OptiMonk Review and Interview

OptiMonk Review and Interview


OptiMonk aims to turn your website visitors into buyers, using a variety of proven methods. The company has an impressive list of more than 65,000 customers who trust them to help drive sales. With OptiMonk, you can enjoy features such as minimising shopping cart abandonment, growing your email list for your email marketing campaigns, and promoting special offers, to name just a few.

We actually use their services on Top10-Websitehosting and can only say good things about their services.

Nicole Mezei, the founder OptiMonk, very kindly agreed to be interviewed for this review.

The Driving Force Behind OptiMonk

Nicole created OptiMonk intent on helping businesses grow. Since its inception in 2014, OptiMonk has evolved from a simple pop-up solution, to a comprehensive optimisation toolkit proving essential for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Nicole explained further:

“After working together with 2,000 online businesses, we realized that their greatest pain was losing potential buyers. To help online retailers turn more traffic into sales, we dreamed of a tool that makes everyone a master seller. Someone who can come up with the right deal at the right time that grabs the attention of shoppers.

This is how OptiMonk came to life in 2014. Born in the heart of Europe, we had only one goal in mind: to engage website visitors without hurting the user experience.

From a simple exit-intent popup solution we became a powerful Onsite Journey Optimization toolkit within a short time. Today, over 65,000 websites are using OptiMonk in more than 150 countries”.

OptiMonk Is Big On Customer Support

OptiMonk’s team has an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 100%! Nicole told me:

“I’m truly proud of our customer service team. We get tons of feedback from customers about how exceptional our support team performed. We support all users from the very beginning, helping create and optimize their campaigns year-over-year.

We always put the customer first. And it’s proven by our numbers. OptiMonk boasts a 100 percent satisfaction rate since July.”

Furthermore, OptiMonk has plenty of useful resources that are easily accessible through its website. You’ll find product updates, eCommerce guides and an in-depth blog with a plethora of useful posts.

If you want to get in touch with the team, you can do so via live chat, email or telephone, whichever is most convenient for you.

OptiMonk’s Features

OptiMonk is essentially an on-site journey optimisation tool. As such, it has loads of features to guide your customers through the sales funnel and out the other side. I asked Nicole what she considers to be the company’s greatest strength and it’s not surprising, given its massive array of features, that the product itself is OptiMonk’s greatest strength. Nicole explained:

“For me, it’s the product itself. The key differentiator is our over 200 beautifully designed, pre-made templates. OptiMonk customers can easily create popups in minutes! And we put more focus on the customer journey, not the conversion alone”.

Some features that customers will enjoy are:

Triggering – This involves closely monitoring your customers’ behaviours and triggering a message after a specific action is taken.

Targeting – OptiMonk enables you to easily target customers based on website behaviour, their history on your site, geographical location, and traffic source, among others.

Message design and creation – As Nicole explained, OptiMonk has more than 200 message templates to choose from. They are fully customisable with simple drag-and-drop functions. Customers can choose from message types such as pop-ups, teasers, full screens, and side bars.

Conversion tools – OptiMonk customers can benefit from a variety of conversion rate optimisation tools. One such tool allows you to A/B test your messages. More still, OptiMonk enables you to show your customers personalised recommended products and test a variety of logistics to see which ones work best.

This is not an exhaustive list but it demonstrates the comprehensiveness of what OptiMonk has to offer. I think many customers will find these features invaluable and it’s easy to see how they can propel sales in a powerful way.

OptiMonk’s Plans And Pricing

I asked Nicole what OptiMonk’s best-selling plan was. This is what she told me:

“Our plans are limited by the number of page views, so it’s hard to say which is most popular. Many online merchants start with the smallest plan and grow their subscription as their business grows.

But if I had to choose one I’d say the “Growth” plan. It includes features like A/B testing and targeting based on cart rules which are extremely useful features for e-commerce stores”.

There are five plans to choose from altogether, the cheapest being absolutely free! The free plan includes unlimited campaigns, 3,000 page views and 1 domain.

The Growth plan that Nicole told me about costs $79.00 per month. This plan allows for 100,000 page views, 4 domains, A/B testing, and custom variables.

It’s worth mentioning that there is an option to be billed annually. If you choose this, you can save 20% on your overall costs, so it’s definitely something to consider if you have the funds available.

Get Ready For Some Big Changes

Being an innovative company, OptiMonk works hard to continually develop, and add to, its already extensive range of features. Here’s what Nicole had to say about the future of OptiMonk:

“Big changes are coming in the very near future. We’re inviting merchants to join our new journey in which we’re rising up against consumer manipulation. We are introducing a mindset that focuses on the customer while also increasing merchant revenue. It is called Onsite Journey Optimization. To support this mindset, our product team is developing a lot of new and updated features for OptiMonk. We’re launching this new program soon, so stay tuned!”

In Conclusion

OptiMonk has a really great range of features and benefits. It delivers a personalised service that leads your customers on their journey around your website. OptiMonk strives to keep up with eCommerce trends and work with customers in mind. The company eliminates the guesswork that many eCommerce businesses are needlessly subject to. In short, OptiMonk helps you to grow your subscribers, increase your sales, and learn what information your site should display and when. This is truly a must-have for online sellers. 

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