HostGlobal Review

HostGlobal Review


Hostglobal.plus is a hosting provider that offers cloud hosting throughout Russia. They used to go by the name hostglobal.ru prior to switching to the .plus domain name extension. They focus on providing great network connectivity for their Russian clients.

This works especially well for users who want their websites and apps to be accessed by people residing in Russia and surrounding regions.


What’s more, they provide a toll-free number, meaning their customers can call them for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should they have any problems. Which we think is a pretty nice touch! Hostglobal.plus offers cloud hosting solutions on a pay as you use basis. Hostglobal like to offer incentives to stick around such as their 8% hosting discount. This discount is offered to customers who host with them for more than 8 months. This is just one example of the gifts offered with Hostglobal, they frequently offer great promotions and discounts for their customers.

Customer Service with Hostglobal.plus

Due to the fact that Hostglobal.plus owns their own data center and equipment, they can get on to any server issues instantly – which is a great bonus when selecting a suitable hosting provider. This gives Hostglobal.plus a superb advantage over other hosts that lease their servers and have to wait for a third party to resolve any issues.

Furthermore, Hostglobal.plus provides a lot of different points of contact so that they can help their customers quickly. These include a toll-free phone number for people who live in Russia. They also provide a global phone number, a Ukrainian phone number, the ability to open a ticket and also a good old fashioned postal address, should you want to send them a letter.

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Hostglobal uses the PaaS model

The platform as a service (PaaS) model is a cloud computing business model.  The way this model works is that Hostglobal acts as a third-party provider and delivers hardware and software tools to their customers. Thus, providing suitable environments for people who want to develop applications or web services.  Hostglobal can use this model because they own all of their hardware and software. With Hostglobal’s PaaS model you only pay for what you use. Therefore resulting in a saving due to not having to pay for resources when they are not being used.

Russian Cloud-Based Web Hosts

Hostglobal offer cloud-based hosting for their Russian customers or for people who want to target a Russian audience.  They offer tools to manage your cloud hosting account with them via their proven ISP manager control panel. When choosing a suitable host it is important to consider the demographic of your target audience.

To ensure a blazingly fast service you need to select a host that has servers based in the region that you want to target. It is important to note here that not all web hosts work out of data centers in the same region of their headquarters. So this is always something to check out before selecting a host. One brilliant thing about Hostglobal is that they have their own secure data centers that are actually located on Russian soil.

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Configurable Backup Service

With Hostglobal you can configure when you want your server to be backed up. This is a great feature to keep your data secure and always available. There is always a remote chance that a server can be hacked and all data can be corrupted or lost. Hence ensuring regular backups is necessary for the savvy online business owner. The great thing about the Hostglobal backup service is that you are in control and you can decide the frequency of backups required. In most cases, I would always advise daily backups, but that is not always required, for example in the instance of a basic static website.

Hostglobal Packages and Benefits

All of the shared hosting packages offered by Hostglobal.plus allow you to have infinite sites, databases and FTP accounts. The servers used for the shared hosting with Hostglobal use hybrid disk space which combines SSD and HDD. You also get their ISPmanager 4, 5 control panel, Nginx + Apache to use .htaccess, SSH access, PHP7.2.8, PHP5.6, ionCube, Zend Guard Loader, FFMPEG and a Task Scheduler which uses cron jobs.

The key difference between the hosting packages offered by Hostglobal is the amount of disk space offered. Below I have outlined the 4 shared cloud hosting packages offered by Hostglobal:

  • 90 Starter – 32 GB of space
  • 180 Basic – 64 GB of space
  • 270 Pro – 128 GB of space
  • 510 Enterprise – 256 GB of space

Additional Shared Hosting Services

If you are in need of a little more disk space then you can purchase this as an additional service with Hostglobal. You can also purchase additional RAM and processor time. If you require additional dedicated IP address’ then you can purchase additional IPv4 or IPv6 to add onto your hosting account.

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Virtual Dedicated Servers from Hostglobal

The Virtual Dedicated Servers offered by Hostglobal all utilize Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM). A KVM is an open source virtualization technology that is built into Linux. This is one of the leading pieces of software used by hosts offering Virtual Servers worldwide.  Much like their shared hosting package their servers run on hybrid disk space combining the best of SSD and HDD. You also get a VMmanager control panel, Fast scaling of resources, Privacy and Security, ISO download capability and ready images: LAMP, Django, Tomcat, Redmine. Below I have outlined their 4 VDS offerings:

  • KVM1 – 1 processor core, 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of space
  • KVM2 -2 processor cores, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of space
  • KVM3 – 3 processor cores, 3 GB RAM and 96 GB of space
  • KVM4 – 4 processor cores, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of space

Additional VDS services fromHostglobal

Much like their shared hosting packages you can tailor your server by adding on additional services such as additional disk space, additional RAM or processor cores, You can also add on their ISPmanager 5 Lite control panel to your VDS for a complete package. The fact that you can add on s many features makes the Hostglobal packages that bit more flexible.

In Conclusion

The Hostglobal.plus hosting services are perfect for those looking for an internet presence in Russia. For those residing in Russia, you have the extra benefit of 24/7 free telephone support. Other users can still call them 24/7 however not for free. The services offered by Hostglobal are very clear, with a base rate and then they offer additional features that you can bundle on top to configure your server as you require.

If you are looking for more resources, then their Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) offer more space and also fast scaling of resources. Hostglobal is well worth a look if you require an internet presence in Russia or surrounding areas.

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