Host4Biz Review and Interview

Host4Biz Review and Interview


Host4Biz is a dependable hosting provider with 10 years of success behind it. It offers plenty of choices for your hosting needs including web hosting, WordPress hosting and DNS hosting, as well as VPS and dedicated servers.

Pavlo Astakhov, the founder of Host4Biz, kindly agreed to be interviewed for this unique insight into the company.

The Story Behind Host4Biz’s Inception

Host4Biz began as a small team intent on offering customers a reliable service that they would be proud to recommend to others.

Mr Astakhov explained his company’s beginnings in further detail:

“In 2010, we were a small team of Linux admins who outsourced their knowledge to customers. We were building different projects, starting from small single servers and up to web hosting providers and city-grade internet service providers. At some point, we noticed that often, the weakest point in the customers infrastructure became their hosting providers, with unreliable hardware, slow support and other typical problems. So we decided to create a web hosting provider as we see it, a company, which customers would like to recommend to other people. After 10 years has passed, I can say for sure – we managed to build one”.

Host4Biz is Big on Customer Care

It’s always fantastic to see a company with a thorough customer support system in place and Host4Biz is no exception. The team works exceptionally hard to provide customers with a fast service response time to tickets, as well as resolving any issues efficiently.

Take a look at what Mr Astakhov had to say about Host4Biz’s customer service:

“We are not a big company, so we can pay our customers all the attention they need. On average, during last year, 59% of tickets were responded to in under 10 minutes, 74% – under 30 minutes and 96% of ticket resolutions were rated positively by customers. Sure we are continuously working to improve these numbers.

I think our greatest strength is our customer treatment. We are neither too big nor too small, so we have plenty of resources and we still can treat customers in a personal way to provide them with a solution, not just with a typical service. For example, we can build custom dedicated servers in our datacenter in Warsaw, not just listed on the website – this allows us to create infrastructure which fits customers in full”.

Host4Biz’s Best-Selling Solutions

Host4Biz has lots to offer customers and I was interested to discover its most popular solutions.

Mr Astakhov explained:

“Currently, our most popular services are virtual servers and WordPress hosting. There is nothing extraordinary in this – both services are built based on the enterprise-grade NVMe drives which provide customers with outstanding performance, and average uptime of 99.97% for the last five years. Also, WordPress hosting isn’t just a hosting with pre-installed WordPress, but the ecosystem, where customers can audit and tune WordPress security settings, auto-update of WordPress and its plugins, perform SEO audit and even fully automated migration from previous hoster to us”.

Not only does Host4Biz have excellent up-times, but its prices are incredibly reasonable too. To put that into context, I’m going to go through its WordPress and VPS plans in more detail.

WordPress Hosting

As WordPress is such a widely-used CMS, it’s understandable why Host4Biz’s WordPress hosting plans are so popular amongst its customers. But Host4Biz goes the extra mile to ensure customers get excellent value for their money.

WordPress Hosting From Host4Biz

Plans begin at the very low price of $2.40 per month. Its mid-range plan, which is also the company’s best-selling WP package, costs just $4.20 per month, while you can purchase its most expensive plan for only $6.00 per month!

But, what makes these plans such good value for money is not simply the cost, but also the extensive list of features included. For example, with all plans you have access to a SEO toolkit, automatic updates, SSL certificates, a WordPress toolkit, a page-speed check, and website security, among lots of others.

Naturally, the more expensive the plan, the higher the amount of disk space, email accounts, domains and subdomains you will receive. The mid-range plan for $4.20 allows for 30GB SSD NVMe space, 30 mailboxes, 5 domains and 10 subdomains.

VPS Hosting

Host4Biz conveniently offers two VPS choices; Windows and Linux. Activation time is very quick at just 10 minutes and prices begin at $4.90 per month for a Linux VPS and $8.40 per month for a Windows VPS.

Linux VPS Hosting

You can compare Host4Biz’s two best-selling hosting plans below:

  CPU Cores Memory
Linux 2 4GB 50GB $10.50
Windows 2 4GB 80GB $18.90
VPS Plans

Host4Biz also enables customers to tailor their plans with add-ons such as extra memory and CPU Cores. This is perfect for those in need of a more personalised plan.

An Exciting Future For Host4Biz’s

Host4Biz has been working hard on new developments to benefit its customers further, especially during the current Covid-19 situation. Mr Astakhov described the company’s exciting up-coming plans:

“Currently we are focused on two things – cluster storage subsystem to empower us with potentially unlimited storage capacity for new services, and a brand new service we called Business Box. As far as I know, there are no products of that kind on the market, so this will be a powerful set of tools for small businesses to work in our pandemic times. I think it will be released this month, so stay tuned! :)”

After speaking with Mr Astakhov, I can conclude that Host4Biz is a brilliantly innovative company. It maintains low prices while keeping a strong focus on customer care, which is exactly what a business needs from a hosting provider. 

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