5 Best Productivity Apps For Web Developers

5 Best Productivity Apps For Web Developers


Are you looking for the best productivity apps to get yourself organised?

Web developers, like programmers, are often called ”geeks” – people perceive them only through the prism of the computers they sit behind. Nothing could be further from the truth! Although they play with code and different programming languages for most of their time, they also need rest, relaxation and time to spend with their loved ones and friends.

However, it’s hard to enhance your team’s performance when they only have a simple look at the watch and manual calculations of their time spent on tasks, offline communication methods, at their disposal.

That’s why I’d like to familiarize you today with five simple but extremely helpful applications that will increase your team’s productivity without having to make radical changes!

Time Tracking – TimeCamp (Best Overall Productivity App)


TimeCamp is a fully-equipped yet straightforward time tracking tool. It is an excellent solution for both teams and freelancers (web developers) who want to optimised their productivity using a simple app. It will help you find out how much time you or your web developers spend performing their tasks, divide larger projects into smaller tasks so that you can accurately count the time for each task, and get detailed productivity reports.

Which features may be particularly important for web developers? First of all, automatic time tracking, thanks to which there is no need to change the project manually and the task you are working on. The application itself categorizes all activities to specific projects, so we can be sure that the program will not miss even one minute of our work.

In addition, time in TimeCamp can be tracked both with a discreet desktop and mobile application (as well as with the Chrome plugin), so you no longer need to write up timesheets manually. Thanks to this tool, the entire work process is automated and can be managed from any place and at any time! All TC versions synchronize with each other. You can also integrate your TimeCamp with other tools essential for the web developer’s work (you can integrate it with all the applications listed in this article!)

Another crucial function for freelancers is invoicing. All billable hours tracked for a single customer can be converted into a simple, transparent bill that makes it easy for you to settle with your customers (and in the case of teamwork, each employee will receive a fair salary!).

Can you see why it’s at the top of our recommended productivity apps?

Checklists – Todoist


Each of us sometimes forgets something. Web developers have a lot of things on their minds, and any help in remembering them is a godsend. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of desktop and mobile applications, which will undoubtedly help you control the chaos of things to do. Todoist is ideal for managing the team’s multiple to-do lists and for freelancers to prepare project notes.

The minimalist Todoist interface makes it easy to use.   With just a few clicks, you can add a task and make crucial changes. Furthermore, Todoist has one particularly valuable function – the repeatability of the tasks, which allows it to record occurrences such as, e.g., “every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.”, which is especially useful in the case of weekly meetings of the whole team.

Moreover, Todoist makes completing tasks a real pleasure! For every completed thing, we go up in our team’s estimation. The points for our achievements add up, and in the end, on their basis, we get a clear view of how effectively we deal with our duties in comparison to our teammates.

Project Management – Trello


Each customer is kind of a new project to complete. The accumulation of responsibilities can make it difficult for the team to remember which task needs to be done in the first place and, foremost, for whom. That’s why in the work of web developer particularly useful are project management tools, and one of them is Trello, an online cork board!

Trello makes it possible to visualize the work – the is uses a metaphor of a cork board, one for each team, to which “attached” are lists symbolizing separate projects. Each of such lists consists of cards that are specific tasks. Each cork board can be personalized in any way, which makes working with this program a real pleasure.

Trello enables free communication between team members and is one of the best free productivity apps. Thanks to it, you can exchange comments on the project, report changes in your work, and exchange files instead of sending endless emails.

Bug tracking – JIRA


JIRA is an issue and bug tracking tool, dedicated specifically for developers searching for a productivity app. It streamlines the processes associated with all the stages related to working on web development – planning, tracking, and execution, as well as reporting the results.

With Jira, you can easily share tasks among team members and match ticket topics to specific experts. Using this tool, you can effortlessly assess which issues need the most urgent attention, and with detailed reports, you can learn how efficient your team is.

The multitude of tools you can integrate Jira with will make you never want to use another app again!

This Perth based web design agency uses Jira alongside Invision for smooth transition of web design & development projects.

“We use Asana & Jira and find Jira gave us a much clearer picture of output. We love it.”

Scheduler – Google Calendar

google calendar

If you have ever used Gmail or Google Drive, you undoubtedly came across this tool. For several months now, Google Calendar has had a refreshed design and is more intuitive, and using it is a real pleasure!

Thanks to Google Calendar, you will never forget about important meetings and will not miss any deadline (and birthdays of your loved ones, friends and your boss :)). Write down all the crucial events, assign place, time and other team members to them, and you’ll all be alerted when the time is up. With a clear structure and search option, you’ll get all the information you need right in front of you, without having to browse through the paper calendar’s cards.

Most importantly, the Google Calendar desktop version makes it easy to sync with its mobile version, so no matter where you are or what you do, you’ll have all your appointments at your fingertips!


Starting your adventure with web development, you’ve indeed wondered whether there are tools to make your work easier like productivity apps. Today you know that the answer is ”yes.” A lot! Thanks to them, you will perform all your tasks much faster and easier, and your patience will not be put to a great test due to the lack of communication between team members and failures to meet deadlines. All of the above productivity apps will help you achieve the desired outcomes!

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