MadeByShape Review and Interview

MadeByShape Review and Interview


MadeByShape is a Manchester-based web design agency that offers a number of additional essential services. These include SEO, website hosting, and branding, to name a few. And, as no two projects are the same, services are tailored to each individual, for a truly bespoke and personalised experience.

I caught up with Andy Golpys, MadeByShape’s co-founder, to discover more about the vibrant, award-winning web design agency.

The Start Of MadeByShape

The Co-Founders of MadeByShape, Andy and Jason, both have extensive experience with web design, having worked in the industry since their teens. Andy told me more about the inception if his agency:

“Jason and I, the Co-Founders, both worked at big agencies in our teenage years. It was from these experiences, combined with years of freelance work, that formed the heart of MadeByShape. To create a small agency where team members love to work, feel appreciated, and looked after. And where clients not only love the work we produce, but love working with us. We started MadeByShape in 2010 and at present, we are a team of 12 very talented individuals across Web Design, Web Development, Branding and SEO”.

Strong Company Values

MadeByShape has a strong focus on company values and teamwork. Andy and Jason believe in learning and growing together, as a team. They have instilled their values into the heart of the agency, paying careful attention to building a strong team that shares a common goal; ensuring everyone, both staff and customers, feel happy and comfortable. Andy explained how the MadeByShape team is the company’s greatest strength:

“The team. It’s very true that recruiting the right people for your ethos is hard. That’s why we’re a small studio, we want to get the perfect people to mould our studio. The right mindset, personality, talent and willingness to grow and learn. Everybody is responsible for their own work and they appreciate they are involved, whereas some agencies don’t treat junior designers very well. We feel that every team member is important. If we look after our staff the right way, that will show in the work they produce”.

Andy continued to tell me what he is most proud of about his agency:

“The ability to grow a studio two-fold.

A) Because we’ve never had any funding, loans, help – we’ve just done our own thing and learnt along the way.

B) To nurture our staff and continually grow our skill sets. The willingness to learn and improve really does reflect in our portfolio and the calibre of the clientele we have now”.

Taking Good Care Of Clients

The MadeByShape team considers customer care to be of exceptional importance. This belief really shines through across the whole of their website. Whether you are reading about their company ethos or watching one of the many testimonial videos displayed on their website, it’s clear to see that MadeByShape does their utmost for their customers.

Andy spoke about his view on customer care:

“It’s very important, and will always remain that way. We want to provide a high quality service where the clients are impressed with what we create. And the communication should be consistent, letting clients know through every stage of the project keeps them happy. We want to work with clients who enjoy working with us, and we enjoy working with them. Creating a website should be exciting, not stressful”.

Services From MadeByShape

Naturally, MadeByShape’s best-selling service is web design. However, the company also offers a number of additional services too, like hosting and branding. This enables them to provide a comprehensive experience. They take care of every aspect of your website, from start to finish, and everything in between.

Here’s what Andy had to say when I asked him about MadeByShape’s most popular services:

“Websites are what we’re known for. That’s what we win awards for. But some clients need SEO after the launch of the site, which we offer in-house. And some clients come to us needing brand direction, which we can offer in-house. The majority of our projects are digital”.

In regards to web design, MadeByShape have expertise in the following areas:

  • eCommerce
  • UX Design
  • Strategy building
  • Wireframes

MadeByShape makes use of Craft CMS. The team will work to your specifications to design and build you a visually-appealing, user-friendly and, importantly, responsive website. Additionally, they can help you grow your organic reach in search engines to boost your website’s visibility, traffic and, ultimately, your revenue.

Hosting Options From MadeByShape

MadeByShape offers three types of hosting options; shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Here are some benefits of each hosting choice:

Shared hosting – The cheapest hosting option where you are sharing server space with others. This is ideal for startups with a tight budget.

Cloud hosting – Opting for cloud server hosting enables greater flexibility to scale up as your business grows. You also get a 100% network uptime guarantee!

Dedicated servers – Perfect for larger businesses and websites needing plenty of storage.

With every hosting option, clients get 24/7 support. Furthermore, MadeByShape emphasises security, making sure your website is protected from cyber threats.

Plans For MadeByShape’s Future

As Andy mentioned earlier, MadeByShape has never had any loans or funding, which I think is great. Therefore, I was impressed when he told me about future plans for his company:

“We aim to buy our first building in the next 2 years. Currently we rent a studio space, so it’s a big deal that we find the right space to purchase and own a building”.

To Conclude My Review Of MadeByShape

After speaking with Andy and learning about MadeByShape, I think that it is a vibrant agency that excels in combining friendliness with professionalism. The team work hard to ensure that clients are happy and that they themselves are happy in their working environment. It’s clear that Andy understands what it takes to work together as a team to be as productive, creative and efficient as they can be.

Thank you to Andy for answering my interview questions and good luck with finding the perfect building to purchase. 

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