DR) options available to protect your business’s important data. These services include safeguarding software applications and rapid recovery of data should anything go wrong. Their back-up solutions are full-scalable, highly available, and include 24/7 support staff to help you every step of the way.

Steadfast Support 24/7/365

Steadfast’s Support Page

Steadfast prides itself on their support team, stating they’re “Obsessed with Great Support”. This is excellent news for all their customers. They have skilled on-site engineers ready and waiting to assist, as well as an outstanding average reported response time of just 7.3 minutes! Steadfast is dedicated to treating each customer like the individuals that they are

Many vendors essentially provide the same cloud and managed hosting services.” said Tim. “Steadfast stands out from these vendors with highly differentiated personalisation services associated with both customer support and the development of IT infrastructure solutions.”

Experienced Steadfast engineers provide consultation every step of the way through the process of design, engineering, upgrading, monitoring, and adapting solutions to changing needs. This results in highly personalised IT infrastructure solutions that have been customised to meet the unique needs of each customer.

“We share the same common values as our customers,” Said Tim. “Steadfast is a partner, not a vendor. The success of our business depends upon the success of our customers’ business. And yes… we know that others claim this as well. But we believe that one call with us will demonstrate just how truly different we are from our competitors. We are passionate and love what we do, and are happy to go that extra mile, whether it is on the phone or face to face”. 

A Steadfast Attempt to Improve the World

Steadfast has a goal in mind… improve the world. While that might sound very broad, they have a strategic vision to do just that. They believe in putting people and companies in the best position to succeed by allowing them to focus on their strengths. They believe that everyone has their own strengths, and those strengths are what make them who they are. It is embracing these differences of strengths that allow small businesses to innovate and for individuals to find roles they truly enjoy.

We want that to extend past Steadfast, where we are able to take a lot of the burden off of small and mid-sized businesses, allowing them to find their own strengths and values, to innovate and growth”, said Tim Monner. “We can assure that the IT concerns of their business are taken care of and let them use technology to grow and expand, as a catalyst for their business, not a barrier to growth“.

Steadfast’s overall goal and focus is to help companies succeed, to have IT work for them so they can push their business forward, make better decisions, and innovate.


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