Pixel Productions Review and Interview

Pixel Productions Review and Interview


Pixel Productions is a creative design agency that’s at your disposal for a variety of services. These include web design, graphic design, marketing, and eCommerce design. The design and lead-generating experts excel in all things creative, taking the pain out of building your online business and optimising your website for conversions.

Chris London, the company’s co-founder, was good enough to share some insights with me and answer my interview questions.

How Pixel Productions Was Established

Pixel Productions was established back in 2005. By this time, founders Paul and Chris were very knowledgable and skilled in the art of design. Chris explained more about the beginning of Pixel Productions:

“Pixel Productions Inc. was founded by Paul Quinn and Chris London who had worked together for years heading up the design team at a company called Revelations. Revelations was a giftware company who got their start as the first licensee of BigIdea’s VeggieTales. In 2005, Revelations sold its assets and that’s when Paul and Chris decided to take the plunge as entrepreneurs starting Pixel Productions Inc.

Pixel began as a small design studio licensing artwork and creating designs and products for the gift industry where they had connections. The focus then was product design, development and packaging.

As time went by Pixel’s client base grew and so did the demand for more services. By early 2006 Pixel was offering both print and web design services. By 2010, 70% of our business was website design and development”.

A Small Team Enjoying Big Success

As a small company, the team at Pixel Productions are great at handling their workload and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They are committed to working within their capabilities so they don’t overextend themselves in terms of the amount of projects they take on at a time. BY working like this, they can ensure that every client gets their full dedication and they can provide the best service possible.

Chris explained how this is one of the company’s greatest strengths:

“By far our greatest strength is our ability to stay small and flexible. When technology or other things change with time, so do we. Second to that we have a great creative team who can handle a surprisingly large volume of work.

The thing that I am most proud of about Pixel Productions is that we’re in a place where we can afford to turn away clients. We’ve learned over the years that as much as you want to do a great job for everyone — you can’t”.

Chris continued to tell me what he is most proud of:

“We play to our strengths and don’t overextend ourselves. Focusing on what we do well works out for both our company and our clients’. So, I guess that’s what I’m most proud of; identifying when we can’t help a business and knowing when we can”.

How Is Pixel Productions’ Customer Care?

I asked Chris how he rates his company’s customer care and how he makes sure all his customers are happy. Here’s what he told me:

“That’s a great question…

I would rate our customer service around 8 out of 10. I’d love to give us a perfect 10, but I’d be lying. In terms of our friendliness, helpfulness and transparency in terms of benchmarks, processes and pricing we’re a solid 10. In terms of response time sometimes we fall a little short. We’re a smaller agency and when we do get really busy, sometimes getting directly through to someone who can help is not immediate.

In regards to ensuring that we do meet our customers needs and demands, we have actually scaled back our services and have limited our customer intake to ensure that we actually are doing everything possible to be effective and responsive”.

I really appreciate this honest answer. It’s great that Chris is upfront and able to acknowledge areas where his customer care may be lacking. Only when you identify these can you work on improving them!

Services From Pixel Productions

Pixel Productions has all you need to create and develop your online business:

Creative Web And eCommerce Design

Pixel Productions do a stellar job at designing websites and eCommerce sites. In fact, it’s the company’s eCommerce web design solution that is most in demand. Chris told me:

“The service that we provide the most is eCommerce web design and development. I’m not sure if it’s the most popular, but it is definitely most in demand”.

Pixel Productions not only have a strong focus on creating visually-appealing websites, but they also take an analytical approach. The team design websites with your customers in mind. The aim of the design team is to make your website responsive and engaging. They build websites that drive conversions by guiding your audience through the sales funnel.

Pixel Productions take care of SEO aspects too, as well as the technical side of things. They pay close attention to detail and ensure your website or functions smoothly and responsively across a range of devices.

Website Marketing Services

Website marketing services from Pixel Productions cover a range of marketing areas such as:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Optimising landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation and distribution

Pixel Productions undergo an in-depth research process beforehand. This research includes tasks like keyword research, niche research, industry leaders, and learning what makes you unique. The team also keeps up-to-date with eCommerce trends and tracks the success of each campaign to identify areas of potential growth.

Graphic Design Services

As skilled graphic designers, the Pixel Productions team don’t just simply design you a logo and be done with it. The team works hard to analyse your brand and design your logo around your core messages. Pixel Productions can take on all sorts of graphic design projects to assist you with your brand development including logo design, packaging design, print design, and your overall brand design, to name a few.

Pixel Productions analyses your competitors and your industry, and develops a detailed plan of action to promote your brand.

Helping Small Businesses

Pixel Productions’ target customers are primarily small businesses. Chris feels that working with small businesses allows them the creativity and flexibility they strive for. Chris told me about the company’s plans to shift their focus even more next year:

“For then next year, our plan is to only pick jobs that we really want to do. Jobs where we can be creative and help another small business make a big impact”.

Last of all, to conclude this review, Pixel Productions is a company that provides essential design services for small businesses. They are a team of experts who know their strengths as well as their limitations. The company provides services which are focused on not only the design aspects of branding and website building, but it also focuses strongly on analytics and research. These aspects combined will be the key to online success. 

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