Process Street Review and Interview

Process Street Review and Interview


Process Street is, as the name suggests, all about processes. It is a piece of checklist software that exists to make the user’s life easier by managing different processes. The software integrates with thousands of apps with the purpose of automating specific tasks. It is used and trusted by a huge variety of brands such as Spotify, GAP, and airbnb, among many others.

Vinay Patanker, the company’s CEO, took the time to answer a few questions I had about the company. He even gave me an exclusive insight into some exciting plans in the making, which I will disclose at the end of this interview.

Why Was Process Street Created?

Process Street was created to solve a problem that the founder had personally experienced. Vinay told me the story behind Process Street’s inception:

“I was running a remote marketing agency at the time. I already had a mobile app on the go but I wanted to start something new. So, I stepped away from his marketing agency but still wasn’t sure what to do yet.

I decided I wanted to systemise my marketing agency so I could focus on doing something else that was new and interesting. In my attempt, I realised there wasn’t any decent software out there that allowed me to create and implement process systems that made a company run like a machine. This led me to investigate how this could be done.

The idea came to me that I should build a piece of checklist software that enables people to do business process management. That was the foundation – creating a product based on a problem of systematisation. And that’s where it all began”.

High-rated Customer Service

Vinay and the Process Street team rate their customer service very highly. Vinay went into great detail about the level of customer care the company has in place and how they ensure their customers are all taken care of:

“I would rate our customer service very, very highly. If you look on G2, or Capterra or GetApp, you will see the same things again and again. I think this is because we are a very customer-centric company and constantly thinking of how to make the experience better for the user. Our customer support and customer success team overlap but, at the same time, are kind of distinct.

We cover all time zones. We try to make sure we keep minimising the wait time and try to be proactive in reaching out to customers and engaging with customers whenever they haven’t reached out to us. We go through lots and lots of tickets, constantly having dialogue with our customers. We see that as a value-added part of our service.

For larger customers in particular, they will have very proactive account managers working with them who are dedicated to them. The whole team chips in with these things because, like I said earlier, it is a very flexible product. This means that often a user will come to us saying “I want to do X, Y and Z. How do you think I could do that?” It might involve integrating with other platforms, creating all kinds of conditional logic, and all kinds of things. So everyone can chip in and think of ways the customer can achieve that best. There’s a really inventive spirit behind our more advanced customer support.

3 or 4 weeks ago, we had a whole week where every single bit of feedback from our customer support channels was either excellent or very good. And, nothing went below very good. There was some fantastic feedback there and we’re very pleased with that”.

Process Street Systemises Human Actions

Vinay spoke to me about how Process Street systemises human actions and how he considers this to be the product’s greatest strength:

“Linear tasks, linear sequences. But really, the greatest strength is about systemising human actions. This isn’t just a series of automations. They’re not robotic process automations. It is a series of human steps and we see that as our most important thing. Automation is fantastic and is something we should all grab hold of. It’s not just there to replace jobs. It’s there to supplement and elevate human abilities and creativities, and hopefully make people’s lives easier.

It means you don’t have to carry around all this baggage of everything you need to do in your head. Instead, you just put it into process Street and it just lives there. You can work through it and check a task off as you go, and that does all your data entry. You can then go to the next task and it gives you half your work right there for you. There’s a whole load of things you can do with the software. The goal there is to make life easier for the process user. It therefore makes them more effective because they get to focus on what they are good at rather than doing all these manual tasks that take up all this time”.

A Huge Public Library At Your Disposal

One of the best things about Process Street is it’s huge library of checklist templates, covering a large variety of tasks. These range from creating and launching your website to publishing your podcast. There are even checklist templates for cleaning your office and travelling.

Vinay spoke in-depth about the checklist library:

“I think one of the things we’re really proud of is the library of Process Street’s checklists. You’ll see we’ve got a huge public library of checklists that anyone can go to and look at. They can take them and then add them to their account. For example, they could go in and take a customer support process used by SalesForce from SalesForce, and then they can add it to their own account. They’re then following and using a process that is used by SalesForce. We’ve got a bunch of different ones. Another example is we’ve got some processes in there that work with top HR platforms.

We’ve even got a bunch of checklists and templates from life coaches that have been co-developed alongside the coaches themselves that are more oriented on improving personal life and self-growth.

In this huge library of checklists, each of them demonstrates the best practice of how to do a particular thing. This makes it hugely useful. They’ve proved so useful to so many people and you can just add them to your Process Street account with a single click and use them straight away. It is such a time-saver. We really love that and that’s the kind of thing where you really see the value that people are getting from the product and also from all our hard work in building all of those”.

The Best-Selling Plan

Process Street has three different plans to choose from, beginning at just $12.50 per month for the “Basic”. This plan is the most popular among Process Street customers. Vinay told me more about the plans and the product itself:

“The Basic plan. We have a very broad product. The product is effective for lots of people in lots of different ways. It’s very adaptable and customisable. You can build lots of different things, make it do different things, and perform different functions through it. It’s fundamentally a checklist software.

One customer might use it for their personal life as a meal plan and fitness regime. The next customer might be a huge multinational company using it as a linear interface from which to perform all kinds of machine tasks. There is a huge spread of who these customers are. This means that the most basic plan ends up being the most popular because it acts as a consumer-oriented product. Whereas higher plans are popular with some very, very large companies – it is a broad spread”.

The Basic plan gives users access to unlimited checklists and templates, plus more than 1000 integrations. You can also try this plan, along with the middle “Recommended” plan, for free with no credit card required.

Exclusive Peek At New Developments

As promised at the beginning of this interview, here is Vinay’s exclusive peek at Process Street exciting new developments:

“One thing we have on the horizon soon is Process Street’s Slack App. It’s kind of under wraps at the moment but you’re getting a bit of an exclusive here. We have a Process Street Slack App in the works, hopefully ready to come out early next year. That should provide a huge new way for people to interact with the product. You can consider it a real deep integration with Slack.

Your Process Street inbox can be accessed in full from inside Slack and you can work through Process Street from inside slack. It focuses on really tying that platform in. Because, that’s where a lot of our customers spend all of their time so it makes sense to meet them where they are. That’s an exciting thing we have on the horizon and I think that is where you’d probably expect Process Street to be going over the course of the next year. More of these deep, strategic integrations with interesting and impressive tools that we use all the time”.

Speaking with Vinay has been a real learning experience. Thank you Vinay for sharing these insights with me. I think Process Street is a uniquely handy software that is both feature-packed and excellent value for money. Good luck with your new Process Street Slack App!

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