KnownHost Review and Interview

KnownHost Review and Interview


KnownHost is an innovative hosting provider with an exceptionally large variety of hosting services. The company prides itself on not only staying up-to-date with ever-changing technology but also on the robust security services available.

I sought out KnownHost’s CEO, Daniel Pearson, to learn more about KnownHost and I was very impressed with my findings.

The Beginning of KnownHost

KnownHost was founded with a clear idea of how hosting should be designed and carried out. Upon asking Daniel why KnownHost came into fruition, he gave me a very definitive explanation:”

“Hosting is an industry that has grown with technology. In 2006, when we started our business, there were plenty of hosting companies to choose from, that is why we set out to make KnownHost different. We designed a platform built with top-of-the-line software & hardware, crafted to provide the best web hosting experience with security, availability, performance and the dependency necessary to create our state-of-the-art hosting platform for our customers – unlike any competitor”.

KnownHost have striven to maintain a service that stands out from competitors by remaining innovative, relevant and dependable.

Unrivalled And Dependable Support

The KnownHost team takes great pride in its support system. Not only does the company offer multiple channels of communication for customer convenience, but it also features a discussion forum for both clients and expert staff, a Wiki that offers loads of useful information, and a FAQ page where you can read answers to popular questions.

KnownHost’s Forum

Daniel explained his view of the robust support system that KnownHost has in place;

“Our 24/7/365 support department is like no other! This team prides themselves upon delivering quick and precise answers to customer queries. We maintain an average response time of under 5 minutes to ensure that each problem is assigned to a technician and a solution is provided as quickly as possible”.

Additionally, you will find some excellent customer reviews on a dedicated testimonial page. Customers describe the company as “reliable”, “top-notch”, and “superb”.

Daniel actually considers dependability to be one of KnownHost’s greatest strengths. Here’s what he told me :

“At KnownHost, dependability is certainly one of our greatest strengths! Dependability to us means more than just an uptime guarantee. We invest in enterprise-grade hardware to ensure that system failures rarely occur. To further help minimize downtime, we utilize services such as KernelCare which allows for updates to be performed without having to take down the server. On the off chance that web owners do come across any issues, our expert technical support staff are prepared to identify a solution 24/7/365! That’s how we achieve our 99.99% uptime across hundreds of services. Our years of operation shows that we have stood the test of time on being a reliable provider that customers can depend on”.

Prioritising Security

There will always be threats lurking on the internet, but KnownHost have worked hard to tackle this problem and keep its clients safe and secure.

Daniel emphasised KnownHost’s commitment to security:

“Security is one of our top priorities, making it also one of our greatest strengths. All of our services have security options and configurations in mind. From optimizing server installations for hardened configurations to free SSL certificates across all service aspects and offering software such as Imunify 360/ImunifyAV+ to help protect websites against malware, even going one step further by providing 10gbit DDoS protection on a redundant network. We provide the platform giving site owners a starting point that’s much more secure than many competitors”.

Low-Cost Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is typically cheaper than other hosting solutions. However, that doesn’t mean that performance and up-times should suffer as a result. KnownHost uses high-performance processors so that their shared hosting remains powerful. They also boast a 99.9% uptime, which is the “best in the industry”!

KnownHost are currently running a very special 50% discount, so right now, prices begin at just $3.37 per month. With this “Basic” plan, you get 5GB cloud storage, 1 domain, 5 email accounts, and 2 MySQL databases, which I think is a real bargain. Furthermore, every plan offers unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, Litespeed technology, and free migrations.

High-Performance VPS

KnownHost’s VPS Plans

VPS takes performance to the next level. Although it is normally more costly than shared hosting, it is a more powerful option. KnownHost utilises “cutting-edge” technology to bring VPS clients a very specific and impressive 99.996% uptime!

KnownHost’s VPS services take advantage of RAID-10 SSD technology for a robust hosting experience. At the time of writing this, clients can purchase a VPS plan from as little as $28 per month.

Daniel spoke confidently about the company’s commitment to high-performance.

“Performance is another one of our key priorities. Backed by enterprise-grade hardware, KnownHost takes brand name, premium components like SSD’s, CPU’s, RAM and network related equipment and designing systems which take advantage of the strengths of each component. Providing a route-optimized network for the least latency to utilizing SSD’s for the fastest response. Always ensuring that our firmware is always up to date – new hardware is constantly replacing any aging equipment. Beyond our enterprise-grade hardware, we offer software such as Litespeed and LSCache to help take websites to the next level. Providing all the options to give customers every possible performance advantage”.

Reseller Hosting – KnownHost’s Current Best-Seller

Reseller hosting is ideal for businesses and agencies such as web designers and digital marketers. They enable a convenient way of providing hosting services without the hassle of managing servers themselves.

Reseller hosting happens to be KnownHost’s best-selling service at the moment. Daniel explained:

“Currently, our Reseller plans are our most popular plans on offer. Reseller Hosting can be a great way for your agency to focus on your customer’s needs without the hassle of server management. Packed full of premium features for no additional charge, customers can provide their clients with the best hosting experience possible. Small businesses such as agencies, designers, marketers and those with multiple domains rely on our cloud backed reseller hosting because they have the bundled features most in demand”.

There are four different plans that you can choose from, depending on your personal demand. At the moment, prices range from $6.97 to $27.47 per month which, just like KnownHost’s shared hosting and VPS plans, are very good value for money. Additionally, all plans are inclusive of SSD certificates, DDoS protection, and backups.

Continuous Growth And Improvement

KnownHost has grown tremendously since its inception in 2006. And, it doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Daniel explained:

“One aspect that we are most proud of at KnownHost is our growth. Founded in 2006, our commitment to great service and plans have grown just as we have! Starting with only a few plans, a few employees, and a few customers, KnownHost has tripled in size in every direction. We’ve met our milestones and goals thus far, and we plan to continue developing to ensure continuous satisfaction to our customers!

At KnownHost, we are always looking towards the future. We strive to make our services incomparable to competitors by continually making improvements where we see fit. Some of our most recent changes include releasing our Semi-Dedicated and Budget Dedicated Server packages. Check out our Wiki and Blog to stay up-to-date with our changes and announcements!”

KnownHost is an excellent company that customers can depend on for all their hosting requirements. It is a secure, reliable and innovative company with a strong focus on meeting client demands.  

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