Hostazor Review

Hostazor Review


Hostazor is a vibrant young web host that has its head offices in the USA and a branch in Turkey.  However, they offer servers in locations all around the world. Kani Baspinar and Mahmut Yum co-founded the web hosting company in 2015. Although still in its infancy, Hostazor boasts 15,376 happy customers to date.

Additionally, the company’s founders are very knowledgeable in all areas of hosting. Baspinar is a recognized contributor on Quora and regularly offers his expert advice on all areas of hosting and website management.

The company slogan is “Produces a little more than everything”. This speaks of their mission to go the extra mile for their customers. They have a very bold brand and image with a tyrannosaurus logo and manga comic monster name. However, it is unlikely that they will go extinct any time soon.

Automation is at the Heart of Hostazor

Every area of Hostazor has been automated to ensure full control for their customers. They offer instant activation on your hosting packages and an intuitive developer application to make it extremely easy for customers to order and manage their hosting products. Should you require a custom solution, Hostazor will be able to accommodate you and create a tailor-made hosting package for any size of a project.

Hostazor Customer Support

When you contact Hostazor, they always have the best technicians on hand to assist you. Hostazor believes in treating large or small companies equally.  Each customer is treated with the same dedication and respect, from the individual to a large enterprise.

The customer support at Hostazor is pretty impressive.  There are multiple ways to get in touch, no matter the time of day.  They offer 24/7/365 online chat in both English and Turkish. Additionally, you can open a support ticket, give them a quick phone, drop them an email, direct message via social media messengering and they even offer the option of connecting with them via Telegram app.

Hostazor makes it super easy to contact them. We have found in the past that the company that makes it easy to connect, usually provides the best level of service.  Due to the fact that they quickly see to customer feedback or complaints the minute they arise. Also, it proves that they are customer-centric in their approach to business.

Furthermore, Hostazor offers a knowledge base that can help customers solve their own issues, should they arise.  Finally, Hostazor offers a dedicated client area, where customers can overview and manage all of their hosting packages.

Hostazor: Packages and Benefits

Hostazor has an impressive selection of shared hosting packages. They offer the following shared hosting services: Linux Cloud Hosting, WordPress optimized hosting, Elastic Hosting, Plesk VPS Hosting, Trodon Hosting, Reseller hosting and business reseller hosting. They also offer VPS, Plesk VPS and anti-DDOS VPS hosting for those who want a little more security for their server.

Hostazor offers a variety of shared hosting packages, private servers and dedicated servers.  They deliver a fully managed shared hosting service, with cPanel cloud hosting with free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. Customers can also order additional IPs as an add-on service. Their hosting packages are impressive and start at just $0.99 per month. Here are some of the details of the packages they offer:

  • Raptor Cloud Hosting – for low space personal sites, 2GB Website Space, unmetered bandwidth, 15% CPU limit, powered by cPanel, Clounlinux and Litespeed, one click setup.
  •  Ceratosaurus Cloud Hosting – for medium space personal sites, 20GB Website Space, unmetered bandwidth, 30% CPU limit, powered by cPanel, Clounlinux and Litespeed, QUIC protocol active, one click setup.
  • Trex Cloud Hosting – unlimited space personal sites, unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth, 50% CPU limit, powered by cPanel, Clounlinux and Litespeed, QUIC protocol active, one-click setup.

We really love the fun dinosaur names that Hostazor gives each of their hosting packages.

Elastic Sites with Hostazor

Hostazor offers Elastic Sites for higher-resource heavy projects. Elastic sites are an alternative solution to VPS (virtual private servers). Elastic sites are great for growing customers as they allocate a higher level of resources to individual customers on their shared hosting servers. Unlike upgrading to a VPS for more control and resources, an elastic server allows the customer to grow their server without adding the additional burden of server management. For companies looking for something a more from Hostazor, then they offer the following elastic hosting packages:

  • Basit Elastic – 2 CPU package, 4GB memory, 2 core, 100GB Storage Space, Unmetered Bandwidth, powered by Cloudlinux, Cloud Proxy DNS System, Active QUIC protocol. $30 per month.
  • Maxi Elastic – 6 CPU package, 16GB memory, 6 core, 480GB Storage Space, Unmetered Bandwidth, powered by Cloudlinux, Cloud Proxy DNS System, Active QUIC protocol. $50 per month.
  • Omega Elastic – 8 CPU professional package, 128GB memory, 8 core, 1500GB Storage Space, Unmetered Bandwidth, powered by Cloudlinux, Cloud Proxy DNS System, Active QUIC protocol. $150 per month.

Dedicated Servers with Hostazor

The Hostazor physical dedicated servers are super-fast, reliable, and offer an impressive 100% uptime. The dedicated servers are based in 120 different global locations. You can select your dedicated server location by looking at the country code that the beginning of the server name. eg. The first 4 servers below are based in France and the 5th is in the Netherlands. As you scroll down you can find servers based in other locations (such as Turkey).

 Below I have outlined 5 of the top dedicated servers offered currently by Hostazor:

  • FR – C2350 4GB, 4 GB, 1 TB SATA and 2.5 Gbps
  • FR – C2350 2GB, 2 GB,  250 GB SATA and 1 Gbps
  • FR – C2350 2GB, 2 GB , 250 GB SATA and 100 Mbps
  • FR – X3450 4GB, 4 GB  , 500 GB SATA and 1 Gbps
  • NL – C2350 4 GB, 4 GB, 1 TB SATA and 2.5 Gbps

All in All

Hostazor offers a wide selection of hosting services for all sizes for business or project. They have reliable and always available online support that can help you out, should you ever run into difficulties. No matter what level of service you are looking for, Hostazor will be able to accommodate your requirements. They offer flexible pages and hosting in 120 international locations to ensure that people can utilize a server local to their customer requirements.

For growing companies, Hostazor offers Elastic Sites for their convenience. This ensures that resources are used effectively and reduces the requirement to upgrade to a VPS. Hostazor may be a young host, but it seems like they have thought of everything and harness the best that tech has to offer.

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