ServerCheap Review

ServerCheap Review


ServerCheap is a cost-effective web hosting company based in the heart of Chicago, USA.  They pride themselves on being at the forefront of their industry.  They are dedicated to learning all that the rapidly accelerating technology has to teach them.  Then put it into practice, and offer the best VPS Hosting to their clients.  They believe the future of technology and their industry has unlimited potential.

They have a commitment to stay fully informed and ahead of the learning curve so that they can deliver best-in-class services to their customers. Their key values are Commitment. Determination. Honesty & Transparency. Simplicity.

Keeping things Simple

At ServerCheap they keep their business super simple (and also the life of their customers) by focusing on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and nothing else.  They provide unmetered bandwidth and SSD Storage, as well as free DDOS Protection.  This allows them to specialize and be experts in VPS.  They now also provide the ultimate performance VPS in the form of the top of the range, blazingly fast NVME VPS Hosting.

ServerCheap: Mission and Focus

ServerCheap is keeping true to their mission by offering the new generation of amazingly fast servers. NVMe is the latest in high performance and optimized protocol for storage.  NVMe was designed specifically for SSDs to overcome the speed bottleneck imposed by the older SATA connection, and the group of manufacturers accomplished their mission. NVMe is the leading high-performance server on the market today: offering write speeds as high as 3500MB/s. In comparison, the last high powered servers (the SATA drive) only manages around 100MB/s.

ServerCheap: Pricing

The pricing with ServerCheap is most certainly top of the list of the “Pro’s” with this company.  ServerCheap says that they are 50% cheaper than their competition.  They manage this by owning their hardware and their IPs, therefore they don’t need to pay monthly rental fees.  In addition, they make sure to have long-term contracts where necessary, further lowering the amount they have to pay out. At ServerCheap, these savings are reflected in their customer pricing plans.  There are no contracts with ServerCheap, all accounts are billed on a month to month basis. You can cancel your server at any time.  In addition, you can upgrade or downgrade your service in your customer area.

They offer great spec at much lower prices than other VPS providers. They also offer 50% off of your first month on selected servers.

ServerCheap: Customer Service

ServerCheap provides a simple to navigate, and easy to use VPS service, that is super straight-forward so that anyone should be able to set up a powerful VPS within seconds.  They also have a comprehensive and active blog section with up to date news like their update in February, which announced the arrival of the “new line of high-performance KVM servers: NVME SSD KVM VPS NVMe drives”.  ServerCheap has created their packages for serious developers, rather than individual website owners.

It seems that the majority of customer reviews are really keen on the uptime, and the instant setup of their VPS servers, which seem to be up and running inside just a few minutes in most cases.  They offer a knowledgebase and also a ticketing system to get in touch with them with regards to any billing or technical support.


Uptime & Stability

There seems to be fantastic speed and uptime with ServerCheap, with most of their customer reviews expressing that the uptime is wonderful: often 100% and great stability.  I am interested in how they work across the world (ie, in the UK) as their servers are based in Chicago, and their offering looks amazing for web developers.

ServerCheap: Pricing and packages

There currently two offerings at ServerCheap SSD VPS and NVMe VPS.  You can purchase these hosting packages at a variety of levels, let’s look at these below.


All of the VPS hosting packages on ServerCheap offer Unmetered Bandwidth, KVM Virtualization, and Free DDoS Protection as standard. There are 5 levels of SSD VPS that you can purchase on ServerCheap, their specs are as follows:

SSD VPS Package 1 – 30GBSSD Disk, 2GB Memory, 2 CPU cores

SSD VPS Package 2 – 50GBSSD Disk, 4GB Memory, 2 CPU cores

SSD VPS Package 3 – 100GBSSD Disk, 8GB Memory, 4 CPU cores

SSD VPS Package 4 – 250GBSSD Disk, 16GB Memory, 4 CPU cores

SSD VPS Package 5 – 500GBSSD Disk, 32GB Memory, 8 CPU cores


Like the SSD VPS, the NVMe VPS hosting packages on ServerCheap offer Unmetered Bandwidth, KVM Virtualization, and Free DDoS Protection as standard. There are 5 levels of SSD VPS that you can purchase on ServerCheap, their specs are as follows:

NVMe  Package 1 – 25GBNVME Disk, 2GB Memory, and 2 CPU cores

NVMe Package 2 – 50GBNVME Disk, 4GB Memory, and 4 CPU cores

NVMe Package 3 – 100GBNVME Disk, 8GB Memory and 8 CPU cores, free weekly Backup

NVMe Package 4 – 250GBNVME Disk, 16GB Memory and 8 CPU cores, free weekly Backup and Free cPanel/WHM

NVMe Package 5 – 500GBNVME Disk, 32GB Memory and 8 CPU Cores, free weekly Backup and Free cPanel/WHM

Pros and Cons


Immediate Setup

All of the servers on ServerCheap are set up instantly and should be done within at least 5 minutes, or they invite you to contact them to quickly get your server up and running.

Cheap Hosting

As the name implies, these guys offer extremely cheap VPS hosting   that is about 50% cheaper than their competitors.

Simple Offering

Their website is really easy to navigate due to the fact they offer a very transparent set of services all based on VPS.


No daily / weekly backup service (on normal VPS hosting packages)

Because all servers with ServerCheap are self-managed, the customer is responsible for organizing daily or weekly backups.  This could be an issue for forgetful people.  Automated backups, that don’t allow for so much human error are always a favorite with us.   However,  their NVMe servers do come with free weekly backups at the higher levels of service, which gives even more reason to try their reasonably priced top of the range servers.


ServerCheap is a really impressive, professional VPS Company with the best prices that we have come across for VPS. They were kind enough to set us up with a trial account to have a look under the hood and we were really impressed with the quality and service offered, at such low prices! These guys are geared up for professional developers to take advantage of their services.  We love the simplicity and speed of their offering, and can’t wait to see where they go in the future.

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