ISPmanager Review

ISPmanager Review


ISPsystem are a hosting solutions provider based in Russia. Their efficient team of experts are dedicated to developing and providing effective solutions. This is evidenced by their server control panel, ISPmanager.

You can try a live demo of ISPmanager over on ISPsystem’s website. Alternatively, you can download a free 14-day trial so that you can experience the wonders of ISPmanager before you buy.

What is ISPmanager?

ISPmanager is a hosting control panel. I’m sure you’ve all heard of cPanel, right? Well, it’s similar, but essentially addresses issues or complaints that users have about existing control panels.

ISPmanager has been designed to produce powerful performance without zapping all of your server’s resources. This lightweight tool has a commercial licence and API, allowing developers and customers to have more flexibility.

There are currently two versions of ISPmanager – Lite and Business. The Lite package is designed for managing personal servers, costing only €4 monthly. The Business package is aimed at VPS and reseller hosting, allowing you to select up to 255 servers, costing up to €12 monthly.

ISPmanager Pros & Cons


  • Affordable commercial panel prices
  • Running since 1997 meaning it’s very reliable
  • Regularly updated
  • Easily integrated with popular billing systems
  • Low resource usage



  • Annually you could pay up to €120 for a licence


ISPmanager Pricing

As I previously touched on, ISPmanager comes in two packages; Lite and Business. Both licenses will give you access to the latest release of the control panel and it’s updates. You’ll have an open API so if you know what you’re doing, there’s full-functionality access.

I’m going to break their pricing structure down in an easy to digest format. The details are pretty simple!

  ISPmanager Lite               ISPmanager Business
Web-service management YES YES
Different permissions to users YES YES
Backup management system YES YES
Data import from remote server YES YES
Website builder YES YES
Built-in PHP selector YES YES
Manage servers from centralised location YES
Reseller functions YES
CloudLinux features YES
Server roles YES
Resource usage stats YES
Price €40 €120

I think as far as control panel’s go, ISPmanager’s Lite version actually gives you plenty to work with. Yes, you may get a free control panel included with your hosting package, but does it allow you to manage all your servers? Does it allow you to manage all your accounts and users? Do you have an overview of all your domains in one place?

The answer to the above is probably not, and that’s why ISPmanager was designed. It’s developed and transformed over the years to become and all-in-one control panel management tool. It gives you all the benefits of your standard commercial control panel’s whilst resolving all the irritations you would experience from them.

ISPmanager Features

This is the part we’ve all been waiting for! As we know, there are two versions of ISPmanager, so I’ll cover both the Lite and Business features separately. Bare in mind of course that the Lite features also form part of the Business plan.

Lite Features:

User Management gives you the control to manage all your users in one place. So, you can assign different roles and tasks by setting limits for them. This is especially handy if you’re working as a team or you hire a freelancer, developer, etc. and need to give them limited access.

Quick installs of any CMS on each of your domains. Much like cPanel, you can still install your favourite CMS like WordPress in a matter of seconds. The same process applies to SSL certificates.

Backups make it easy for you to automatically schedule times that are convenient for you. You can schedule backups to external storage boxes too, like Dropbox and Amazon. As we all know, backups are super important to ensure you don’t lose your website’s data.

Site.pro website builder is a free feature included with ISPmanager. You can easily build your website from scratch using the website builder, or you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. via the Softaculous Auto Installer.

Business Features:

Multiple nodes management means that a single interface can be used to manage multiple servers. This feature enables users to control every aspect of their servers in one place.

Multiple users allocation follows on from the above, enabling users to be allocated on a per-node basis. If you require one or even multiple users to manage your web-server, database server, etc. this is completely possible.

Cloud Linux integration offers additional stability, security, and performance. Check out CloudLinux OS here.


Testing out ISPmanager was a great experience. I genuinely didn’t realise that there were other options out there for control panels that were both reliable and affordable. ISPmanager hits the nail on the head, so there’s no wonder why it’s in hot demand across Europe!

ISPsystem started off as a small project which has developed into useful tools now being used across the internet. Their Linux-based control panel was designed to tackle all the inefficiencies of other control panels, and it’s done exactly that. It’s easy to use and offers two clear-cut versions that can be tried for free for 14 days.

Their continued efforts in engaging with hosting communities instills me with nothing but confidence. If you’re looking for a control panel that does what it’s been designed to do, then I can’t recommend ISPmanager highly enough.


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