Hidora Review

Hidora Review


Hidora cleverly combines PaaS, IaaS, and CaaS solutions by utilising a wide range of modern technologies. Created in September 2016, the Swiss cloud hosting company offers a fully-scalable service for your eCommerce store. Many store owners will be pleased to learn that Hidora supports PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby and Docker applications.

Hidora’s founder, Matthieu ROBIN, spoke with us to describe his business, the reasons he built it, and the future of his company.

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A Gap in The Swiss Market

The idea for Hidora came to Matthieu in 2015 when he noticed the lack of convenient and automated hosting platform solutions in Switzerland. he told us “Having a solid background of system administration for more than 10 years, I tried different hosting platforms and most of them seemed to be highly inconvenient due to the lack of automation. Moreover, the process of buying a server in Switzerland can take up to 3 weeks, that is a very long time for businesses”.

Matthieu proceeded to meet the high demand for automated cloud-based solutions in Switzerland and built data centers around the country.

A Range of Options to Manage Your Content

Plenty of Hosting Options

Managing your store and its content does not have to be difficult or timely. Your hosting provider, for instance, will have a big impact on the simplicity of the everyday tasks involved.

To this end, Hidora offers simple, yet powerful, cloud hosting for the likes of WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla, to name a few.

Their range of eCommerce solutions is quick and easy to deploy, no matter the size of your store. WordPress and Magento 1 & 2, for example, have simple one-click installation processes. Additionally, all options are performance-optimised and ready for launching.

How is Hidora’s Uptime?

99.95% Uptime!

Being an eCommerce store, you depend on high up-times and high speeds. Slow-loading and lagging pages are not viable options if you want your store to be successful.

To that end, Hidora guarantees a 99.95% uptime across all their hosted sites. Its intricate combination of Memcached, Apache, Varnish, and Nginx means the team behind Hidora can guarantee 100% reliability and high-speeds for your online store.

Hidora has a clear understanding of your need to keep your store running quickly and smoothly, which is a real bonus for customers. The company actively work on performance-optimising, regardless of the amount of traffic you get.

Top Features of Hidora

Hidora’s Features

Real-Time Scaling

A concern for many online businesses is that their site will not withstand sudden significant peaks in traffic volume. These peaks can cause websites to slow down and lag, inadvertently turning those all-important customers away.

Hidora actively combats this problem with their cloud services. They offer customers real-time scaling to keep up with the demands of peak traffic times. At high-traffic times, such as Christmas or sales campaigns, the system scales up to handle the traffic-rush. And when traffic slows down, it scales back again.

One of the fantastic things about Hidora’s real-time scaling is that you only pay for what you use. In the middle of the night when traffic is low, for example, it automatically scales back, saving you money. Consequently, as customers, you can easily stay in control of your hosting account, your traffic, and your spending. Hidora claims that this method of scaling can save you up to 60% on the price of your hosting!

Intuitive Dashboard

Hidora’s Intuitive Dashboard

Hidora’s intuitive interface helps you stay organised and in control, without over-complicating processes like creating environments or deploying applications. The dashboard contains interactive visuals, which make everything from scaling to app deployments, quick and easy.

Monitor Your Applications

Monitoring application performance is a huge part of managing your eCommerce store. The Hidora cloud enables users to monitor the performance of their applications using real-time reports. They gather information such as traffic consumption, application load, memory, and CPU, and present it to you in an easy-to-interpret format. Additionally, you can incorporate different performance tools Dripstat or NewRelic if you prefer.

Easy Migration Process

Hidora is committed to helping customers migrate hosts. Matthieu told us “We provide hosting (PaaS, docker as a Service, Kubernetes as a Service, and IaaS) and consulting services to help companies to migrate to the cloud or in house new technologies system. That the main difference, we can help all type of companies to move to Kubernetes, Docker on our system, or their system or competitor system”.

Using Docker Technology

Hidora uses Docker container technology. Matthieu explained to us the reasons why; “I noticed that Docker technology is cutting-edge and I thought it could be very useful to lower the entry point for Swiss customers, as Docker is a complicated technology. Thus Hidora was born – a Swiss cloud hosting PaaS platform with an easy user interface, simplifying the creation, management and scaling of applications based on Docker container technology”.

Docker technology has significantly contributed to Hidora’s success. This is because it has made it easier for developers to create, distribute and run apps, regardless of their hosting environment. Containers give developers peace of mind by ensuring their apps continue to run smoothly.

Big Plans For 2020 And Beyond

Being the innovator he is, Matthieu told us his upcoming plans for Hidora; “We plan to have the ISO27001 certification in 2020, and we plan to open datacenters in other countries in Europe”.

In conclusion, Hidora has a strong emphasis on transparency, with no hidden costs or upfront payments. This, combined with its scalability and use of different modern technologies, makes Hidora a unique hosting solution that many businesses will appreciate.

It’s been great speaking with Matthieu ROBIN. We will look forward to seeing more from him as he expands his business and reaches more companies across Europe.

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