IndedMedia Review

IndedMedia Review


IndedMedia was founded in 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.  The company provides quality web hosting services as well as graphic design and audiovisual production services. If you are looking for a web host in Spain, IndedMedia is available to provide a free consultation to assure that you have the best product to suit your individual requirements.    Whether you would like a VPS (Virtual Private Server), a Dedicated Server or even if you are just starting out on a new project.  IndedMedia provides scalable web hosting solutions in Spain for every size of business.

Harnessing Revolutionary Trends

Indedmedia is an up to the minute hosting company and keeps at the forefront of the latest developments in the field.  One way they do this is by harnessing Cloud Technology. Thus, allowing your data to be safely stored and providing maximum uptime.  In addition to this, they have embraced the latest in online payments by accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and even offering a discount when you choose this payment method.

Your data is valuable, and for this reason, Indedmedia provides a free daily backup service as standard with all of their hosting plans.  Giving the customer peace of mind, even if something does happen, their data can be recovered and any issues can, therefore, be overcome easily.

IndedMedia: Pricing

We feel that the price of the starter package could be lowered a little bit, to encourage people of all income brackets to embrace new projects with ease.  It would also be nice if there was a free domain offered with the lowest package.  However, when you upgrade to the VPS packages, then these services with IndedMedia offer great value for money.  When it comes to the VPS Service, they remove the bandwidth restrictions and allow flexibility, access, and control that is required for any medium to large scale project.

Overall, the pricing is competitive and if you are looking for good quality hosting in Spain, they would be a great option.  Especially if you have great ambitions to scale your web hosting operations.

Ease of Use

The services are clearly laid out and the company is very approachable and friendly.  Therefore should you feel that you need clarification on the best approach for your business then their staff are available to offer expert advice.

cPanel comes as standard with all of the hosting packages, which is brilliant as it is the easiest to use and the most popular control panel on the market.  Additional documentation and tutorials on cPanel are widely available if required.  Making administering your website a breeze.

IndedMedia also provides free migration for those customers wishing to port their website from a previous host.

IndedMedia: Stability

When hosting with IndedMedia, they will automatically upgrade your service when you reach 60% capacity.   This is great to ensure that you both can scale up your website when it generates more traffic and also keeps costs down so that you don’t need to buy a large package until it is required.  Having read a lot of customer reviews, there does not seem to be any issue with stability, which is brilliant.

Weighing up the Pros and Cons


Website Builder

An easy to use website builder is provided with the starter program, meaning that the service can be used by even the novice web enthusiast.

Unlimited Email Accounts

With all of the packages on IndedMedia, they offer unlimited email address’.

Unlimited Subdomains

The fact that you can organize your website using subdomains from the very beginning and then carry them forward as your business grows is a great advantage.

Bitcoin as a Method of Payment

IndedMedia accepts BitCoin as a form of payment and offers a 5% discount to customers who choose to pay by this method.


Website Language

The website is in Spanish and there is no way to translate it easily.  It would be really useful to be able to read the website in English, perhaps by adding a language selection feature.  I had to go to google translate and paste the link before I could read the website.  Having the website in other languages would improve the service for non-Spanish speakers both inside Spain and worldwide.  Also, Indedmedia offers dedicated servers in the France and Canada – therefore it would be great to offer support and also the translation in these languages.

Beginner Woes

The basic product does not include a free domain, which would be of great use to the beginner.

IndedMedia:  Shared Hosting Packages and Benefits

All of the shared hosting on IndedMedia is done on Linux servers, dedicated to PHP and MySQL databases.  With all of their shared hosting you will get Daily Backups, a Website Creator, Easy to use Installer Applications, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited FTP Accounts, a Free SSL Certificate and an optional Dedicated IP (€ 3 / month).

  • Starter – 2 GB Disk Space and 1 Hostable Domain
  • Basic – 5 GB disk space and 5 Hostable Domains
  • Professional Plus – Free domain name, 10 GB Disk Space and Unlimited Hostable Domains
  • Corporate – Free domain name, 20 GB Disk Space and Unlimited Hostable Domains

IndedMedia:  VPS Packages and Benefits

For those who have outgrown a dedicated server, or wish to host their websites on servers where you have the ability to configure the server according to individual requirements, then a VPS might be the best option.  Below I have listed a brief overview of the IndedMedia VPS packages and benefits.

  • VPS Mini (Linux) – Beginner packages, products come in 4 categories – VPS Mini 1-4. With up to 40 GB Space, 1 IPv4 (+ Optional IPv6 with VPS Mini 3 and 4)
  • VPS (Linux) – VPS Vz1-Vz4, all with 1 IPv4 (+ Optional IPv6), a 3.4Ghz processor, up to 6 cores, up to 300 GB space and 8GB RAM
  • Semi-Dedicated (Linux/ Windows) – VPS virtualization KVM – This product is coming soon.

IndedMedia:  Dedicated Servers Packages and Benefits

The dedicated servers with IndedMedia are hosted in various locations to suit your specific business requirements.  You can choose professional servers that are based in Spain and also dedicated servers in France, Canada, and the USA.  For maximum impact and power IndedMedia offer SSD Servers that are based in Spain.  Below I have listed a brief overview of the dedicated server packages available with IndedMedia.

  • Spanish Dedicated Servers –  Choose from 3 Dedicated Server packages with Reliable and stable professional dedicated servers based in Valencia (Spain).
  • European/ Canadian Dedicated Servers – Should you need to provide services in France, Canada, US or Europe then IndedMedia have that covered with these Dedicated Server offerings. The dedicated servers have connectivity of 250Mbps and up to 128 IP or 16 slots per server
  • SSD Servers – with up to 128 GB Ram and 2x1TB SSD (+ 2x2TB SATA III Raid HARD Optional)

To Sum Up

IndedMedia has an impressive range of web hosting services that are targeted at the Spanish audience.  They have scalable and reliable servers that will allow rapid growth, even into other parts of Europe, Canada, and the USA.  The range of services and scalability are particularly suited for the ambitious Spanish Entrepreneur.  We look forward to checking out the new Windows VPS virtualization KVM when it is released.

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