Relicons Technologies Review and Interview

Relicons Technologies Review and Interview


Relicons is a company that offers a multitude of services including web hosting, cloud VPS, web design and professional email accounts. Its impressive range of hosting services cater to both small and large businesses alike and today, I’m going to share details of my interview with Relicons founder, Amit Sharma.

Amit Sharma – Founder of Relicons

Back To The Beginning

The team behind Relicons has a long and rich history with technology, including web design and software development. Mr Sharma explained his company’s beginnings in great detail for us:

“Relicons, formerly Amity Infotech started operations in 2002 as a purely web design and software development company. It was the time of the internet boom and the world was beginning to understand and feel the power of what the internet can do for them. Our sole aim was to offer reliable and affordable web solutions to customers and help them take their businesses online and leverage from the internet.

However, with the customer-base increasing, they started requesting us to provide a single-window end-to-end solution for them as they were happy with our way of working, they trusted us and did not want to work with multiple vendors.

That is when we decided to also start offering web hosting and allied services for our customers. Relicons Technologies is now a fully-fledged service provider. Right from managing domain portfolios for our customers to hosting to corporate email solutions, website security solutions to more complex cloud infrastructure and payment solutions”.

Excellent Customer Care Is Relicons’ Top Priority

Relicons is articulate in the way it handles its customer care, ensuring every ticket is answered swiftly. The team goes to great lengths to help customers through any technical problems that may arise. Here’s what Mr Sharma had to say about it:

“Our business survives and thrives on excellent after-sales tech support, because only if we give great after-sales support we get recommended through word-of-mouth and reviews.

Hence, customer support gets the topmost priority at Relicons. Regardless of the high-quality of servers we maintain, problems can crop up once in a while or a customer might need help with some technical query. At Relicons, we try our best to be able to respond to them ASAP. Our support team works 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and answering questions.

We have a world-class and secure ticket management system to ensure no ticket goes un-responded. There are checks and escalation matrix in place to make sure every issue is responded to the customer’s satisfaction”.

To support Mr Sharma’s comments here, there are some stellar reviews of the company proudly displayed on its testimonial page. Customers have been impressed with not only the practical support they’ve received, but also at the kindness of staff, their professionalism, and the personalisation of their support.

Reliability At Its Core

Relicons prides itself on being a company that customers can rely on. Mr Sharma notes reliability as one of the company’s greatest strengths:

“I believe our company name clearly signifies our DNA and our core Strength. Relicons stands for Being Reliable, Consistently.

Almost in all the feedbacks we receive from our customers, there is one common thought and that is, that we are very Reliable. We are available when they need us, be it for any tech support or a new sale, and our deliveries are as per committed timelines and quality controlled.

The next obvious strength is definitely our team and their vast domain expertise. Without them we are nothing.

So yes, our delivery systems and our team are our core strengths”.

An Impressive Customer Retention Rate

A customer retention rate says a lot about a company. Relicons customer retention rate is particularly impressive at 99%, something that Mr Sharma and the rest of the team are rightly very proud of.

Mr Sharma spoke more about this remarkable achievement:

“To put it in perspective, we still have customers onboard who first signed-up with us in 2002, and that says volumes about our core value of always focusing on building a long term relationship by providing world class and personalized service delivery experience.

Since we are not a mass player, we go that extra mile to understand a customer’s needs and advise cost effective and efficient solutions accordingly”.

Linux Web Hosting

Relicons Linux unlimited single domain hosting plans are the company’s most popular for web hosting. There are a large variety of Linux plans – 10 in total – to choose from with prices starting at ₹499 per year. This equates to about £5.26. And yes, you read correctly, that is per year!

Linux Web Hosting Plans From Relicons

This particular plan gives you:

  • 50MB storage
  • 500MB bandwidth
  • Single domain
  • Unlimited personalised email ids
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

The most expensive plan out of the ten is also exceptional value for money at only ₹524 per month, which is around £5.54. Take a look at what you get for this low price:

  • 40G storage
  • 400GB bandwdith
  • Unlimited domains/websites
  • Unlimited personalised email ids
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

Online Invoicing and Ordering Service

Something a little different here is Relicons online ordering and invoicing service which Mr Sharma tells me is becoming very popular:

“Recently our Online Ordering and Invoicing services are gaining a lot of traction as more and more businesses go online and want to accept payments online”.

This will be an essential element for many businesses, especially during the current pandemic. There are a lot of plus-points to purchasing this service. It effectively streamlines the payment and invoicing processes. You can easily create professional invoices, give professional quotes, set automatic payment reminders via email and SMS, and accept payments instantly 24/7.

The Relicons team encourages those interested in this super-handy service to get in touch for a quote.

Low-Cost SSL Certificates

Low-Cost SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a much-needed security feature for any website. Thankfully, Relicons offer four very low-cost options for you to select from to accompany your great-value hosting plan. Mr Sharma told me that the company’s Single Domain Positive Plan “sells like hotcakes” so I decided to take a look at it.

Keeping with the low-price theme of Relicons, this plan costs ₹3099 per year, which is around £32.78. Included in this price is a Trust Logo, domain validation, and a $10,000 relying party warranty. The certificate is issued within 1-2 working days and is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Relicons Will Continue To Meet Market Demands

Meeting market demands and keeping up with ever-developing technology trends is something that Relicons does very well. Mr Sharma explains:

“Relicons has survived multiple recessions, various market upheavals in the past, along with the latest Covid Pandemic. I think the main reason we were able to do it was our deep seated motto about “Upgrade or Perish”.

Relicons has always been willing and fast to adapt and adopt the latest technologies in the market that customers ask for. That way we have been able to retain our customers’ changing demands with time, as they are able to get the latest services with trust and authenticity of the same vendor of many years.

For example, hosting web applications in cloud is the latest in-demand thing from our customers, but we have been hosting our customer’s applications on cloud for the last 5+ years, when very few people even knew about it.

Going forward, adoption of newer technologies as per market’s demand is something that we will keep concentrating on”.

It’s been fantastic speaking with Mr Sharma about his innovative company, Relicons. I can recommend Relicons for its commitment to outstanding customer care, exceptionally low prices, and for the team’s technical expertise. Thank you to Mr Sharma for answering my interview questions so thoroughly!

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