Pressidium Review

Pressidium Review


Pressidium presents businesses with robust WordPress hosting options. They deploy industry-leading technology to deliver enterprise-level services for demanding businesses across the globe. Launched in 2014, Pressidium’s aim has consistently been to provide fast, secure and scalable hosting for their clients.

I caught up with Alex, Communications Director at Pressidium, to bring you this review.

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Pressidium’s Inception

Pressidium’s founders set out to change the WordPress hosting industry for the better. Armed with a team of highly-skilled engineers and developers, the aim was to bring businesses a superior service and ultimately excel in the industry. Alex told me “It was felt that the WordPress industry, in general, was disparate in terms of the quality, infrastructure and the services it provided and that’s what we wanted to change. How? With standards-driven engineering, transparency and enterprise infrastructure built from scratch by IT veterans”.

Taking Care of Their Customers

One huge plus-point for Pressidium is their strong emphasis on customer support and satisfaction. They promise reliable hosting with “minimal downtime” along with 24/7 helpdesk support from experienced engineers.

Alex explained “In truth, a lot of managed WordPress hosting solutions fail to deliver on their promises. What was needed was a platform built using robust engineering principles that ensured there was no single point of failure in the platform. This is referred to as ‘High Availability’ and ensures that our client’s websites can handle whatever traffic is thrown at them.

We combined this sophisticated High Availability platform with all the tools our clients need to manage their websites such as robust backups, staging sites and an all-in-one dashboard for the ultimate in website control.

In addition, we place huge emphasis on the quality of our support team. We have industry leading support times of 5 minutes or less for our Enterprise clients. We also have no first-level support agents as our entire support team consists of experienced engineers which means you get a resolution to your problem much more quickly”.

Pressidium’s Partners

The Pressidium website features excellent testimonials from some very happy clients, proof they’re meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations.

WordPress Hosting – What Can You Expect?

As we’ve seen, Pressidium take excellent care of their customers. But, what can you expect from their WordPress hosting? Let’s take a look…

Highly-Available Infrastructure


One of the most important aspects of a hosting solution is its up-time. Pressidium’s industry-leading infrastructure features high-availability and has “no single point-of-failure”. This ensures your site is kept online no matter what. The robust infrastructure scales up automatically to meet traffic demands and features instant back-ups of all your important site data.

Alex spoke more about their “high-availability” infrastructure; “It was no small challenge to build a true High Availability platform. Load Balanced Fault Tolerant High-Availability Architecture is normally only found in very large, costly enterprise environments. We’re incredibly proud to be able to offer such a platform to everyone with plans starting at just $21/month!”

A Secure Service

With the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks on businesses, it’s never been more essential for site owners to actively work on keeping their websites secure. Pressidium has gone above and beyond for their customers, with “hassle-free threat protection” to keep your website safe with ease and simplicity.

Pressidium’s hosting service also includes managed auto-updates to minimise potential security breaches that can often result from working with an out-of-date WordPress version. Additionally, the team offer managed web application fire-wall protection, malware monitoring and removal, and bad-bot filtering, among other impressive security features.

A Speedy Experience

Speed is a critical component of a successful website. Internet users want near-instant access to information and many won’t wait around for pages to load. Pressidium has its customers covered with “Lightning-fast” hosting solutions for websites big and small. It achieves this in a number of ways including multi-layer adaptive caching, enterprise HA SSD storage, and dynamic load balancing, to name just a few.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price Plans

Pressidium has a range of hosting options to meet your budgeting and business requirements, beginning at $21 per month. This lowest-priced option is ideal for personal websites and allows customers unlimited bandwidth, 1 WP site, and 5GB storage. This option suits websites with 10k or less unique visitors per month.

At the other end of the scale, Pressidium’s Enterprise plans start at $790 per month. With this, you get unlimited WordPress installs, millions of monthly visits and a dedicated server cluster.

Alex told me “If you’ve yet to experience the power of a High Availability platform and what it can do for your website’s speed and reliability then try us! We offer a 60 day month back guarantee on our monthly standard plans so you can experience the Pressidium platform risk-free”.

How Does The Future Look For Pressidium?

Pressidium’s team continues to lead the way with their top-notch customer support and top-of-the-range technology. I took the opportunity to ask Alex about the future of Pressidium. He told me “Growth has been incredible at the business as more and more people get to experience the benefits of a true High Availability hosting platform for WordPress combined with industry leading support. We are passionate about raising the bar in the hosting industry and are looking forward to helping more and more businesses succeed moving forward”.

Pressidium is a fantastic option for larger businesses needing fast, reliable, scalable and robust hosting. We’re impressed with the quality of service Pressidium offer and it ticks all the right boxes for us. Good luck to Alex and the rest of the team moving forward!

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