Hausman Marketing Letter Review and Interview

Hausman Marketing Letter Review and Interview


Hausman Marketing Letter is managed by Angela Hausman, a digital marketing specialist. She has all you need to build your online brand. Angie takes a data-driven approach to digital marketing and covers areas such as social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and, of course, all-important SEO.

I was very impressed by Angie’s range of services so I reached out to her in the hopes of getting an interview. She was happy to oblige.

An Impressive Track Record

Angie has a strong foothold in the industry in which she has worked since 1998! Initially a marketing professor, Angie has enjoyed great success, even working with high-profile brands like Disney. Angie told me more about her backstory and the beginning of Hausman Marketing Letter:

“Hausman & Associates, which owns Hausman Marketing Letter, started in 1998. As a marketing professor, I was asked to help with projects and formed the company. At first, I mainly provided pro-bono services to non-profits and gave interviews to media outlets. I still do a lot of pro-bono work that makes me very proud.

Over the years, I added for-profit businesses, working with some large companies such as Disney and small start-ups to help them grapple with the new digital technologies emerging and gaining prominence.

At this point in my career, most of my consulting work is again pro-bono, in this case husbanding through teams of students enrolled in my digital marketing certificate program at Shenandoah University as they work with their non-profit and for-profit clients. We spend 2 semesters (4 classes) with the same client, creating, measuring, and implementing a sound digital marketing strategy to support their goals. Our clients come from all over the country and we work with them virtually.

For my company, I do influencer and affiliate marketing due to the demands of my classes, my academic publication agenda, and publishing insightful content on digital marketing through Hausman Marketing Letter”.

Hausman Marketing Letter’s Greatest Strength

Angie is one of the best in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with her clients. But, she doesn’t do it alone. Hausman Marketing Letter is made up of a team of experts, who together, contribute to the company’s overall success, both for themselves and their clients. Angie explained:

“Our greatest strength is the deep knowledge and experience my staff and I bring to bear for our clients. I have a PhD in marketing and am recognized as one of the leading scholars in digital marketing. I also frequently publish practitioner-related insights on my blog and give interviews to various media such as NPR. I provide training on emerging tactics and best practices through several online businesses.

My staff are also experts at what they do. I use a model that allows us to scale quickly to meet customer demands, as well as using student teams for free consulting projects”.

Guiding Businesses Towards Success

Not only does Angie and her team contribute to charitable causes, but they also enjoy helping to build very successful businesses from the ground up. Here’s what Angie told me:

“I’m most proud of the extensive work Hausman & Associates does for non-profits and the effect their work has on making our communities a better place. Also, over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of students and young employees many of whom are now guiding some of the country’s top 100 businesses to make them stronger and more successful”.

Looking At Hausman Marketing Letter’s Services

Angie has ensured her clients have lots to choose from. She even offers a free e-book to guide you through the process of building a website. Additionally, Angie has provided detailed information about “Growth Tools”, which I’m sure many people will find invaluable.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Angie and her team offer a personalised digital marketing service. This service is highly comprehensive and covers everything you need, whether you are a small business or large corporation. They include aspects like:

This is just a small list of examples and there are many more.

As testament to Hausman Marketing Letter’s skills, you’ll find this quote on the company’s website:

“After only 1 week with Hausman & Associates, we went from 0 to over 1000 visitors a day!”

Content Marketing Solutions

Hausman Marketing Letter has three content marketing plans available:

  • Basic – from $800 per month
  • Enhanced – from $1500 per month
  • Enterprise – from $3000 per month

There is also a setup fee for each plan, starting at $1500.

One of the great things about Hausman Marketing’s content marketing plans is that not only do they provide analytics, but they also give you advice on how to improve your results. Furthermore, there are no contracts locking you in so you can cancel any time you like.


Something a little different here; Angie can be your speaker for your webinars, meetings, training events, and even TV interviews. She promises a confident, engaging experience and will also answer questions from your audience.

This is an intriguing service that is often not provided by digital marketing agencies, but can prove essential for the growth of your business.

Angie’s Looking To The Future

On a final note, Angie told me about the future of herself and her business:

“I’m beginning to wind down a long career running Hausman & Associates. At some point, I’ll consider selling it, but for now I’m excited every day that I get to share emerging aspects of digital marketing with SME’s and non-profits who will, with any luck, someday change our world for the better”.

Hausman Marketing Letter is an outstanding company with many notable services and clients. Speaking with Angie about her company has been a brilliant experience and its clear that she excels in the digital marketing industry. Good luck to Angie with all her future plans. 

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