NameHero Review

NameHero Review


NameHero is a web hosting company that offers a variety of hosting options including cloud hosting, shared hosting, as well as reseller hosting. NameHero was built from the ground up by founder Ryan Gray and provides businesses of all sizes with affordable and scalable hosting solutions.

Intrigued by the company name, as well as what they have to offer, we grabbed the opportunity to speak with Ryan to find out more about his company, his intentions behind it, and his plans for the future.

NameHero Homepage

Is NameHero Really The Hero of Hosting?

We wanted to find out the meaning behind the “hero” in NameHero. So, during his interview, we asked Ryan for some clarification on the company name and what it means to to be a hosting hero. He told us that his intention behind building his company has consistently been “To provide a high-speed, reliable, and scalable web hosting service to individuals and small businesses that is easy and affordable, regardless of the size of their website”.

This has been the core drive for Ryan since his started building NameHero in 2014. And, his prices, uptime and free inclusions certainly back up these claims.

Keeping Your Business Online

Having been dependant on “up-time” himself, it’s clear that Ryan has a deep understanding of NameHero’s customers and their need to stay online. This is also evident on their website and in the services they offer. They proudly display their up-time as being an outstanding 99.9%!

NameHero Keeps You Online 24/7

Ryan has spent over 20 years in the website game, having started his first site in 1998! He explains “The website eventually turned into my first company, and I have been working online ever since”.

Ryan went into more detail about his internet background and his ability to help grow online businesses; “Over the last two decades I’ve had the opportunity to develop seven different online start-ups to multi-million dollar organizations. Each of these organizations were in completely different niches but they all had one thing in common; they were dependent on being online 24x7x365. Unlike “offline” businesses, there is no closing time, no holidays, my livelihood has depended on it”.

Scalable Options For All Businesses

NameHero has a strong focus on scalability, delivering a “Pay as you grow” service to its customers. Ryan told us “Start-ups are often starved for cash so they go the “discount” host route but once they start getting popular, they’re faced with the challenge of moving to a VPS/dedicated server. Without prior server knowledge, this can be extremely frustrating”.

Additionally, Ryan told us “NameHero strives to bridge that gap I saw within the industry. Regardless of the size of an organization or the amount of daily visitors a website gets, we have a premium web hosting solution that’s quick and easy to get started, regardless of server knowledge”.

NameHero’s Team of Heroes

A “Super Hero Support Team”!

We wanted to get to know the team behind NameHero and what customers can expect when dealing with them. We were pleasantly surprised with what Ryan told us about his team; “Our Superhero Support Team ARE NameHero”.

Ryan explained; “Sure, our reliable, high-speed, secure, and scalable platform that provides affordable hosting is what makes NameHero unique – but it’s all useless if we don’t back it 24x7x365 with top-notch support”.

We think this attitude is commendable and applaud the NameHero team for their strong focus on providing exceptional support and customer service.

NameHero Plans

A Good Selection of Plans From NameHero

NameHero has a diverse range of hosting plans that their customers can take advantage of:

Web Hosting

Starting from just $2.69 per month*, NameHero’s website hosting options are ideal for personal or small websites.

Here’s what to expect when you select website hosting:

  • WordPress Optimized
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Domain & SSL (https)

Reseller Hosting

Host your own clients from just $9.98 per month* with NameHero’s reseller options.

Here’s what to expect when you select a reseller plan:

  • 100% White-labelled
  • Set Your Own Prices
  • Web Host Manager Panel
  • Free Billing Software
  • Free Customer Migratio

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is suitable for large business websites and prices begin at $21.97 per month*.

Here’s what to expect when you select one of NameHero’s VPS Hosting options:

  • Fully Managed & Secured
  • Instant Setup/Deployment
  • Cloud Powered Resources
  • Free SSD Storage
  • Free Server Migrations

Cloud-Dedicated Hosting

For high-traffic websites, NameHero offers cloud-dedicated hosting plans from $153.97 per month*.

Here’s what to expect when you select NameHero’s cloud-dedicated hosting:

  • Fully Managed
  • Free InterWox Control Panel
  • Host Unlimited Websites

*Prices correct at the time of writing.

What’s The Future Looking Like For NameHero?

NameHero continues to grow. In just two years they’ve gone from having a couple of thousand customers, to a couple of hundred thousand customers in just two years! They are also very popular on YouTube. Ryan publishes weekly YouTube content to educate his customers and prospective customers on how to set-up and manage their services.

Ryan told us “A popular YouTuber and WordPress expert ranked NameHero the number 1 WordPress Web Host, conducting a 60-day comparison amongst many of the top hosts in the industry. Some of the items tested were speed, uptime, and customer service”.

This will no-doubt drive further success for Ryan and his team as they continue to strive for providing perfection. They plan to further adapt, develop and progress over the coming years to make their services as simple, reliable, fast and affordable as possible.

Ryan’s final statement was “Ultimately, I want to make sure every start-up, entrepreneur, organization, or individual looking for quality web hosting that’s easy and scalable can find that with us at NameHero!”

We had a brilliant time getting to know Ryan and learning more about NameHero. The hosting company provides much-needed high-quality services to businesses, big and small. Not only that, but they provide it all at an exceptionally reasonable cost.

Good luck for the future Ryan!

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