HypeAuditor Review and Interview

HypeAuditor Review and Interview


Founded in 2017, HypeAuditor promises “transparent & fraud-free influencer marketing”. The company provides in-depth marketing analytics with over 19 million influencers on their database.

Wanting to find out more about the AI-powered platform, I reached out to Anna Komok who kindly passed my interview questions on to HypeAuditor’s CEO Alexander Frolov.

Overcoming Fraud

When hypeAuditor was founded, Alexander Frolov quickly encountered a problem; influencer fraud. It became apparent that he had to discover a way to overcome this, for the sake of both the business and its customers. Alexander told me more about these initial challenges:

“We founded HypeAuditor 3 years ago. As it happens with startups, initially, we had another idea. We wanted to create a platform designed to help brands find the right influencers to promote their products and services.

And almost immediately, we faced the problem of fraud. Influencers bought fake followers and fake engagement (comments and likes) to charge brands more money. Obviously, brands did not benefit from such collaborations because bots do not buy goods.

We saw a real problem with influencer fraud and made a tool to solve the problem and check the quality of influencers’ accounts.

Influencer fraud is a billion-dollar problem. Brands waste their marketing budgets on influencers with fake followers and engagement.

To overcome the challenge, we trained our platform with the help of machine learning to identify fraud activity and give advertisers specific metrics which allow them to evaluate potential influencers for partnerships and avoid unreliable influencers.

Now HypeAuditor has over 60 specialists in programming, influencer marketing, product development and data science.

And we solve not only the fraud problem, but provide a full stack of solutions at every step of influencer marketing workflow from influencer discovery to campaign tracking”.

Customer Satisfaction Is Top Priority For HypeAuditor

Naturally, great customer service is essential for driving business success. Thankfully, customer satisfaction is incredibly important to the HypeAuditor team and they go to great lengths to demonstrate this:

“High level of customer satisfaction is our highest priority. It is always worth going an extra mile for clients and keeping them not only satisfied with a solution but also delighted by the customer service they experienced.

Our Customer Success Managers have a great knowledge of our product and influencer marketing and are ready to help customers 24/7.

Moreover, we listen to the needs of our customers and make adjustments to the product plan based on specific customer requests”.

HypeAuditor has an impressive 750,000+ users around the world. These include brands, influencers, agencies and platforms, all benefiting from the tools and features HypeAuditor has available. Some notable clients include Loreal, Dior, Ogilvy, and Philips. This is an exceptionally impressive list considering the company has been around for just three years! I think that it says a lot about the effectiveness of the services, as well as the level of customer care HypeAuditor strives for.

A Data-Driven Solution

HypeAuditor is big on data. Given the nature of the company, it’s no surprise that Alexander Frolov considers the data-driven approach to be its greatest strength. Here’s what he told me:

“We consider a data-driven approach to be HypeAuditor’s greatest strength. HypeAuditor helps marketers create effective influencer marketing campaigns using robust data for better decision making.

We use deep learning algorithms to provide insights about influencers’ audience, detect fraud activity, and help clients find perfect influencers for their marketing campaigns.

In terms of the core tech, there is a separate technology behind each metric that HypeAuditor provides to its clients.

For instance, to detect a low-quality audience, HypeAuditor uses a specially trained ML model, which is based on the ensemble of machine learning algorithms, and uses 53+ patterns to detect suspicious accounts. As a result, it detects 95.5% of all known fraud activity, with a mean error rate of 0.73%.

HypeAuditor relies on cutting-edge Natural Language Processing algorithms to run a syntactic and semantic analysis to derive meaning from human languages and analyze comments authenticity. The algorithm also checks accounts for suspicious patterns and behavior that it has witnessed on bots and other low-quality accounts.

With the help of computer vision methods, HypeAuditor understands the content of images and detects the audience’s age and gender. This helps advertisers to target the right people and make their campaigns more diverse.

Our main goal is to make influencer marketing transparent, fair, and effective. We believe that Influencer marketing should be measured correctly and give predictable results”.

HypeAuditor Is A Learning Experience

It’s not necessarily enough to simply be presented with data. You have to know how to interpret it and use it to your advantage. HypeAuditor understands this and ensures they take the time to educate users on what to do with the given data. This aspect of the service is the thing that Alexander Frolov is most proud of:

“As I said before, influencer marketing is a young, yet rapidly evolving industry. Some solutions we and our competitors offer are entirely new to the market.

We provide data-powered insights for social media analytics. One of our key challenges is to explain to our clients how to interpret this data correctly, so they strengthen their marketing campaigns with this valuable information and take their influencer marketing to the next level.

Therefore an important aspect of our work is customer education. We speak at industry events, publish influencer marketing white papers and reports, and add product tooltips which explain how each metric is calculated.

And recently we have developed an online HypeAuditor Academy with free courses where anyone can get basic knowledge of influencer analytics.

The first course “HypeAuditor for Beginners is already available on the platform”.

Meeting Customer Requirements

If you opt for HypeAuditor, you are given a demo call where you can discuss your requirements with a specialist. They will ask you some questions to find the right plan for your business. Alexander talked me through this procedure in more detail:

“Influencer marketing is a relatively young but fast growing marketing channel with a lot of nuances and it is difficult to make a plan that works for everyone.

Therefore, during the demo call, our specialists communicate with clients and find out their needs and goals and recommend the most suitable plan or combine several plans.

There are several key factors that can help us pick the best option for our clients: for

  • Which platform do clients use most often YouTube, Instagram or TikTok?
  • What is the goal of an influencer marketing campaign: sales or awareness?
  • How many influencers are involved in the campaign?
  • How many team members will work with HypeAuditor?

I can only say that our most affordable plan starts at $300″.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Even though there are other influencer marketing platforms out there, HypeAuditor considers itself unique. Alexander Frolov explained a couple of points that make his company different from competitors and stand out from the crowd:

“I would highlight two points: the unique metric AQS (Audience Quality Score) and the size of our base of influencers.

To simplify the process of choosing influencers, we have developed a unique metric AQS (Audience Quality Score)

AQS is a 1-100 metric, a benchmark to measure overall influencer account quality.

Influencers with AQS ‘100’ are most likely to have a high-quality audience. The ones with AQS ’20’ belong to a low quality group of influencers who don’t have any impact on the level of sales anyway.

AQS is the result of 8 metrics which are split into 4 key categories:

  1. Engagement Rate (ER) (% of followers who are engaged with the influencer’s content),
  2. Active Audience Type (% of real people among influencer’s followers),
  3. Growth (abnormal activities detected in Followers & Followings graphs),
  4. Comments Authenticity (% of recent comments which come from accounts that don’t participate in Engagement Pods.)

AQS metric makes the process of influencer discovery faster and easier, as it helps to initially weed out accounts with a bad audience and fraud behaviour.

As for our base of influencers, today we have the largest influencer’s accounts base on the market – 19M+ (12M+ Instagram, 4M+ YouTube and 3M+ TikTok).

The database contains only valid active accounts of influencers from all over the world, most of which have more than 10K followers”.

2020 Achievements

HypeAuditor has enjoyed immense success since its inception and 2020 has been even more impressive. Take a look at what the company has achieved this year in Alexander’s own words:

“Over the past year, HypeAuditor has collected the largest base of influencers, with a database of over 19 million profiles on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Additionally, the company added analytics and discovery for TikTok accounts. With the help of machine learning algorithm platform collects metrics about overall Influencer’s audience quality score, fraud, content and engagement analytics.

The company expanded its suite of features to include the Market Analysis Hub, a unique tool that analyzes the performance of marketing campaigns and discovers emerging trends using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Market Analysis Hub includes the following features:

  • Intelligent Competitor Analysis, a tool that allows brands and agencies to find out how specific marketing campaigns are performing. This feature also offers the full list of influencers they work with, analyzes the creatives used, and provides insights into marketing budgets.
  • Influencer Marketing Trends Analysis, a tool that allows brands and agencies to discover emerging trends and the most successful players on the market in any industry and country. Additionally, it finds trend-breakers and taste-makers to enhance an influencer marketing strategy”.

Another Busy Year For HypeAuditor

Like all great companies, HypeAuditor strives for continuous development and improvement. To that end, Alexander told me about his company’s plans for the near future:

“We have a lot of work planned for this year. I can point out three main goals:

  • Develop the most technologically advanced IRM (Influencer relationships management) platform on the market.
  • Improve metrics so that influencer marketing can be viewed as a performance channel rather than a brand awareness channel.
  • Add new social media platforms. We are looking at Twitter and Twitch as our first priority”.

It’s been a fantastic experience learning all about HypeAuditor. Thank you to Alexander Frolov for answering my questions so thoroughly.

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