HostSailor Review

HostSailor Review


HostSailor is an award-winning web host based in Dubai that provides mid to high tier web hosting.  Dubai is quickly rising to the top when it comes to providing high-quality tech services. One of their key focus’ is VPS hosting which they provide to their clients with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostSailor is a company with a global presence that works out of data centers in Amsterdam and Bucharest.

Alongside their VPS packages, HostSailor offers dedicated servers, domains, SSL certificates, and a plethora of other hosting and technology services.

They pride themselves on offering a world-class service with highly personalized attention. Aiming to always deliver support and services that over deliver, when compared to other web hosts. HostSailor offers a wide range of packages to ensure there is something to fit everyone’s needs.

Although HostSailor offers top-tier hosting, they also cater for individuals or those just starting out their online journey. These shared SSD web hosting packages start at just $0.95 which is below the industry average. This service provides everything needed to get your project off the ground, with free SSL certificates, Softaculuous one-click app install, Cloudlinux cPanel and unlimited email. For those starting out, but thinking big, HostSailor will accompany you all the way – upscaling with you.

24/7 Five-Star Customer Service Support

HostSailor has a very responsive 24/7 support team, on hand when you need them most.  They will help with all sorts of issues and get them solved as soon as possible.  You can search their FAQs to quickly find the answer on your own.

HostSailor offers a moneyback guarantee, should the customers not be 100% happy with the level of service they receive. HostSailor is always available via a wide range of communication channels, such as their online forum, live chats with representatives, and an active social media network. This enables their customers to get their questions answered in a timely manner.

Customers that chose HostSailor have peace of mind, as their services are backed with several guarantees. These include an uptime guarantee, instant setup as standard and a moneyback guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied with the service that you receive. Furthermore, HostSailor.com offers competitive pricing, without sacrificing the quality of their products and services.

Backed by Powerful Data Centers

HostSailor is a very stable web host due to their high powered datacenters. Because they have invested in high powered tech and software, you can be sure that there is very little chance that there will be downtime due to hardware failure or network issues.

HostSailor works out of data centers in two European regions, two in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Databarn Amsterdam and Capelle) and another in Bucharest, Romania RO (M247). These private data centers are powered by the best hardware.  Their Netherlands data centers work via a dark fiber ring. This means that they utilize an existing network to create their privately-operated optical fiber network. They have an impressive 1Tbit+ of Internet capacity in their Netherlands data centers. When reading the spec of their infrastructure it is no wonder that HostSailor is making waves in the hosting world.

The Bucharest, Romania RO (M247) data center has a similar dark fiber ring throughout Bucharest. From their Romanian data center, HostSailor has 2Tbit of internet capacity. Both of the datacenters that HostSailor operates out of, have an impressive infrastructure, providing the ideal environment to deliver blazingly fast and super reliable hosting. To ensure maximum uptime, HostSailor has ensured that their servers self-heal, should there ever be any network failures.  All of this is done to provide the best connectivity for their clients.

Data Center Security

The HostSailor data centers are highly secure and monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year. Their technicians are always on hand to provide reliable assistance to their clients swiftly. For this reason, HostSailor.com can provide an ironclad Service Level Agreement (SLA)  ensuring that their customers are provided with consistent excellent uptimes.

While based in Dubai, they have their equipment in a variety of data centers. The data centers are owned by other parties but are all very modern with redundant network connections, power, cooling, and other features. The main data centers are in Amsterdam, and Bucharest, Romania so people from throughout Europe and Asia can benefit from their quality hosting services.

At a server level, HostSailor ensures that their customers are protected from any form of attack. They offer 20 GBPS DDoS protection as standard with their hosting packages. This is a fantastic value add for the customers of HostSailor.

World-Class Hardware

HostSailor can provide top of the range premium hosting packages due to their World-Class Hardware.  As with all of the leading hosting providers, Hostsailor uses SSD (solid state drives) in all of their shared hosting packages. However, they do offer the option to select traditional hard drives when selecting a dedicated server.  Additionally they offer CloudLinux cPanel which is the industry standard.

The servers used by HostSailor are manufactured by HP, Dell or Supermicro – which are high-quality servers. Additionally, the specs of the servers are pretty decent, whether you choose to go with a dedicated server, shared hosting or VPS.

Hosting Packages and Benefits

Shared SSD Hosting with HostSailor

CloudLinux cPanel,  Free SSL Certificate from Auto SSL, Softaculous, Litespeed web server, Hosted in Romania,  20 Gbps DDoS Protection, Parked Domains: Unlimited, Subdomains: Unlimited, MySQL Database: Unlimited, FTP: Unlimited, Email Accounts: Unlimited and SitePad Site Builder. Below I have outlined the spec of the 5 shared hosting packages with HostSailor.

  • Leviathan SSD Hosting – 1 GB SSD Disk and 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Perseus SSD Hosting – 5 GB SSD Disk and 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • Zigra SSD Hosting – 10 GB SSD Disk and 1500 GB Bandwidth
  • Kraken SSD Hosting – 20 GB SSD Disk and 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • Osiris SSD Hosting – 30 GB SSD Disk and 2500 GB Bandwidth

VPS Hosting with Hostsailor

For those looking for a little more control over their server, HostSailor offers a wide range of secure, scaleable and customizable VPS packages. The VPS Hosting plans with HostSailor are available in OpenVZ, Xen, KVM Windows, and KVM Linux.

Dedicated Hosting with HostSailor

The HostSailor dedicated servers come with a selection of CPU options. What is great, is that they offer 5TB as part of the package and if you decide you need additional resources you can upgrade to unmetered incoming and outgoing bandwidth at any time.

Similar to their shared hosting packages and VPS services, they offer add-on options such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, additional IPs, and cPanel. They offer a wide range of dedicated servers in their Netherlands and Romanian data centers.

In Conclusion

HostSailor offers feature-rich hosting at affordable prices. With some of the lowest prices around, starting at just $0.95 p/m for their shared SSD hosting, Hostsailor offer great value for money. Their VPS hosting starts at just $1.99 p/m which is a great deal for high-quality VPS hosting.

Their services are easy to administer because they come with CloudLinux cPanel. HostSailor offers packages that will help you go from no online presence to a high-level business user due to the fact that they offer such a wide range of hosting packages.

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