SINOVATE Review and Interview

SINOVATE Review and Interview


SINOVATE is an open Source and community-driven cryptocurrency. The organisation is renowned for building blockchain solutions for the likes of web developers and large enterprises, as well as individuals in need of their solutions. SINOVATE has been featured in many well-known publications such as Forbes, IBT, and Newswire, to name a few.

Tamer Dagli, a representative of SINOVATE, answered my interview questions in preparation for this review.

The Beginning of SINOVATE

Tamer gave me a detailed background of how and why SINOVATE came to be. He explained:

“SINOVATE blockchain mined the first genesis block on September 26th 2018 but was established at the beginning of 2018 by enthusiastic members who want to make a difference and bring innovations to the crypto space.

SINOVATE started in September 2018 with the name of “Suqa” project. The project got initial humble ambitions that was to provide what blockchain could provide the best: Stability, scalability, and governance”.

Tamer continued:

“After many discussions about the future of the project, I started to imagine what Cloud could be over a blockchain? At this moment, I met one of our very professional and skilful developers, Xuantan Nguyen who brought me visions and insights of what could be a breakthrough technology for the BIG Data usage based on the blockchain technology and the next force of Suqa. We worked hard to develop the first stones of this new project, and it is how in June 2019 SINOVATE was born, the future of Cloud solutions.

SINOVATE is not a company, but we are a self-funded decentralized community-driven public blockchain. We do not rely on anyone or any single entity. We rely on only the code on Github. SINOVATE was built because we were tired of scam projects that manipulate users with pre-mines and then exit scams. Gathering the team with trusted members was a long process, but we managed it real good. We still have almost the same members in our team. We launched our project fairly without a pre-mine or ICO”.

How is SINOVATE’s Customer Care?

The SINOVATE team works hard to provide exceptional customer care and service. They work round-the-clock to answer queries and provide technical help. Tamer went into more detail about this:

“The cryptocurrency and blockchain world really is on social media channels, and we are active 24/7 on all channels. Our wide coverage technical support happens on discord because of the efficiency of discord. Still, we are also very active on Telegram and other channels and ready to give support all day every day. We have a team of close to 40 people, but our community is also helping everyone that needs support. Once the community is involved, the customer service becomes top-notch”.

Additionally, there are loads of documents, guides, and other helpful resources to assist users with various queries. The community-driven support section is incredibly useful for learning about a wide range of topics, such as Bootstrap, Infinity Nodes, and Sinovate Coin.

Tamer is most proud of the people behind SINOVATE, and he had some amazing things to say about the team:

“The determined team that is a fanatic of decentralization, fairness, transparency and innovation.No bear market or any situation on the market can break our team because we do not do this for money”.

Sinovate Is An Innovative Organisation

Create, Build and Innovate; that’s the message you’ll find on SINOVATE’s homepage. The key features of SINOVATE include security, scalability and stability. But, I was keen to find out what Tamer considers to be the organisation’s greatest strengths, and I was very impressed with his answer. He told me:

“SINOVATE’s greatest strengths are;

  • Custom code (we do not copy or fork other project’s code and we do everything by ourselves) it takes more time, but it makes us unique.
  • The innovation-minded team is determined to make a difference and always looking for ways to advance the blockchain industry with SINOVATE at the core.
  • Transparency and support.
  • Our current unique codebase, which is a revolution of collateralised node structures and the upcoming decentralized cloud tech we will build on top of our codebase”.

Some Big Plans For SINOVATE

Tamer told me of SINOVATE’s upcoming plans:

“SINOVATE is planning to be a virtual hub of decentralized cloud in the future via the projects that will copy our codebase”.

This sounds like an exciting development which I’m sure will bring SINOVATE further successes.

Thank you so much to Tamer for his cooperation. SINOVATE is a wonderfully innovative organisation that provides users with much-needed blockchain solutions. I’ve been really impressed with your level of customer care as well as the community-driven structure of SINOVATE.

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