ScaleGrid Review

ScaleGrid Review


ScaleGrid is a trusted DBaaS platform providing cloud hosting and on-premise database management services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB Databases. Since their inception in 2012, ScaleGrid have been fortunate to have worked with some big brands. These include Sony, Bosch, Adobe and Polaris, to name just a few.

The database management and hosting company are proud to offer scalable services that are fully-flexible, working to save their clients both time and money.

We spoke with Kristi Anderson, a representative of ScaleGrid, to bring you this review.

Scalegrid Homepage

A Strong Company Vision

ScaleGrid was built in Seattle by Dharshan Rangegowda. Dharshan began his business journey with a strong and clear vision of what he wanted his company to offer. To this end, Kristi told us:

“Dharshan Rangegowda, a former principal lead developer of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, had a pure passion for cloud computing and saw the future of enterprise rising to the cloud. While his vision was clear, he discovered that many businesses were hesitant to move from their on-premises databases to a cloud network. Hence, Dharshan wanted to bring all of the benefits of cloud hosting to the market without compromising the security requirements they have with on-premise data centers.”

With his vision at the forefront of his mind, Dharshan commenced his mission.

What Does ScaleGrid Offer?

Top Features of ScaleGrid

ScaleGrid is a unique company that provides fully-managed, customisable DBaaS that keeps customers in control of their databases. Kristi explained “Many organizations, especially in the enterprise space, are managing their databases internally because they are not willing to sacrifice admin rights for their databases. At ScaleGrid, we allow our customers to keep full superuser admin privileges and SSH access to the underlying machine so they can configure their deployments to meet their exact application needs.”

ScaleGrid enables its customers to deploy, manage, backup and scale their cluster on a number of platforms including:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • DigitalOcean
  • VMware

ScaleGrid’s Products

ScaleGrid’s Plans

ScaleGrid hosting includes lots of notable features, tools and benefits across all their products. It has the capacity to offer a range of DBaaS hosting options to clients that utilise:

  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Customers can choose from ScaleGrid’s shared hosting, dedicated hosting or even their unique “Bring Your Own Cloud” model and save money! Additionally, each hosting option comes with its own set of tools and features to keep your database, along with all your applications, running smoothly and efficiently.

Some features include:

  • Free backups, both scheduled and on-demand for convenience.
  • Specialised high-performance SSD-based clusters.
  • Slow query analysis using heat maps.
  • Security groups to stop your database being exposed to the internet.
  • Full control over your database clusters.

Furthermore, ScaleGrid lets you try out their services for free for 30 days, giving you time to get to grips with everything before having to pay. Beyond that, their prices start at just $8 per month.

You can customise your plan to suit your requirements, whether you need 10GB of storage or 700! ScaleGrid offer a detailed explanation of what’s included in each plan to help you decide which one to buy.

What Does it Mean to “Bring Your Own Cloud”?

ScaleGrid’s “Bring Your Own Cloud” Option

We love the idea of the BYOC service because it enables its customers to host their databases through their own AWS or Azure account. This money-saving option is available across MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

ScaleGrid is currently the only DBaaS provider that lets you host your Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL through your own cloud.

When we asked Kristi about their BYOC plan, she told us:

“We provide a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plan that allows you to host your MongoDB®, Redis™, MySQL and PostgreSQL clusters in the safety of your own AWS or Azure account. This allows organizations to leverage advanced cloud capabilities such as Virtual Private Clouds (AWS VPC and Azure VNET) to protect your databases from the internet, Security Groups to lock down access, and Reserved Instances to help save up to 40% on your long-term hosting costs.”

The originality of this service is yet another plus-point for ScaleGrid.

What Else Can You Expect From ScaleGrid?

We wanted to find out if there was anything else that makes ScaleGrid unique. Kristi told us “We offer many additional advantages over our competitors, such as our cross-datacenter configurations, customizable RAM, disk size and instance types, high-performance configurations, and advanced analysis tools”.

ScaleGrid’s Testimonials

ScaleGrid boasts, not only unique services that put customers in control, but also outstanding customer support. They have some stellar testimonials on their website from happy customers, along with an impressive list of clientele.

Their Ultimate Goal?

ScaleGrid has a specific goal in mind and it’s one they continue to work towards…

“To provide a single-pane of glass solution that allows organizations to manage all of their databases through one centralized management console. On average, organizations are leveraging 3.1 types of databases for their applications which greatly increases the risk of database sprawl and inconsistencies as database administrators and DevOps engineers are managing their databases across multiple platforms and environments. We want to allow organizations to adopt and implement any database they need for the application without significantly increasing the complexity of their system”.

Successful Endeavours

After speaking with Kristi and reviewing ScaleGrid’s website, we can confirm that the unique DBaaS provider is a perfect scalable option for businesses wishing to stay in complete control of their databases. The company has devoted its time and energy into providing exceptional services that really set them apart from other companies.

Kristi has been extremely helpful speaking on behalf of ScaleGrid’s founder Dharshan Rangegowda and we hope they are successful in future endeavours.

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